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The Sheriff Checks In From The Road

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The spirit is still here, but the kids don’t care about paper magazines anymore. They live the 70s the way they though it was.

Say hello to my friends at exit 61 Rapid City, they could give you a horseback ride so you get the right expierence of SD!


New From Kuryakyn—Thresher Collection

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Here’s the new Thresher collection from Kuryakyn, developed for an ideal combination of comfort and control.

Thresher Grips are designed with an ergonomic profile that’s formed to the shape of your hands for a comfortable contoured and commanding feel. Both the grips and matching Thresher Pegs feature premium EPDM rubber surfaces with detailed shark tooth-inspired knurling for confident traction and vibration dampening. The durable EPDM rubber compound offers secure grip and will not harden, crack or wear over time.

Universal Thresher Grips for 7/8” & 1” Handlebars
Currently available for universal fitment on most 7/8” and 1” non-Harley-Davidson applications, Thresher Grips have a comfortable spindle-shaped design with tapered ends and an expanded palm area. The contoured grip bodies are constructed completely from EPDM rubber rated in the 50-60-durometer range for an ultra soft cushioned base that dampens vibration and eliminates hand fatigue. Aluminum collars and end caps with subdued styling provide a clean look on virtually any type of motorcycle. Additionally, the bar-mounted end caps included on all Universal Thresher Grips can be easily swapped out for bar-end mirrors or weights.

Universal Fitment for: BMW, Can-Am, Ducati, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, and Yamaha. Additional OEM-specific fitments are in development for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory and a wide range of metric cruisers.

• Thresher Grips 1” Universal: P/N 5948 Chrome, 5949 Satin Black
• Thresher Grips 7/8” Universal: P/N 5950 Chrome, 5951 Satin Black

Thresher Pegs & Shift Pegs
Thresher Footpegs feature sleek and streamlined aluminum castings at their core wrapped in EPDM rubber, with steel adapters that offer sturdy and secure foot placement. The detailed “shark tooth” knurling is more pronounced on the pegs to ensure a greater amount of traction and vibration dampening for riders. Splined adapters allow precise footpeg positioning to let riders dial in their preferred placement. Available with male-mount adapters for most H-D models, and without adapters for a variety of OEM fitment via model-specific splined adapters (sold separately).

Thresher Shift Pegs are available in two applications; as a direct replacement for all H-D shift levers, as well as the shift peg on Indian big twins or shift and brake peg locations on Indian Scouts and select Victory models.

• Thresher Pegs w/ Adapters: P/N 5952 Chrome, 5953 Satin Black
• Thresher Pegs w/out Adapters: P/N 5954 Chrome, 5955 Satin Black

• Thresher Shift Pegs for H-D: P/N 5956 Chrome, 5958 Satin Black
• Thresher Shift & Brake Pegs: P/N 5958 Chrome, 5959 Satin Black

Visit to view the complete Thresher collection.

Bike Feature—The Dream Turbo Dyna

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It’s a fascinating Story of motorcycle love, business survival and toughness. But if you mentioned this to Larry, he would tell you to, “fuck off.”

Every time I asked Larry to open up about the shop or this bike he’d frown and tell me to read the tech chart he prepared.

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June FEMA Update

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At the FEMA meeting in Brussels on 2 June, the FEMA Committee voted in a new member. FEMA is proud to welcome our newest member, Asociación Mutua Motera (AMM) from Spain.

Joining us with observer status, with the intention to become a full member a year from now, is Comitato Coordinamento Motociclisti (CCM) from Italy. CCM represents four Italian riders’ organizations (AMI, Biker Alto Adige, CCM & Motor Lab). Read more.


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We live is such strange times. On one hand we could be at a terrific juncture in out history, having a great time, living longer, healthier, safer and more free. But the same old shit gets in the way, control freaks (government) and religion.

Damn, I’m glad I’m a biker. I’m fighting the California Air Resources Board for internal combustion motorcyles to continue to exist. But they are like the sheriffs in a town paid for by the Mayor. In this case the governor who has mandated (don’t you love that word) Zero emissions by 2030. That means only electric motorcycles and no barbecues.

Get this. Last year the California Legislature passed a new fine for motorcycle products that are not CARB approved (at a major expense). The old fine was $500 per widget sold. It has been raised to $3,700 per product sold. Can you imagine receiving a ticket for that amount for your backyard barbecue?

