Indian Motorcycle Introduces 2017 Wrecking Crew Members

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Indian Motorcycle has announced the all-star members of its 2017 Wrecking Crew. Named after the famed Wrecking Crew of the 1940s and 1950s, the three riders are ready to make history in 2017 as Indian Motorcycle continues its return to AMA Pro Flat Track racing with its first factory racing effort since 1953.

The three riders were announced at the American Motorcyclists Association Flat Track Awards banquet following the Ramspur Winery Santa Rosa Mile AMA Pro Flat Track race in Santa Rosa, California. Indian Motorcycle is committed to winning, signing three of the world’s top riders who will live up to the legacy of the Indian Wrecking Crew of the 1940’s and 50’s that included Ernie Beckman, Bill Tuman and Bobby Hill.

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New hardtail chopper seats from TC Bros

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TC Bros. now offers a selection of seats for your hardtail project. Handmade in the USA, these seats are designed to be a perfect fit on TC Bros’ 1982-03 Sportster weld-on hardtails. The seats feature 5/16″-18 threaded mounts on a heavy 14ga powder coated steel seat pan; you can fit them to many other hardtail frames too. Seats are hand stitched from 100% Marine-grade vinyl. They look like leather but without the maintenance.
Pricing starts at $174.95. Check them out at or call: 419-265-9399

Motorcycle Cannonball – Stage 15 – Sunday, September 25, 2016

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By Spitfire


The last day of the Biannual Motorcycle Cannonball was everything but easy. With only 102 miles to travel the riders started leaving at 7:45 am with the first challenge being a 20 mile , 5000 ft climb to the top of the San Bernadino mountain pass. Dubbed the “Palms to Pines” Highway, this route provided a scenic challenge that most overcame. I saw the chase vehicle picking up #104, Perry Ruiter from Canada at mile marker 5, next I saw Ciri Nasi #103 from Italy pushing his bike. Wow, this is going to be a hard climb for him! At mile marker #39 I stopped to visit with Linda Monahan, #39 from California as she awaited the trailer. At the top the morning air was cool, a welcome relief from the heat we had been experiencing.

As we descended the winds picked up and with that the dry desert sand provided a dust storm that made it feel like we were being sand blasted. Rocks, branches and sand on the road made conditions a bit less than safe! The sand was getting in my hair, eyes, everywhere! I stopped to put more clothes on and could barely get back on my bike due to the wind. We reached the bottom where traffic and heat beat up the riders one more time. The crowd at Temecula Harley Davidson was energized and it felt good to experience the cheering as riders entered. We were now just 35 miles from the end where some of these riders will make history! A police officer followed rider #29, Ryan Allen, in to see what was going on and when he heard he offered a Police Escort out of the congested busy area.

We rode the next 34 miles to a staging area. All of the starting and stopping is hard on the bikes, especially in the heat of the day, forecast to be 102 degrees. I saw #110, #115, #8, #84 and #16 pulled over but all had help. I then saw Doug Wothke come alongside #2, Steve Decosas from Texas and pointed to his rear brake caliper linkage that was dragging on the ground. I could not see or hear what Steve was saying but he was visibly upset. With no brakes and just 10 miles to go, Steve had crossed the nation on his 1915 Harley Davidson with perfect points and was currently in the #6 position on the leader board. To avoid stopping he took the shoulder to pass cars, turned right at intersections then u turned and turned right again. How thrilling it was to see him at the end!!!

We got to the staging area where they were sending the bikes to the finish line in classes. Class one, the smallest engines with single speed went first, followed by Class two and then by class three. The excitement was palpable as we rode downhill to Carlsbad Expressway that ran along the Ocean. The air was cooler but the traffic and pedestrians were a challenge to navigate. Splitting lanes is legal in California making it easier for the guys (and girl) to navigate traffic and keep rolling. I saw #91, Ziggy, pushing his 1916 Indian. He later told me that he lost the pedal on his kicker and this clutch mechanism gave out. Still, he pushed his bike over the finish line completing all but 81 miles of this cross-country trek.

