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Franky’s ’05 Dyna Fix

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A wild project, the 23-year-old tattoo artist said he lost control of his
’05 Dyna and went down on a slippery street in trendy West Los Angeles. He wasn’t injured much, but his girlfriend, at the time, was severely broken with a busted shoulder, pelvis, ribs; you name it, lucky to survive.

As you can see by the shot of Frankie and his bike, he didn’t just go down. I think he was rear-ended by a truck, launching the girl into a parked car. Nasty, but we went to work, while surgeons operated on her at the UCLA Medical Center. Ultimately she healed quickly, but her bones will never forget this jarring encounter.

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Last week was Smoke Out Action on the east coast. This week it’s Born Free Weekend with builders coming from all over the world.

Dave Polgreen and his almost finished Knuckle. Beautiful!


Mike Lichter, shooting for Easyriders, and I hit it over to the Vard Manufacturing shop in Santa Ana where guys from all over the country and even a builder from Sweden put the final touches to their bikes for the show.

Jeff kicking Dave’s scooter to life.


Some were actually assembling their bikes on the spot. I was edgy about being in this organized but small shop when guys are trying to concentrate on their annual goal. Most were invited builders. Three of the bikes were big twins (two Knuckleheads) in modified single loop VL frames. Dave Polgreen, partners with Jeff Leighton in the Wretched Hive Bike Shop (also Vard). Dave pored fluids in his beautiful Knucklehead for the final start up with dual chromed Linkerts, while we were there and on hand. Amazing bikes and a couple of years ago folks said choppers were dead—Never.

Mike Silvio, Cycle Mos, in Tennesse stopped by to deal with a 45 primary chain issue.

Swedish builder finishing up.


Martin Carlgren of Ringo Chop Shop, Gothenburg, Sweden worked assembling the one-off Husgarvana engine from the ’40s. It still wasn’t done, but he smiled while pushing forward on his amazing build. Andy Carter from Pangea Speed, in Salt Lake City with 80-inch ULH flathead tuned his slick chop for sea level riding.

His handmade custom narrow glide reminded me of Andy Hansen’s first full-on custom in 1970. He rough engraved some of his components and I quizzed him. I’m thinking about engraving something on my Panhead with the help of my grandson who can make a tattoo template. Hang on for more reports.

Click here to read the full news. This week we have news from the Coast, the NRA, Le Pera, Vard, Brass Balls, Top Gear, Avon, Barnett, NCOM, and far, far, away.

Harley-Davidson Eyeballing Ducati For Possible Buyout

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According to an article in Reuters, Harley-Davidson is lining up a takeover bid for Italian rival Ducati, potentially bringing together two of the most famous names in motorcycling in a deal that could be worth up to 1.5 billion euros ($1.67 billion). Still according to sources, Harley-Davidson has hired Goldman Sachs to work on the deal; tentative bids were expected in July.

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Motorcycle Riders Rev Up For The J&P Cycles Iowa Rally

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Some of the best looking bikes in the country will be on display at J&P Cycles in Anamosa, Iowa and that’s only part of the excitement. Celebrating its 38th anniversary, the free rally includes motocross stunt shows, live music, food, beer and opportunities to support Camp Courageous, a camp for kids and adults with disabilities.

The Iowa Rally will also be the site of Hot Bike Magazine’s National Garage Build-Off for custom motorcycles. The competition is expected to draw the nation’s top garage-built custom bikes competing for $3,000 and an invitation to the annual Hot Bike Tour. To learn more about the 2017 Iowa Rally, visit www.jpcycles.com.

On Friday, June 23 Anamosa city officials will rename a street near the rally site in honor of J&P founder John Parham.


10:30 am: Parham Drive Dedication Ceremony

Intersection of Harley Avenue and Circle Drive


8:00 am – 6:00 pm: Bike show, live music, stunt shows & silent auction



7:30am: John Parham Memorial Ride: The ride departs at 7:30am and returns at approximately 9:00am.

