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Garage-Girls Announces Ultimate Biker Makeover 2018 Winner!

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Garage-Girls are proud to announce the Ultimate Biker Makeover winner for 2018; Karen Anderson.  Karen was selected out of over 74 entries to this years contest from the story and photo’s that were submitted.  This is the 10th year for the annual contest that is fueled by the goal of helping a fellow rider stay out riding on the road.
Contestants (Girls and Guys) were asked to submit a 600 words or less essay – describing why they are most in need of a biker makeover as well as a photo. Deadline for entries was June 22nd 2018. Submissions were narrowed down to the final four by selected judges from Garage-Girls. From there, the judges had to make the tough decision of who they felt most deserved the Ultimate Biker Makeover.  “Karen’s story of powering through not only one type of cancer diagnosis and treatment, but 4 was pretty compelling. How does one get through a blow like that? We all just couldn’t get over how tough this must have been for Karen, but were happy to read that riding her motorcycle to chemo and radiation was what empowered her through it all.  This confirmed to us all that we needed to help this woman stay out riding on the road.  Riding was how she was surviving.”  – Sara Liberte, owner of Garage-Girls

Karen will be getting hooked up with a bunch of prizes which include; A wardrobe of shoes from Harley-Davidson Footwear, a case of full synthetic oil from Spectro Oils, A new Corbin motorcycle seat, cleaning supplies from Star-Brite Solutions, and surprise gear from S&S Cycle, Memphis Shades, and Bare Knuckle Choppers.

The focus of the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover is to “Hook a Rider Up”
and help them replace their worn, busted parts and gear.

“For the last 10 years our contest has allowed guys and girls to submit a short story along with a photo of why they need some new gear for their “Body” and “Machine”, it’s a great feeling being able to help a fellow rider get back out on the road with that much needed wind time.” ~Sara Liberte, founder garage-girls.com

For more information, rules, eligibility and submission procedures, visit www.Garage-Girls.com
If interested in getting your company involved please contact Sara Liberte at sara@saraliberte.com

Today At The Buffalo Chip

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8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Women and Wheels™ Bike Show Presented by The Wild Gypsy Tour
Big Engine at the CrossRoads
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Biker Belles® Morning Ride™
CrossRoads to The Lodge at Deadwood
9:00 a.m. Aidan’s Ride Sturgis
A 150 mile ride to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip that benefits the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation
12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Sailor Jerry Rock ‘n’ Roll Tattoo Contest
JVC CrossRoads Stage
12:00 – 4:00 p.m. Three-dom Trike Show Presented by First Gold Gaming Resort
Big Engine at The CrossRoads
1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Free Fuel Happy Hour
Buffalo Chip Stop & Fuel CrossRoads
2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Sportster Showdown
Buffalo Chip Gardens
4:30 p.m. Dan Johnson
JVC CrossRoads Stage
5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Anarchy Camp Throttle Thrash 0.1 Hosted by Go Fast, Don’t Die
Camp Zero
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Gambler 500 Mini Bike Championship
7:00 p.m. BC & The Big Rig
Wolfman Jack Main Stage
8:30 p.m. The Marshall Tucker Band
Wolfman Jack Main Stage
10:30 p.m. Aaron Lewis
Wolfman Jack Main Stage
Midnight The Hawkeyes
Kinison Stage
Midnight Big Skillet
Bikini Beach Stage


1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Buffalo Chip Street Drag Invitational with Crazy John
4:00 – 7:00 p.m. RSD Super Hooligan Races Presented by Indian Motorcycle
8:30 p.m. Reverend Horton Heat
Wolfman Jack Main Stage
10:30 p.m. Eric Church
Wolfman Jack Main Stage


See the Full Event Schedule at


Indian Takes First and Second at Buffalo Chip TT

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Sturgis, SD – August 5, 2018 – Buffalo Chip-American Flat Track at Strugis, SD. (Photo by Scott Hunter/American Flat Track)

 Indian Motorcycle Racing continued its dominating season, as the Scout FTR750 placed first and second at the Buffalo Chip TT. Jake Johnson (Estenson Racing) secured his first win on his privateer Indian Scout FTR750. Wrecking Crew rider and Reigning Champion Jared Mees finished the night in second place. Johnson’s win on the Indian race bike preserves the perfect season for the Scout FTR750, as the championship-winning race bike has topped the podium in every race this 2018 season.

The Main event, which may have been the most exciting of the season, saw several passes and lead changes. After the early 1-2 riders went down, Mees pulled out in front. Johnson tailed him closely for several laps, patiently waiting for his opportunity. Eventually, he slipped under Mees for the pass and continued to the checkered flag for his first-ever win on the Indian Scout FTR750.

“For the second straight year, the Buffalo Chip TT didn’t disappoint. It’s a challenging track set up and makes for incredibly entertaining bar-to-bar action,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology & Service for Indian Motorcycle. “Jake raced his tail off today, and we couldn’t be happier for him and the entire Estenson Racing team.”