At the Carlsbad Visitor Center the riders and crowd were ecstatic! Champaign was flowing while eager families and friends awaited their loved ones. The look of love and admiration in their eyes was one of my favorite moments of the entire event. The exhaustion was still evident but was mixed with relief. Smiles, hugs, tears of joy created a joyous atmosphere. Scott Jacobs and wife Sharon were there to greet us. Scott had crashed day two which took the two of them out of the event as they dealt with surgery and recovery. History was been made by 16 motorcyclists who came in with 3306 miles and no penalties. All 16 were on Henderson, Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles.

The celebration banquet at the Holiday Inn gave everyone an opportunity to clean up and put his or her celebration attire on. For some that meant wearing a cocktail dress while for others it meant shorts and a tropical themed shirt. Awards were presented by Jason Sims, Director of operations, and Paul d’Orleans who Emceed the evening program. Jason started the evening comments by saying: “We made history and we did it as a family”.

A new award was presented this year from Lonnie Islam, Jr. who started the Cannonball but was unable to participate due to health issues. The award was called the “Spirit of the Cannonball” and is awarded to a person who showed dedication, perseverance and a love for riding. The person receiving the award gets a Lifetime Cannonball Entry, a Michael Lichter picture from the Atlantic City Boardwalk Start and a personalized custom Cannonball Banner. The award went to #13, Dean Bordigioni a wine maker from California who rode his Class 1 1914 Harley Davidson all but 1 mile. Tear, clapping and a standing ovation accompanied that decision.

The overall Winner of the Cannonball went to Frank Westfall, #49 from New York on his Class 2, 1912 Henderson. Frank won a $10-15,000. Custom brass Cannonball figurine made by sculpturist, Jeff Decker. Runner up was Byrne Bramwell from Canada on his Class 2, 1913 Henderson. Of the top 5, Only one was a 1914 Harley Davidson and that was ridden by 79 year old Victor Boocock from California. Class 1 first place went to Dean Bordigioni with runner up being Alex Trempanier on his 1912 Indian single speed. Class 3 First place went to #2, Steve DeCosas from New York on his 1915 Harley Davidson with the runner up being 1st time Cannonballer #66, Ben Brown from Pennsylvania on his 1915 Harley Davidson. Jason ended the evening festivities by saying “Many of you are wondering about the future of the Cannonball.” The room got quiet as he waited for everyone’s attention. With one fist in the air he exclaimed, “Cannonball”!



Lonny Spiva Buys Heartland USA

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The owner of Heartland USA, known for their E-Z Rear Fender Conversions and quality accessories for the American V-Twin marketplace for the last 20 years is embarking on a new chapter of his life. Jim Grove, the founder and owner has announced that he wants to slow his life down and retire from the motorcycle industry. With that said, he has announced the sale of Heartland USA to his Previous Director of Sales and Marketing and V-Twin industry veteran Lonny Spiva. (Couldn’t happen to a nicer person, too!)

unnamed-1Lonny Spiva is a veteran of the V-Twin industry, working for Famed companies as Bikers Choice, Chrome Chrome, Hard Drive and Renegade Wheels. Jim says that “Lonny was the first choice to carry the Heartland USA brand into the future. In the three plus years that Lonny was here at Heartland, his fingerprints can be found all over this brand, he was instrumental in developed the first HL Catalog”

“I was excited when Jim called, I have always loved the Heartland Brand and now I have been given the chance to be a part of it in a very big way!” Lonny said about the future, “I feel I’ve came Home and I’m looking forward to conservatorship of the Heartland brand”. Jim stated, “I know that HL will be in good hands with Lonny at the wheel. He has a passion for HL as much or more than I do”. Lonny added, watch for new and exciting kits coming from Heartland in the upcoming months.