8:00 am – 5:00 pm: Bike show, live music, stunt shows & silent auction

Gel Seat Expert Lars Roulund Joins Royal Riding

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Ergonomic and materials expert Lars Roulund has just joined ROR Brands. For the past 20+ years he has pioneered motorcycle seat technology as the principal of High End Seating Solutions, picking up a patent along the way and redefining the concept of how we ride.

“It is so good to get Lars out from behind the curtain like Oz,” says Royal Riding’s Rod Derifield. “I’m really excited to have him bring his creative genius, vision and design skills to not just seat pads, but some radically new products. Lars is too modest to admit it, but he really is the foremost expert in the powersports seat segment,” notes Derifield. “We consider him to be the king in this game of thrones.”

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to now be a part of the ROR Brands and Royal Riding team,” adds Roulund. “I have been in the seat game for a long time. I’ve been focused on ergonomics and the interface between man and machine since I was a kid.” After getting a degree in composite fabrication in 1986, he delivered design and development for OEMs in multiple industries before specializing in the powersports industry… and that is when things really took off.

Having been “behind” the scenes as it were, most people are unaware of Roulund’s body of work. He founded High Seating Products back in 1996, private-labeled saddles for several OEMs, partnered with and expanded the Danny Gray signature series seats in 2004, joint ventured with air cell technology leader Airhawk in 2011, and pioneered the use of air and gel technology every step of the way. In fact, he patented a motorcycle seat pan design that mitigates vibration and fatigue by reducing compression and shock, which came to be known as Independent Suspension Technology (IST).

“It has been a great ride so far, but I am focused on what is coming next! I’m really looking forward to bringing this experience to Royal Riding,” concludes Roulund. “Wait until you see what is coming off the drawing boards! More information about Royal Riding here.

NUVIZ Head-Up Display for Motorcyclists 

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NUVIZ offers this integrated Head-Up Display (HUD) is designed to be added onto a motorcyclist’s full-face helmet. It displays customizable information near the rider’s natural line of sight. The devices aims to bring together all of the important functions of motorcyclist’s navigation, communication and media players so you can stay connected, but not distracted. NUVIZ includes a built-in HD action camera and a wireless handlebar controller that ensures intuitive control of all functions.

Once mounted to the helmet and aligned to the user’s eye, the advanced NUVIZ optics create a virtual image that “floats” just in the periphery of the eyesight. Powered by NUVIZ, riders can take charge of their riding experience and interact seamlessly with all of these different technologies in one easy-to-use device.

NUVIZ pairs with a dedicated smartphone app available via the App Store and Google Play, allowing riders to plan routes and save favorite rides, instantly access photos captured with NUVIZ, or view riding stats tracked with NUVIZ’s comprehensive set of sensors. The NUVIZ app will also allow users to share their rides, discover new routes, record ride data, and edit and upload photos instantly via social media. The NUVIZ app allows for easy updates and the addition of new features as they are added, further improving the rider experience. The NUVIZ is available for retail sales in the US for $699.00.

Motorcycless Slingshot

Indian Motorcycle Racing Undefeated Through Eight Races

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Indian Motorcycle Racing and the Scout FTR750 captured its fourth sweep of the season at the OKC Mile held at Remington Park to remain undefeated through eight races. Jared Mees came-from-behind on the penultimate lap to pass Wrecking Crew teammate Brad Baker, who had directed a seemingly insurmountable lead during the main event. The victory was Mees’ second straight, propelling him to 177 points and the overall AFT Twins lead.

The Scout FTR750 and Indian Wrecking Crew were untouchable at the OKC Mile, from the heats through the main event. Each rider easily managed to win their respective heat, capturing top positions during semi runs, and outpacing the field in the main with the fourth place finisher 23 seconds off Mees and 17 seconds off the podium. Running a similar playbook as his victory at Red Mile, Mees stayed close behind Baker only to sneak past him while both riders fought to navigate a sea of slower riders as they lapped the field in the closing laps. Reigning Grand National Champ and Indian Wrecking Crew member Bryan Smith cleared the sweep by capturing third, keeping him second in the overall standings.

