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Madison County Fire Rescue says a tractor-trailer hauling at least a dozen motorcycles went up in flames along Interstate 10 on Thursday.

MCFR says it happened just after 11 a.m. near mile marker 262 in Madison County.

Officials say it started when the trailer experienced a tire blowout and the driver attempted to make it to the next exit before stopping. Another driver reportedly flagged down the driver upon seeing flames coming from the trailer.

The Florida Highway Patrol and MCFR responded to the scene.

No injuries were reported.

MCFR says the tractor-trailer and the motorcycles it was hauling sustained damage in the fire.

Colorado Motorcycle Expo

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After an absence of a year Jeff Brown was able to bring back the Colorado Motorcycle Expo to the National Western Stockshow complex in Denver. A standard feature was missing, no MCs were in attendance. The only motorcycle organization I saw was ABATE. The lack of the MCs did change the mood a little, some thought it was a little more relaxed, others said not as much fun. I thought more on the relaxed side a better feeling. Now for 35+ years the MCs had been attending with no incidents. The show had become annual meeting for some of the clubs and for others it was a funding event and recruiting opportunity. But with one incident, shots fired and a biker dead, they were not invited this year. We will see if they come back. Now per the name, 1% of the biker population shouldn’t make that big of impact on the community as a whole. An Expo should cater to the complete community.

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Life is amazing and changing constantly. Motorcycling is struggling but it won’t struggle for long. There are new TV shows, internet shows and movies in the wing. Just what we need.

You’ll see in this report how the climate debate is changing. But there’s something we need to get a handle on, regulation.

We once supported freedom, fought for freedom, worshipped freedom and smiled for freedom. We need to find the freedom balance once more and fight for it.

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Why the Bikers of America Cannot Continue to be Ignored or Forgotten. I’ve held the position of Vice-President of Government Affairs for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation for roughly 18 months. And during those months I’ve sat in countless meetings, congressional hearings, public information sessions, symposiums, conferences and breakout sessions, which have covered a gamut of issues that affect riders. Anything and everything from ethanol to self-driving cars to road design and infrastructure, I’ve sat, listened and taken detailed notes. However, during the last couple of months I’ve started to uncover a deeper (and darker) underlying message in my meetings. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, so I won’t suggest that my theory is the product of some sort of anti-motorcycle secret society, but what I am beginning to believe is that the future of riders – our future – is questionable.

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THE CONFUSION SUNDAY POST for February 18, 2018

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Bandit is still gone. He told me he would be back by now but apparently…. not. That’s why I’m a little late gettnng this put together. We got some great photos from the Colorado Motorcycle Expo’s wet t-shirt contest so be on the look out for those sprinkled in to the post and the rest at the end. We also have photos from the Burapa Bikefest 2018. I might have missed some posts from Art Hall our wonderful
International Extraordinaire.


Click here to read more, this week we have updates from Perewitz, NMA and so many photos and videos from around the world.

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Perewitz Custom Paint Show News

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Daytona is right around the corner and that means Showtime with Perewitz once again. This year Jody was able to relocate the Perewitz Custom Paint Show show to a great new location on the riverfront, at the end of Main St on Beach St. The location will place the machines in direct sunlight allowing spectators and judges to view all the amazing pearls, flakes, candies and colors in their full brilliance. Speaking of judges, all judging is performed by professional custom painters from around the country.

Trophies, are you kidding? Big Daddy Perewitz Trophies’ are the coolest you’ll find at any show and probably the most sought after awards in the industry. Score one of these unique hand fabricated, custom painted works of art and you’ve scored big time.

Estimated cash value of giveaways this year is in the vicinity of $10,000 and growing. Our judges are custom painters in the industry. All bikes with custom paint are welcome!

If you’d like to get your business involved with the Perewitz Custom Paint Show Series give Jody a call (508)697-3595.

Perewitz Paint Show Schedule for 2018

Daytona Bike Week – Riverfront Park – Wed March 14

Reg 11-1pm

Awards 4pm

Cave Creek Bike Week – Hideaway – April 14

Sturgis – Iron Horse Saloon – Aug 8th

Cherokee Blue Ridge Run – Sept 8

Lonestar Rally – Hotel Galvez – Nov 2

More info at www.facebook.com/teamjwitz


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Bandit is still out of the country. Literally on the other side of the world soaking in their summer weather. I am not sure about you but I have been working my ass off, I always try to be that way. I try to squeeze every bit of work, love, freedom, joy and fun out of every single day. I am EXHAUSTED. Don’t take this the wrong way, but… I hope you’re exhausted too. Because that means you’re licking the plate clean and getting every morsel. That’s what I’m doing. Hang on for news on Bandit.

This week we have news from Kuryakyn, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, The Sturgis Museum, and Buffalo Chip, new products, really bad jokes, cute girls and updates on the boss in New Zealand.

Kuryakyn’s New Finned Collection Is Here.

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The new Finned collection from Kuryakyn® echoes the classic era of custom culture where simplicity and minimalism held sway on the streets. The complete line of covers and accents delivers a clean, old school aesthetic to areas of the engine, outer primary, and transmission, among others.

Available for a wide variety of Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam® and Milwaukee-Eight® models, the Finned collection is designed to easily alter stock styling in a matter of minutes. The lineup includes groups of components that give end users the freedom of targeting one or more specific areas to customize.

Focus areas include the outer primary where Finned Derby Covers can be combined with assorted model-specific primary accents to completely transform the stock appearance. Other components include Finned Timing Covers, Spark Plug Covers, Transmission and Starter Accents, as well as Passenger Floorboard Covers.

All Finned components are cast from quality A380 aluminum with raised horizontal lines that mimic the traditional cylinder fins for a uniform look throughout. Finish options include polished chrome, or satin black with machined fins for a contrasting raw metal appearance.

For more information and to view the complete collection, visit www.kuryakyn.com/classification/505/finned.