American Made and operated and available at Harley and Powersports dealers all across the USA. For more information on Heartland USA, please call: 310-822-2697, email them at or visit

Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar Comes Dream Racer Television

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Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar follows Christophe Barriere-Varju from the Multi-Award Winning film Dream Racer and fellow Australian, TV presenter & former Miss World and Miss Universe Australia Laura Csortan, as they ride the new Honda Africa Twin from Marrakech in Morocco through mountains, gorges, rivers and deserts to reach the Moroccan Sahara following the route of the original Dakar Rally.

You can the film free of charge on Friday 30 September 2016 – on Dream Racer Television, here.


Story Plot: Two adventure bikers take on the journey of a lifetime travelling through Morocco, North Africa, on the trail of the ultimate biking challenge, the Dakar Rally. One rider, Christophe Barriere-Varju, has competed in the Dakar Rally four times. The other, Laura Csortan, has never set a wheel off road before. Starting in Marrakech, Morocco, they must make their way through mountains, gorges, rivers and deserts to reach the Moroccan Sahara. Christophe will be sharing his knowledge of what it takes to be an off-road adventurer whilst Laura will be pushing her biking skills to the limits and experiencing a journey like never before. Will they make it to their final destination of the Sahara Desert or will the journey of a lifetime be too much for an off-road novice?

Motorcycle Cannonball – Stage 14 – Saturday, September 24, 2016

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By Spitfire

88-roadsignOnly two more days. Feeling are mixed and I see more hugs this morning. Will it really all be over soon? Tired, battered, worn out and happy. People are talking about looking forward to going home to their families while others, like #20, Dennis Sharon said “When we get to Carlsbad, can we just turn around and head back to New Jersey doing the route backward”? Today we are prepared for a scorching hot day as we continue to cross the Mohave Desert from Lake Havasu City, AZ to Palm Desert, CA – just 100 miles from our ending location. 241 miles of hot dry desert meant I was going to bring lots of water and preach electrolytes. #49, Frank Westfall from New York is still in 1st Place with his 1912 4 cylinder Henderson. Byrne Bramwell from Canada is in 2nd Place with will points and no penalties but is riding a newer, 1913 Henderson. At this point 18 contestants can brag about the 2979 miles they have ridden penalty free. 4 Hendersons, 4 Indians and 10 Harley Davidsons have proven to be most reliable.

64 people started the day following the Colorado River through rugged terrain with little in the way of vegetation to be seen. At mile marker 31 I found #81, Ziggy (who is riding Sharon Jacobs motorcycle while she is with he husband who crashed day two) along side the road. Spark issues. New plugs and he was off for about a mile then pulled over again. I figured he was continuing to have spark issues but no, he came out of the ditch holding his headlight which had broken off the bike! “Here, can you carry this for me”? The next over 100 miles was relatively without incident. You could see for many miles and the terrain was virtually flat. The temperatures were starting to climb and there were no clouds or shade to be seen. Riders wove in and out while photographers enjoyed the opportunity to take pictures of riders. Michael Lichter and Felicia Morgan are the two official photographers for the Cannonball. Michael has ridden backward for all 4 Cannonball’s making him the only person who has crossed the United States 4 times backward. Wowsa!

At Mile Marker 106 we had been climbing a steady grade when I saw #109, Alex Trepanier from California on his 1912 single speed Indian riding the opposite direction. I finished the climb to the top of the hill and pulled over to wait for him and notified the chase vehicles. 20 minutes later he rode past me. I cheered and clapped as he chugged by. Victories on the Cannonball are not always being the front place winner – often they are multiple victories and I rejoice when I see people overcome disappointment with tenacity. We arrived at our hosted lunch stop to an enthusiastic crowd. Twentynine Palms hosted a bike/car show and lunch. Just getting out of the sun for a bit was good for me. I stocked up on more water and took off again.