“Our team is on a great run right now. It’s evident we have the most talented group of riders, and the Scout FTR750 is the top-performing motorcycle in the field,” said Mees. “Brad clearly had the field beat throughout the race, and it looked like he would go wire-to-wire, but I hung in there, dug deep and found my opening as we lapped the pack.”

Mees not only advanced in the points lead, but also does so heading into his favorite discipline of the series, the half-mile. Smith remains in striking distance to Mees’ 177 with 169 total points. Baker closed the gap between he and the third place rider to 12. His second-place finish gets him to 112 points this season.

“We cannot say enough about our factory team riders’ dedication, and the sophistication and capability of our Indian Scout FTR750,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Product Development for Indian Motorcycle. “Even though they’re outpacing the field, our guys are remaining fiercely competitive with each other, pushing for individual titles and the ultimate manufacturer title.”

Indian Motorcycle Racing, backed by Allstate Insurance, will look to continue its run as American Flat Track heads to the Lima Half-Mile at Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio on June 24.

Big Mountain Run Video Wrapup

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A look at Big Mountain Run 8. What started as a great escape from the conventional motorcycle rally has quickly grown into a popular event. Riders from across the country all come to enjoy some of the most scenic mountain roads in America. Break away and enjoy some Hillbilly Hot Shoe, rad vintage bikes, tarp rides and mountain views.



Ride to Work Day Supported by Riders Across the Nation and Key Cities

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Today marks the 26th anniversary of “Ride to Work Day,” an annual national event that promotes the motorcycle as viable alternative for commuting to work.

In many areas of the country, increased traffic and parking congestion problems are accompanied by deteriorating roads due to higher-than-ever numbers of cars on the road simply used for commuting short distances. For those who ride, using your motorcycle as an alternative to commute can help to alleviate traffic and congestion problems as well instill other public benefits.

According to the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Transportation, over eighty million cars and light trucks are used every day for commuting, and only about 200,000 motorcycles and scooters are a regular part of this mix. Additional data suggests that traveling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for city travel. This is in addition to more parking options, fuel savings and the undeniable advantage of enjoying the environment and your surroundings.

This year’s Ride to Work event recognizes our nation’s road warriors and sends a strong and united message that riding is a socially beneficial form of transportation which provides a broad range of other public benefits. Internationally this exercise is also gaining traction with dedicated Ride to Work Days in Russia, Turkey Puerto Rico, Mexico, Israel, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, France, Ecuador, Canada and Brazil

Here in the U.S. cities can show their support by issuing proclamations stating the benefits of riding to work and encouraging motorcycles as a form of daily transportation. At the time of writing, this year’s cities include:

Lancaster, PA
Kyle, TX
Danville, VA
Waconia, MN
McGehee, AR

Since 1992, this event has been organized by the Ride to Work organization in an effort to increase public awareness of motorcyclists; promote the use of motorcycles as a method of transportation; and increase motorcycle safety.

For more information, visit: http://www.ridetowork.org/

Mounting Options for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

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Leader Motorcycle Diamond Mount now works with iPhone7 and 7 Plus. The Diamond Mount is a clean-looking and secure way to mount an iPhone on a motorcycle.

The Form-Fitted Cradle is specifically designed for iPhones. That means your iPhone will never fall out. Cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins make this mount super convenient.

And Leader’s patented Ultra-Swivel connection system provides unlimited positioning ability but is so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

The Diamond Mount is available in chrome and black. Stainless steel and aluminum parts are rust-proof and machined in the USA! Pick from our extensive line of mounting locations: handlebar, brake/clutch, mirror stem, and windshield.

Retail starts at $44.99. See all Diamond Mounts here.