Threesome Report 20-Jan

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Threesome Report 20-Jan : Make American Trikes Great Again

Campagna Motors now in USA and you can own the company.
Polaris Slingshot to participate in Race of Champions at Miami, Florida.
Ural’s 2016 models on discounted sale.
Uniformed forces of USA get flat discounts on Indian Motorcycles.
Resident Hippie – Raymond Hamilton is back and actually sober which is worse.


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Yours truly, Ujjwal Dey.

Donnie Smith Show 30th Anniversary to Feature More Bikes, Cars, Parts and Tattoos

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Motorcycle and car enthusiasts across the country will soon congregate at the 30th Annual Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show presented by Dennis Kirk to see and be seen at the largest custom bike and car show in the Midwest. In addition to motorcycles and cars, the 225,000 sq. ft. indoor event showcases a brand-new Tattoo Expo and a popular swap meet billed as the largest parts extravaganza on the planet. Right now, anyone, from amateur to pro, can enter a custom project, register to sell goods or set up a tattoo display at

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Settlement Reached in “Sturgis Rally Week” Infringement Case Mortimer to pay SMRi $325,000

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This just in from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc.:

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. (“SMRi”) has reached a settlement in its trademark infringement litigation against Kent Mortimer and his companies, which arose out of misuse of SMRi’s STURGIS trademarks. “After months of negotiations, two mediations, and over two years of litigation in federal court, we are pleased to settle this case,” Dean Kinney, chairperson of SMRi, said. “We are looking forward to focusing more of SMRi’s efforts and resources on growing the Rally and bettering the Sturgis community.” SMRi filed its suit against Kent Mortimer and his company, Mortimer Enterprises, in 2014 after discovering Mortimer, through his former business Renegade Classics, was selling, to retail stores in Georgia and elsewhere, unauthorized apparel bearing the term “Sturgis Rally Week,” which infringes SMRi’s rights in its Sturgis Bike Week®, Sturgis® Motorcycle RallyTM and Sturgis® trademarks. Jason Sneed, of SNEED PLLC, counsel for SMRi, explained, “Mortimer’s use of ‘Sturgis Rally Week’ without the permission of SMRi creates confusion in the marketplace and harms the Rally and law-abiding licensees and vendors. Our goal in enforcing SMRi’s rights is to prevent confusion in the marketplace, to ensure SMRi’s rights are protected and to promote growth for the Rally itself.”
The settlement agreement provides that Mortimer and his companies will pay $325,000 to SMRi and that they no longer will manufacture, sell, distribute or advertise goods or services using any of SMRi’s trademarks. Mortimer, previously a vocal opponent of SMRi and its trademark rights, and his companies also agreed:  To acknowledge the validity of SMRi’s STURGIS trademarks;  To destroy his remaining inventory of infringing goods;  Not to participate in the protest organization Concerned Citizens for Sturgis, Inc.; and  Not to disparage SMRi or its officers or directors. “We feel the terms of the settlement agreement are fair and equitable to all parties based on the nature of the infringement,” Mr. Sneed said. “SMRi’s board members approved the settlement and the case should be dismissed soon.” SMRi is a South Dakota not-for-profit organization with no shareholders or owners and operated by a volunteer board. Its primary responsibilities include promotion, growth and strengthening of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and providing a charitable return to the Sturgis community. Mr. Kinney said, “Earlier this month, Sturgis Rally Charities provided $70,000 in grant money to local charitable organizations, largely out of donations received from SMRi and the City of Sturgis as a result of the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally®.”

For more information about SMRi, please visit More information about the Rally can be found at

Bikernet Baggers Tech — See And Be Seen

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I ride a lot, all over the country and in all kinds of weather. Last year in Sturgis, while on a quest for a new sheepskin, I came across MAX Inc., a motorcycle accessories company from northern NSW Australia. After riding thousands of miles with Rogue’s Dirty Girl, and her bright-as-lightning headlight, my Onxx decided that she needed to shine bright, too. (Never mind that Dee is getting older and her vision is changing!) The headlight in Onxx, my 2007 Street Glide, was stock, and Max Inc, offers a new, brighter LED light, that a working girl, on a budget, could afford.

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Will Honda Soon Offer This Self-Balancing Motorcycle?

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Honda presented an interesting concept motorcycle last week at CES, featuring Riding Assist technology. The technology leverages Honda’s robotics advancements to create a self-balancing motorcycle that greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest.

While this can be dismissed as another gimmick, we have to wonder how this technology could help those with disabilities ride on two wheels. Many disabled folks turn to trikes, but this could be something to watch for in the future.

The Life and Times of RocknRollin’ Renaissance Man – Don Nowell

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Don and his Chevy Gasser circa early ‘60s –“In my styling days of bending nails, banging gears and chasing skirts… never knew I had it so good!


With a New Year just underway, one can start reflecting not only on the future but the past as well. It can get pretty interesting when you’re looking back 75 years and start clicking off the redlined high points. You also add in Father Time and Mother Gravity calling in their chips. Case in point, Don Nowell of Don Nowell Design……..

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