Only a couple miles down the road I found #66, Ben Brown from Pennsylvania working frantically to figure out why he was running on one cylinder. He is a first time Cannonballer and is so pleased to be in 7th place with his 1915 Harley Davidson. He and his team had replaced the valve seat two nights ago and the heat had loosened it. He managed to get things realigned and was off again with the motor sounding strong. We rode through the Joshua Tree National Park for miles, ending in Mecca, a little town with only one gas station. It was over 100 degrees and riders were hot and exhausted. Only 25 hot miles to go but the end of the day is in sight. Tonight was special as we walked the parking lots watching people work on bikes and chat about their adventures. This was the last night of camaraderie before the 100 mile trek to the end celebration and banquet tomorrow. Who will win the Cannonball? Stay tuned…… To learn more about the motorcycle cannonball and check standings go to


Motorcycle Cannonball – Stage 13 – Friday, September 23, 2016

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By Spitfire

Up early and at the starting line was class 1 competitor, #13, Dean Bordigioni. Dean suffered a devastating one-point penalty for a ½ mile tow on Stage 10. That tow cost him the #1 spot on the leader board. There is much controversy over the penalty assessment and the mood this morning is tense. Distracting the riders was the weather. Some scraped frost from their seats as the frigid overnight temperatures dropped into the low 30s. Today we will travel 232 miles from William, AZ to Lake Havasu City, AZ with elevations of 400 to 7000 feet. 64 riders started.

Much of our route today took us on the Historic Route 66. Riders had fun stopping for pictures and chatting with the many tourists who travel that route. The cool dry weather started out making riders pretty uncomfortable but with no clouds in the sky the sun quickly warmed things up. The red tinged rock gave was to brown rugged dirt with sagebrush as the only green to be seen. I could not help but wonder how the cowboys on horseback must have felt crossing this dry arid land. I considered how exciting it must have been to have a motorized vehicle to propel you across the vast expanse of dry dusty desert. I watched for riders along side the road and was sometimes tricked by mailboxes or signs until I got closer.

Our hosted lunch stop at Mother Road Harley Davidson in Kingman was welcome. They had done a great job of advertising and there were many people to greet the Cannonball Riders. They left their bikes on display and enjoyed the Mexican lunch with many choices. Riders left with full stomachs and smiles on their faces. Paul d’Orleans and Susan were there taking tin type photos. After this flurry of activity we left on a winding, then straight dusty backroad to avoid traffic. We took a long decent from the High dessert to Bullhead City where the temperature soared to 91 degrees. Traffic could not be avoided and the riders were happy to know the ride was almost over for the day.

I got a call. Rider down. A dune buggy driver had pulled out in front of the rider. They were about 20 minutes ahead of me. I headed over to find the rider had been transported but the police were still working the scene. The rider ended up being sore but was released with only a few minor injuries. The bike? Not so lucky. Friends and family were relieved. It could have been worse! Stage 13 down and only 2 days to go. 18 perfect score yet with Frank Westfall from New York leading on his Class 2 1912 Henderson. For more information about stats, visit the official Cannonball site at



Announcing The 15th Lone Star Rally — Oct 3-6

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Hundreds of thousands of riders will cross the causeway to Galveston Island for four days of non-stop entertainment.

This year’s rally will feature concerts day and night on two sound stages; a variety of juried bike & car shows; a bike rodeo games event; 100’s of vendors selling all things motorcycle culture; and, new this year… Motorcycle Beach Races presented by Harley- Davidson.


The rally kicks into gear early on Thursday, November 3rd, with a jam packed day of activities planned beginning with the Run Down the Shore ride presented by CycleSource Magazine (Registration noon-1 pm at Beach Central Park.) After, riders will get a free ride patch and a chance to explore Sea Wolfe Park’s naval attractions.

Across town at Pier 21, Magic Kustomz, Sickies Garage, Robust Energy Drink and Renegade Magazine will host a Two Day Cruisin Classic Car Show Thursday and Friday. And, plan to check out some of the hottest pre-’72 rides on Saturday when the team hosts a Drive-In Car Show and Pin Up Contest also at Pier 21. More cool cars will close out Sunday’s rally activities with a Rat & Hot Rod Cruisin car show/parade on The Strand.


