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BMW Engine Trikes: Campagna Motors T-Rex

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BMW Engine Trikes: Campagna Motors offers luxury, performance & style
Part One of a detailed profile of Campagna Motors Trikes
by Ujjwal Dey

Did you know that the T-REX has been commercially available since the early 1990s.

Riding the T-Rex will make you feel like you own your personal Formula 1 Race Car for everyday city streets and highways, wiht 1.3 G, which is difficult to obtain even in a mainstream production car. It’s just 5 inches from the ground. It is wide, maybe wider than some production cars. Going top gear will push you back in the seats like a rolling rollercoaster through city streets. This however is not a car. It is a motorcycle.

Basically if you are not a regular motorcycle rider then you will be scared shitless on a T-Rex at full throttle, so close to the road, neighbouring truck wheels and your own bouncing front wheels.

No matter what your riding or driving background, T-Rex is a unique experience unmatched in speed and control. It is literally a street legal Formula 1 racetrack vehicle.



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I watched a documentary on the brain with some interesting test tricks. It spoke a lot about focus, and it also promised some surprising results and helpful hints at the end, but somehow it lost focus and ended.

Yes, we have too many things fucking with our focus daily. And yes, there are companies trying to take advantage of our inability to stay focused. So, what can we do to simplify our lives and stay focused on what’s most important? You got me, but I’m working on it. If I come up with any startling results, I will certainly pass them on.

Actually, our brother Bob T. has all the answers. Go hide out in the desert with a woman, a couple of motorcycles and a bottle of whiskey.

Click here to read the news in its entirety. This week we have Sharp News from JIMS, Custom Cycle Engineering, CCE, Readers, Love Jugs, Saddlemen, 5-Ball Racing, Indian Motorcycles, Polaris, Rogue, Dmac, and it never stops.

Pop Evil To Open For Ozzy Osbourne At The Sturgis Buffalo Chip

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Festivities at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip promise to be epic at this year’s rally. The Buffalo Chip has secured chart-topping hard rock band Pop Evil to open for Ozzy Osbourne on its main stage Aug. 9. This addition rounds out a jam-packed day of entertainment that begins in the afternoon with the thunder of hopped-up machines in the Street Drag Invitational with Crazy John followed by the adrenaline of Roland Sands Design’s Super Hooligan Races presented by Indian Motorcycle. More info at www.BuffaloChip.com/PopEvil

Pop Evil has been pounding its way up the charts and into the hearts of fans ever since the band strapped on guitars and started writing songs in 2001. Billboard named them the no. 4 Mainstream Rock Artist of 2014, a result of three consecutive no. 1 Rock Radio Singles from their last album, and a fourth that cracked the Top 10. Touring with some of the biggest names in music, their songs such as Footsteps, Trenches and Deal with the Devil have been heard around the world and on TV in association with events such as NFL, NHL and NASCAR.

“Pairing Pop Evil with Ozzy Osbourne, the street drags and the Super Hooligan Races on Wednesday is packaging a perfect day at the rally,” said Rod Woodruff, President of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “Nobody should miss this rare opportunity for a day filled with non-stop racing action, stunts and events, and these incredible, world-class, megastar musicians all for one pass.”

As the largest and most easily accessed concert and camping venue east of Sturgis, concert attendees not already camping at the Buffalo Chip will be able to access the free parking area at the east gate, about 5 miles from exit 37 on I-90.

The Return Of Vagabond Choppers

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It is with great excitement to announce the re-opening of Vagabond Choppers.

Vagabond was a thriving custom build and full service center for American V-Twins located in Pompano Beach, Florida from 2004 until 2011. Athena – Chickie – Ransom and her sidekick (husband) Donnie Ransom tagged by Cycle Source Magazine as The Bonnie and Clyde of the South Florida motorcycle scene, created custom builds for customers, charities and corporations alike, as well, serviced the community with many of their motorcycle needs. Continue reading.

Author of ‘Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ Dies At 88

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Robert Pirsig, author of the 1970s best-seller “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values,” died at his home in South Berwick on Monday. He was 88.

The book recounts a 1968 motorcycle trip through the Northwest that Pirsig and his 11-year-old son, Chris, made with two friends from Minneapolis. “The real cycle you are working on is a cycle called yourself,” says a line from the inside book jacket. “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was published in 1974 after the manuscript had been rejected by 121 publishing houses.