Placing fourth and fifth were first-time Indian Scout FTR750 riders Hayden Gillim (Indian, Cycle World, S&S Cycle, Bell Helmets) and Bronson Bauman (Howerton Motorsports/Allstate Insurance/WPS). As Cycle World’s “Man in a Van with a Plan,” the Buffalo Chip TT marked Gillim’s first career Twins race – a race he won in 2017 riding the Singles class. Bronson Bauman finished the night in fifth aboard Bryan Smith’s factory Scout FTR750.

Through 12 races this season, Mees continues to control the leaderboard with 265 points, while Henry Wiles (Bandit Industries/Wilco Racing/Willy Built) sits in second with 180 points. Wrecking Crew rider Brad Baker still has the third-most points with 147 points. Baker continues to rehabilitate from an injury sustained during the X Games. Rather than having his motorcycles sit, Baker requested Bronson Bauman rides his factory Indian Scout FTR750s for the rest of the season.

The Indian Wrecking Crew and stable of privateers aboard the Scout FTR750 will continue its season with a quick turnaround at the Black Hills Half-Mile on Tuesday, August 7. For more information on Indian Motorcycle Racing, backed by Allstate Insurance, the Indian Wrecking Crew and Scout FTR750, visit IndianMotorcycle.com and follow along on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. For information on purchasing a Scout FTR750, please contact Racing@IndianMotorcycle.com.



EPA finally admits ethanol mandate is causing environmental damage

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The federal requirement to blend ethanol into gasoline on the theory that it will reduce the hypothetical global warming that hasn’t appeared yet has been a joke from the start. By adding a huge amount of demand for corn, it did push up prices for that commodity, and made vast swaths of the rural Midwest prosperous, though it has injured poor Mexicans and others who depend on corn for a substantial portion of their nutrition and driven up the rice of feed used for animals, raising meat prices.

The net energy balance of ethanol production – subtracting the amount of energy necessary to grow he corn, transport it to refineries, and then transport the ethanol to gasoline producers has beencontroversial. But owing to improvements in cultivation techniques (which have caused increased agricultural runoff – see below), the US Department of Agriculture estimated in 2015 that the balance is positive:

Ethanol made the transition from an energy sink, to a moderate net energy gain in the 1990s, and to a substantial net energy gain by 2008.

Unlike oil, which is produced in large amounts at the wellhead, corn production is widely dispersed, so pipelines can’t be used to transport it. Corn is trucked to the ethanol refinery, and then the ethanol is normally shipped in tank cars to oil refineries, where it is blended into gasoline. All of this transportation uses energy and imposes a cost from accidents, including derailments. Pipelines are more efficient and safer.

Now, the EPA has finally issued a new report, one that it is requited to issue every 3 years but which has been delayed by 4 years, and admits that the ethanol mandate comes at a considerable environmental cost. The Public News Service summarizes:

Federal law requires the EPA to assess the environmental impact of the fuel standard every three years, but the new report, issued in July, was four years overdue. According to David DeGennaro with the National Wildlife Federation, the report documents millions of acres of wildlife habitat lost to ethanol crop production, increased nutrient pollution in waterways and air emissions and side effects worse than the gasoline the ethanol is replacing.
“In finding that the Renewable Fuel Standard is having negative consequences to a whole suite of environmental indicators,” DeGennaro said, “the report is a red flag warning us that we need to reconsider the mandate’s scope and its focus on first-generation fuels made from food crops.”

Jaz Shaw points out at Hot Air:

Some of the negative effects aren’t specific to ethanol, such as the loss of wildlife habitat from expanded corn production. That would happen no matter what you were growing or building in formerly forested areas. But the increased runoff of nutrients and chemicals used in this type of farming are impacting water supplies far beyond anything caused by the occasional oil spill from a tanker car or pipeline.

The bigger surprise is the fact that ethanol production and combustion significantly increases the production of nitrous oxides (Nox). This combines with oxygen in the atmosphere when exposed to sunlight, producing ozone. Now, when we have ozone far up in the atmosphere it helps shield the planet from the sun’s natural radiation, which is a good thing. But ground-level ozone produces no such benefit and actually contributes to the formation of smog and leads to respiratory ailments for many people.

Those vehicles that feature cuddly images like a new leaf and righteously proclaim themselves to be “flex fuel vehicles” are actually aggravating some people’s respiratory problems, far more than gasoline powered vehicles.

None of this speaks to the excessive costs that ethanol forces on drivers and auto manufacturers.

Alas, the mandate is so popular with corn farmers in Iowa, home of the first round of presidential nominations, that President Trump (and other politicians) that they not only maintain the mandate, President Trump just last week “told an audience in Iowa that he was “very close” to having EPA issue a waiver to the Clean Air Act to allow year-round sale of E-15.”

The madness continues.