Meanwhile, free concerts will be happening all weekend long on music stages at Beach Central Park on Seawall and, Saengerfest Park downtown. Acts from across Texas and the country will perform the best in Classic Rock, Country and Blues throughout the weekend. Also, the Lone Star Rally Tattoo Expo will be open all weekend long providing access to a host of ink artists and body piercers from across Texas.
Back to bikes, Harley-Davidson will present: The Galveston Beach Classic… the first U.S. Beach Oval Motorcycle Race in 60 years, at the 2016 Lone Star Rally! Practice laps will be offered on Friday and the racing happens on Saturday with cash prizes and trophies in 5 classes. (Note: there is a small charge of $5 for the Beach Races event benefiting the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation.) All bike shows at the 2016 Lone Star Rally weekend will be stationed at Beach Central Park on Seawall. On Friday CycleSource will host its Bike Rodeo Games where players will vie to win a coveted Championship Belt for their skill at tackling the Barrel Roll, Weenie Bite, Slow Race & Ring Toss events. And, Saturday’s Ride In Custom Bike Show presented by CycleSource will showcase all classes of bikes and offers $500 cash awards for Best in Show and People’s Choice.


Also on Saturday, American Cycle Magazine will crown a victor in its Baddest Bagger in Galveston show. Saturday’s rally activities also include Outlaw Dave’s annual charity Ranch Ride in the morning and, Dave will once again serve as emcee at Saturday night’s Miss Lone Star Rally spokesmodel competition. A large part of what makes the Lone Star Rally so unique is its setting. Rally goers take in some of the most spectacular waterfront riding available along the Gulf, coupled with the picturesque architecture and bike-only accessibility of Historic Downtown Galveston.

At the center point of activity is The Strand, where thousands of rides roar their way up the street in a thunderous parade showcasing the hottest custom paint and coolest aftermarket accessories.

Across town, at Beach Central Park, a second concert stage offers entertainment throughout the weekend along with bike displays, bike shows and more shopping. The Island’s many delicious restaurants and unique boutiques also help to place the Lone Star Rally among the best loved destination rallies in the country.

Details and additional events are being added daily, check out: and/ or “like” Lone Star Rally on facebook. The Rally also offers a free smart phone APP, downloadable from iTunes or Google Play, where they can get up to the minute notifications of schedule changes as well as exclusive offers and discounts.

EBR Motorcycles Looks Forward With 2017 Production And More

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EBR Motorcycles (Erik Buell Racing) announces the release of their 2017 model year American Sportbikes and progress with the rebuilding of the iconic motorcycle brand.


“It has been an amazing summer since the new EBR was launched. You can imagine the challenges restructuring the new company, but we have made really nice progress building our base for 2017 to launch this week,” said Bill Melvin, owner of EBR. “Our dealers have had nice success selling bikes this summer and we have many new ones coming on. Our quality is continuously improving, our supplier relationships established, and now we are looking towards the future. This fall we have something ‘Quick, Dark, and Low’ in the works that should be exciting for urban street riders, and we are making real progress on expanding the range of models of the 1190 platform, as well as developing and delivering accessories that our EBR riders want. There is a bright future for EBR, and as part of that work is proceeding on a sub-$10k platform for 2018.”

The 2017 models hit the showrooms this week, and EBR plans to attend the International Motorcycle Shows in Long Beach, California; New York, New York; Dallas, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois. Show visitors will get to see and learn more about the 2017 models. EBR also will show off selected upcoming 2017 ½ & 2018 model prototypes at different shows. EBR Apparel will launch within weeks with clothing celebrating the brand, and the team continues international racing as EBR Splitlath with Shelina Moreda at the helm. Along with new products, EBR is reviewing applications for their new Global Sales Director to support and grow EBR’s dealer base organically and through strategic partnerships.

“It’s a great time to ride the only American Sportbike, designed by Erik Buell, and we encourage patriotic Americans to meet these new EBR dealers for a test ride,” said Steve Smith, CEO of EBR. “Of course we had some bumps over the last year, but the road is looking pretty smooth now. It’s exciting to see growth into our next steps and exciting that we can help support the Buell Nation of enthusiasts and riders.”

More info at or on Facebook.