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Wild Adventure Bikernet Weekly News for February 13th 2020

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I now have a new morning workout. I shovel and sweep snow for an hour to clear the historic sidewalk in front of our house on Jackson Street. I discovered yesterday that Jason, who owned Deadwood Custom Cycles lives on Taylor, less than a block away.

I met with a contractor yesterday, Paul. He said this region is all cowboys and bikers. Sounds good to me. We need to watch out.


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Snowy Bikernet Weekly News for February 6, 2020

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I’m going to start to promote my books. Hell, I wrote the bastards and sold out of the first two, then I wrote a few more, but never promoted them. If you haven’t read them, check them out, they’re cheap, and I would love to write another one, based in Deadwood, SD. Unfortunately, I need to sell a few of these bastards to make the whole agonizing process worthwhile.

Let’s hit the news.


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Deadwood Bikernet Weekly News for January 30, 2020

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I just drove through over 300 miles of snow and the whole state of Wyoming to get to Deadwood. It was truly amazing, except when I couldn’t see shit.

As of Friday, the Bikernet team will have a hideout in the Badlands. Hang on for more reports.

A brother just installed a 1909 Merkel in his living room. He sent me a shot and said he loves his wife, Joan. She’s cool, but that’s one of the first items on my agenda. I need to haul a bike up to Deadwood and place it securely in my living room, or somewhere in the house. Need something to ride around the kitchen.

Hang on for more colorful reports. In the meantime, let’s hit the news.


The Cloud Nine Bikernet Weekly News for January 23rd

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May all bikers find their Nirvana in 2020


It’s an amazing week. I want it to be this amazing for all bikers all over the world. I want all of us to be building the coolest shit, riding to the coolest places, meeting the most beautiful girls and enjoying every minute of it.

On Tuesday, we nervously took the Salt Torpedo into the desert for some passes on a desolate paved road. I can’t tell you where we went. It’s a top-speed secret, that only coyotes and bleak desert bikers know about. What a trip.

Watch for the whole highly successful run report in a story in the next few days on Bikernet. Let’s hit the news. I’m still floating on Cloud Nine.


Upbeat Bikernet Weekly News for January 2, 2020

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I like this year already. It’s going to be whacky and wonderful. It’s just the 2nd day of January and the world is back in business. We’re all doing what we did a couple of weeks ago, going about taking the trash out, feeding the dog and heading off to work.

Hell, I have all the Deadlines for Cycle Source Magazine etched into my 2020 Pin-Up calendar. We need to break the mold for 2020. Do something crazy. I’m going to go back to Bonneville this year with something completely different.

And I’m trying to buy a little place in Deadwood, SD and change up my life some. I hope everyone finds new challenges, new hope, new adventures and new love in 2020.


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The Day After Bikernet Weekly News for December 26, 2019

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It’s the day after Christmas. Life is truly amazing. It’s too bad someone doesn’t put it properly into written words, share it with the world and teach it in classes. It’s simple and magnificent.

If only we could take a pill and eliminate hate, power, and ego to be replaced with freedom and love. All could be fantastic.


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The Slow March toward Forced Temperance: NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #571

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It’s been seven years since we wrote about the Driver Alcohol Detection System and Safety (DADSS) program–A Frog in the Pot, E-newsletter #187–and efforts to make ignition interlock devices standard equipment in all vehicles. Proponents of forcing all drivers to pass alcohol detection testing before being able to operate their cars are nothing if not determined.

The Reduce Impaired Driving for Everyone (RIDE) Act of 2019, per U.S. Senate Bill 2604, and its counterpart House Bill 3159, keeps their hopes alive by requiring all new vehicles to have alcohol detection systems within four years.

We recognize the politically incorrect timing of addressing the issue of impaired driving during the holiday season, and restate that the NMA does not support, encourage, or condone drunk driving. Impaired drivers who put themselves and others at risk do not belong on the road. But we also do not support zero-tolerance concepts that subject the vast majority of non-imbibing motorists to intrusive testing every time they get behind the wheel.

The unreliability of detection technology is a major cause of concern. False positives are commonplace. Imagine a DADSS device that requires the driver to submit a breath sample to start a car, and to also give regular-interval samples while the vehicle is in motion, forcing shutdown at inopportune times and possibly under unsafe conditions. And if those “rolling samples” require active involvement by all drivers, distracted driving will become an even more widespread road safety concern.

SB 2604, sponsored by Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Rick Scott (R-FL), currently sits with the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. The House bill, 3159, is sponsored by six Republican congressmen and women and is being considered by the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit Committee. Consider reaching out to members of both committees, particularly those who represent you directly. Ask them questions like:

  1. What is the false-positive rate of DADSS, and how will that be taken into account?
  2. How will DADSS distinguish driver vs. passenger BAC levels?
  3. Will DADSS include external reporting capabilities, e.g., be tied to V2X (“vehicle to everything”) connectivity? If so,
    1. Will the system report every episode of an intervention, false positive or not, to an authority for possible assignment of a penalty? What privacy safeguards will be put into place?
    2. How will the system determine who was operating the car at the time of the “incident?” Will the vehicle owner automatically be assigned blame?
  4. How much will the DADSS technology add to the cost of a new vehicle? Will that cost be borne by the consumer, and will there be an ongoing cost to the car owner to process DADSS data?

At the least, our elected officials should have satisfactory answers before supporting legislation that would subject all drivers to an unprecedented level of personal intrusion and regulation.

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