Fifth Running of Sons Of Speed Set for Sturgis 2018

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Fresh off its fourth running at Daytona Bike Week 2018, Sons of Speed is set for its fifth race. The quinary contest will be held Thursday, August 9th, 3 p.m., at the Full Throttle Saloon’s Pappy Hoel Campground racetrack during the 78th Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids. Brand new, licensed Sons of Speed merchandise is now available from Hot Leathers.

“Our fourth race at Daytona Bike Week earlier this year was the biggest one yet,” said Billy Lane, renowned bike builder and founder of Sons of Speed. “Hair raising and blood curdling, that’s how we like it. Can’t wait to run it again at Sturgis.”

Inspired by early twentieth-century board-track racers, the Sons of Speed race hearkens back to a stripped down, wide-open approach to motorcycle riding. The fifth race will feature riders sitting astride hand-built racing chassis holding pre-1925 1,000cc American V-Twin engines, a Hot 61” class as well as a 45” class. Most racers will customize their machines by fabricating handlebars, exhaust, fenders, foot pegs and fuel/oil tanks.

The fourth running of Sons of Speed saw some of the best riders and well-known personalities in the business participate, including: Billy Lane, eBay Jake, Go Takamine, Ken Curtis, Shelly Rossmeyer-Pepe, Dan Rose, Rhett Rotten, Brittney Olsen, Rick Petcko, Mark Hanna, Freddie Bollwage, Jody Perewitz, Matt Harris, Josh Young and others. Many of these same riders will participate at Sturgis.

Top honors at Daytona in the Hot 61” went to Matt Walksler on his 1924 Harley-powered Sons of Speed racer, earning himself the Sons of Speed Sturgis McCann Trophy from Bill McCann. Walksler managed to dethrone eBay Jake, who’d taken the checkered flag the last two times running. This time out, Walksler will find himself in the crosshairs, as every rider looks to dethrone and supplant him. This is motorcycle racing at its harrowing, blood-chilling best.

Check out the Sons of Speed Facebook Event Page for updates, breaking news and new merchandise.

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Military Bikes

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August 2018 is the Birthday for our Coast Guard and Law Tigers saw fit to celebrate–The Coast Guard was founded on August 4, 1790, after Congress commissioned the construction of ten ships to help enforce federal tariffs and prevent smuggling.

– The Coast Guard does not only protect our ocean shores, but they protect our lakes and rivers.

– The Coast Guard operates under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during peacetime, and can be transferred to the U.S. Department of the Navy by the U.S. President at any time, or by the U.S. Congress during times of war. This has happened twice, in 1917, during World War I, and in 1941, during World War II.
– While the U.S. Coast Guard is the smallest of the U.S. military service branches, in terms of size, the U.S. Coast Guard by itself is the world’s 12th largest naval force.

Plus the Tiger crew added military bikes on display in Sturgis this year. Read more.

H-D Vintage Hits the Road!

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This summer I found myself geared up for a 4540 mile putt sporting some new retro styles by Harley-Davidson for a trial run. I wound my way up and back down the east coast from the Sunshine State to Salem, Mass and onto the land of “Live Free or Die” and a U-Turn thru the Green Mountain state before making the pilgrimage to Woodstock in Bethel, NY and then rolling back down to York, PA.

I took the Steel Toe Tour at the H-D York Operations Center, with a side trip to pick up the cuz and heading back south to the SmokeOut via the Blue Ridge Parkway. From North Carolina, headed over to see friends in Maryville, TN and then onto Jack Daniels Distillery where I happened to plant one on Goose! From Lynchburg, headed south for a Vouja De experience in Alabama (relived from my 2005 jaunt to Sturgis) and onto Rome, GA to home on 27. Definitely in the top 5 ever!

Read more.


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The other morning riding to work I made my usual breakfast stop, I pulled out my phone and my friend Palmer from back in Virginia sent me a video. Palmer and his family owned Waugh Enterprises in Orange Virginia for years. In my opinion it was the best Harley dealership in Virginia.

I purchased four Harleys from them. The dealership was family owned and had a great atmosphere.

Back to the video, it was a clip from the movie EASYRIDERS showing Captain America and Billy along with Jack Nicholson riding bitch with Peter Fonda. In the background Born To be Wild by Steppenwolf played. I never get tired of seeing it or hearing it! As I listened I thought about my life and motorcycles and what it had all meant to me.

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Guardian of the Wheel

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But I received a call from the Supreme showman Prince Najar. He was responsible for all the custom aspects at the IMS motorcycle show series for a decade and now he’s involved in the AMD show series. His partner Bob Kay took over the IMS Show and I smell a conspiracy. Jeff organized custom elements for Sturgis shows, SmokeOuts and recently Harley Museum Ride In Shows custom portion.

He’s also involved with the magnificent Marilyn Stemp of the Buffalo Chip for the Flying Piston Charity Builders’ Breakfast. So, when the Supreme Prince called me a month before the rally and said, “Make a totally unique sculpture for our charity auction or die trying.” Read more.