“Zen,” described as one of the most influential books of popular philosophy ever written, explored the thesis that quality is the basis of reality, and that this understanding unifies most East Asian and Western thought. Pirsig dubbed his system of thought the Metaphysics of Quality. You can read more about Persig and his life here.

Barnett Replacement Clutch Cables for’14-’17 Indian Chief/Chieftain/Roadmaster/Scout

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Barnett has introduced new clutch cables for the 2014-17 Indian Chief/Chieftain, Roadmaster and Scout. These cables feature their High Efficiency inner wire which Barnett was the first to introduce to the motorcycle industry. The “HE” wire is nylon coated and lubed with a super slick silicone lube and combined with the Teflon inner-lining, provides longer life, ultra-smooth cable action and reduced lever effort. On the outside, all fittings are chrome plated where applicable and three casing types are available- Traditional Black Vinyl, Classic Stainless Braid w/clear coat and Platinum Series bright silver plated braid w/clear coat. As with all Barnett cables, the clear coat is guaranteed not to discolor from sun exposure. Available in stock and custom lengths, these clutch cables are made in the USA and available now through you dealer or at www.barnettcables.com.



NCOM Coast To Coast Biker News for April 2017

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In a rare bipartisan effort, motorcyclists are getting a very special form of representation in the U.S. Senate as two Senators are reaching across the aisle to establish the first Senate Motorcycle Caucus. Kickstarting this unique legislative road trip, Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Gary Peters (D-Michigan), both lifelong motorcyclists, will serve as co-chairs of the caucus, which will advocate on behalf of both motorcycle riders and manufacturers.

Sen. Ernst said her concern for motorcycles and motorcyclists started when she was a child. “Some of my most cherished memories include motorcycles, from delivering messages as a young girl to my dad while he was working out in the fields, to riding through the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa with family and friends,” Ernst said. “Throughout my 99 county tour of Iowa, I have heard from many of these folks about some of their priorities, including improving safety, infrastructure and energy efficiency. These concerns are shared by folks across our great state and country, and I look forward to working with Sen. Peters toward solutions.”

Sen. Peters bought his first motorcycle at age 11. “I’ve loved motorcycles since I was a kid, and I started a newspaper route to buy my first motorcycle at age 11. To this day, I believe there is no better way to see Michigan’s beautiful scenery than by bike, whether I’m riding to meet with constituents and small businesses or taking my bike out on the weekend,” Peters said. “Motorcyclists come from all walks of life, and I can’t think of a better way to bring together a diverse and dedicated group of advocates to discuss everything from safety concerns to manufacturing. I’m looking forward to working with Sen. Ernst as co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Motorcycle Caucus to foster these important discussions and find common ground with motorcycle lovers across the country.”

The rest of the NCOM biker news includes Tesla, Spyware, Distracted Drivers, Leather fight, and the NCOM convention.

To read the whole article click here.

Harley-Davidson Rejects Military Wife’s Late Check

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A humble Harley Davidson dealership owner named Dennis Packee is going viral for a letter he wrote to a soldier’s wife. The soldier, named Christopher Walters, left his motorcycle in some rented space at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson before being deployed overseas. Christopher’s wife, Jaime, was supposed to stay on top of payments for the storage space while he was gone, but she recently fell behind.

Jaime sent in a check with her husband’s payment along with an apology note explaining why she was turning in the payment late. When Dennis saw Jaime’s note, he refused to accept her money.

“You send that money back to her!” he told his office employee. “I never, ever!”


Read the full story here.

John Parham 1954 – 2017

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John Parham dedicated most of his life to motorcycling and to his wife Jill. With passion and perseverance, through tough times and success, together they created J&P Cycles in 1979 and helped motorcyclists world wide enjoy two wheel adventures. Later John devoted his time and resources to amassing one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive personal collections of motorcycles, in excess of 300 machines, and found a home for many of them when he moved the National Motorcycle Museum to his home town of Anamosa, Iowa. Then he again invested his time and talent to make this a great place to preserve and present American motorcycling history. He worked tirelessly until his long battle with pulmonary fibrosis consumed him, and now he’s at rest with the Lord. John’s battle ended peacefully with Jill and son Zachery at his side.

The motorcycling community has lost one of its most passionate, considerate, entrepreneurial and successful people and he will be greatly missed. Anticipating what would be John’s choice, friends are encouraged to sign up for and support the organ donation program in their community and continue their support of the National Motorcycle Museum where a special Exhibition Development Fund will be created.