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1934 Husqvarna Factory TT Racer

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Many moons ago I made my way to Stockholm, Sweden, where I found work in a restaurant at the Hotel Domus, and very much enjoyed the endless summer days and the local fauna and flora—lots of it very blond. At that time, vehicles drove on “the other side of the road” as in England, and I dodged many a Volvo and Saab, but not one Husqvarna TT of 1934 vintage. That would have to wait until I migrated to Los Angeles where all things motorcycle are possible. As a result, and this several years ago, I had the good fortune to meet  Chris Carlson, a native Swede now living the SoCal life, but also realizing a childhood dream to own and ride that very rare Husqy. Like all odysseys, it took time and determination and a few thousand miles traveled, and no small expenditure of hard-earned coin.

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Fifth Consecutive All-Scout FTR750 Podium At The Red Mile

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Indian Motorcycle Racing secured its fifth consecutive all-Scout FTR750 podium, as the factory Wrecking Crew placed 1-2-3 at the Red Mile. Reigning Grand National Champion and current points leader Jared Mees continued his dominating season by earning his sixth win in 2018. Fellow Wrecking Crew riders Bryan Smith and Brad Baker rounded out the podium with second and third place finishes.

Lexington Ky – June 2, 2018 – American Flat Track at Red Mile Speedway in Lexington, Ky. (Photo by Scott Hunter/American Flat Track)

After winning each Semi, Mees and Smith earned the top starting positions for the Main. Mees jumped out to an early lead and steadily increased his lead on Smith. Baker, who had a tough start from the third starting position, battled his way from the middle of the pack to the third-place position. After a red flag restart, Mees again stretched the gap between he and Smith, while Baker battled with Indian privateer Henry Wiles (Wilco Racing/Willy Built/Bandit Industries) and secured the final podium position by .008 seconds.

“The team was awesome tonight. It felt good to get another win and our first Wrecking Crew sweep of the season,” said Mees. “It was one of those nights where the Scout FTR750 was just incredible.”

Of the 11 Scout FTR750’s competing in the Main, 8 finished inside the top 10. In addition to the top four positions from Mees, Smith, Baker and Wiles, Indian Motorcycle privateers Chad Chose (Indian Motorcycle of Oklahoma City), Jeffery Carver Jr. (Roof-Systems, Indian of Metro Milwaukee) and Kenny Coolbeth Jr. (Nila Racing/Columbia Avionics) placed sixth, eighth and 10th, respectively. The Red Mile marked the first race Jake Johnson (Estenson Racing, McCandless Truck Center) put the Indian Scout FTR750 into competition, where he finished in ninth place.

“The track was fast with a challenging and narrow groove. But Mees came out dialed in and ran the line to near perfection,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology & Service for Indian Motorcycle. “Our factory and privateers are consistently competing race-to-race, and we look forward to seeing what the OKC Mile brings us in two weeks.”

Through eight races, Mees holds a commanding lead with 170 points, while Wiles ranks second with 116 points. Baker’s third-place finish moves him up the leaderboard from sixth to third overall, with 101 total points. Carver and Coolbeth rank fourth and fifth with 99 points. Meanwhile, Smith is pushing his way up the leaderboard after suffering a broken left fibula and missing two races. Since returning three weeks ago, Smith has reached the podium twice and had a top-five finish. He currently ranks ninth with 73 total points.

The Indian Wrecking Crew and stable of privateers aboard the Scout FTR750 will continue its season on June 16 at the OKC Mile.

SPECIAL REPORT: Letter to the California Air Resources Board

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I’m just an old grubby biker, not the CEO of a major motorcycle manufacturer, but I feel compelled to speak out.

At one time, my contention included only that motorcycling amounted to such a small impact on the planet that we should be left alone. Since then, my reasoning has expanded many-fold.

Here are the broad strokes:

1. In order for politicians or bureaucrats to advance policy goals, they must prove manmade global warming and they can’t.

2. Motorcycling is such a small fraction of the total fossil fuel emissions it shouldn’t even be considered.

3. The road to zero-anything is fraught with problems and human sacrifice, except when applied to a growing, expanding regulatory bureaucracy.

4. What is government, but by the people for the people? Is it designed to regulate, fine and attack everything for its own power and financial gain? No!

5. The world regulatory competition. We should not ever compete with countries around the world in a race to pass more laws than China or the EU.

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