Part 7 of VLXAFL5: Final Assembly Begins

by Bandit with photos by Weed The Paint Returned from TNT It’s been awhile, but I haven’t dawdled. I’ve been working hard on various projects. That guy in Deadwood, who was once 45 John bought a 1960 Panhead roller/basket case and I’ve been helping with the reconstruction. I rebuilt or built and trans from a case and a sketchy box of parts. With Fab Kevin we built a front disc brake. John rebuilt the rear star hub and I helped with fitment and the rear brake. We slid in the engine after I stumbled. I used the rear axle and a flat lift jack to jack up the bike, so I could block it, remove the jack and start to install the 5-speed trans in a 4-speed S&S case. The trans didn’t want to go so I filed and ground all the paint out of the 4-speed slots and the slot I made and welded for the 5th stud on the right. I even had to grind the rear tab on the trans case more for additional clearance. I couldn’t run an old school 4-speed trans for a couple of reasons. It’s an alternator S&S engine and I wanted it to be electric start. Click here for the accelerating Tech adventure with detailed photos and tips. * * * * Don’t stop there, we have a whole department on Motorcycle Tech since 1996. Click and build now!

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John’s 1960 Panhead 4-Speed Rebuild

by Bandit, John, Frank R.I.P. and Lee Clemens with photos by Weed We Started with Box of Parts and Pieces A friend, the notorious Deadwood John, called recently about his 1960 Panhead roller project, sort of a basket case on wheels. The engine still remained in the frame and a glide front end was in place, but not much else. He wrote to Ron the shop owner in Alaska and said, “What about the transmission?” Ron who ran this shop for 40 years was an old friend. Semi-retired he was willing to help with all aspects of the build, so he sent John a box of transmission parts. John tried to hand it to his engine rebuilder who rightfully turned him down. I’ve been around 4-speed transmissions for 50 years and rebuilt one in 1971. Kinda fucked it up but made it right. Click here to read this photo feature Tech only on * * * * See more Tech and Tricks at our dedicated Tech Department with feature articles and photos. Click here and start rebuilding.

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VLXAFL Build episode 6

Heading to Paint Hopefully by Bandit with photos by Weed This has been an interesting one. The issues with the primary drive and transmission alignment held up this puppy through the summer, the rally and now it’s October, about to be November. Oops, it is November. Click here to read about this custom build project with photographic documentation. * * * * Find more Custom Builds. Click Here.

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VL,XA,FL Knucklehead Build part 5

by Bandit with photos by Wrench I’ve been waiting on my chain primary drive from Tech Cycle and Paul Cox, it’s cool albeit terrifying. We only go around once. It arrived the other day and we started the alignment procedure. Answers and solutions are coming. Then we looked into how the drive chain would align with the sprocket on the transmission and wheel. Click here to catch-up with this live build project in a photo feature only on * * * * * * * * Sign up for Free Weekly Newsletter from to stay updated on latest Motorcycle news, events, products, tech, tips, reviews, deals, fun & more. Click Here to Join – it’s Free  

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VLXAFL-5 Knucklehead Chop makes progress

by Bandit with photos by Wrench Oil tank, Battery, kickstand, Transmission, gearing and… I escaped to my shop and attempted to shift my mind from treacherous doom and gloom over to mechanical freedom. I needed to finalize, or sorta finalize my rear brake system, and shift linkage. With the proper, old frame, S&S transmission case, Irish rich, Carl Pussar and I started to piece together a 5-speed transmission. Rich had the detailed S&S instructions. I had a brand new JIMS countershaft (turned out to be the wrong one, a 6-speed counter-shaft), and I found out S&S no longer makes these transmission cases. Ah, but there was hope. JIMS bought the pattern and they are starting to reproduce a case that will fit in any old 4-speed frame and house a tough-as-nails 5-speed Evo transmission. Click Here to read this Tech with detailed photos, only on * * * * * * * * * * * * CHOP TILL YOU DROP — Have a look at the vast number of custom build projects only at Visit:

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Road Test Report: Trike Kit Failure

Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer, ‘cause I’ve got a warning for ya! A lot of ya will remember be from Thunder Press, and remember my wife, Reggie’s pink trike. She’s put almost 100K miles on it, and rode it all over the western states. A while back, she noticed a clunk, an’ when I checked it out, I found that the left side axle housing had broken the welds, and the angle destroyed the bearing surfaces of the aluminum center housing. I found out that Champion Trikes, the makers of the kit I used, (before Harley made trikes) had been sold and the design changed, so no parts are available for the older kits. With a lot of miles on the bike, we decided it wasn’t worth buying another 10K kit, so she bought a new trike and I started to put her Heritage back on 2 wheels. That’s when I discovered that the main supports were also broken, and it’s lucky she wasn’t slidin’ down the highway on her ass at 80 miles an hour! I’m not knockin’ Champion Trikes here, since the current owners had nothing to do with the kit I bought 16 years ago. I just want to let anyone with one of the early kits know that there’s a problem, and they need to check all welds closely! I’m including some pix of the damage to let ya know where to look. The white paint is where the welds broke, and should be one piece. Ride safe, y’all, and we’ll see ya on the road! Buckshot, Thunder Press (Retired) * * * * * * * * * * * * Get all the Tech and Tips from the old to the new — for Free. Visit

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Rockford-Fosgate Amplifier for Harley-Davidson

by Rogue with photos by Nick Sherman My 2022 Harley Ultra came with a reasonable sound system, but my problem is hearing loss from when I was in the military. That prompted me to order an amplifier and new speakers. Life got in the way and I got behind schedule and needed some help getting it installed. The system I chose was Harleys Rockford-Fosgate 400W – 4 Channel I decided to get some help on this install for a couple of reasons. The factory suggests installation is done by a technician at a Haley dealership. Even if you do the install yourself the newly installed audio system and speakers will not play audio unless it is configured using the Harley-Davidson audio app or by an authorized Harley dealership, sneaky. I have handled numerous upgrades over the years, and this one can be done if you have the time, knowledge and tools. I did not have the time. Click here to read this photo feature Tech article only on * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Quick – get inside the Cantina and get yourself into incredible adventures. Click to know more.

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Five Successes and One Major Failure

5-Ball VL, XA, FL 2022-2023 BUILD, Part 2 Okay, the South Dakota winter set in, my shop was complete and the Holidays were looking good in the Black Hills. I’ve got a batch of stuff to touch on. The other evening, I stumbled into the shop and started to dig for inspiration. I had five successes and one major failure. Let’s get started. My first challenge was wheels and brakes. The second stumbling block was driveline alignment, rear wheel alignment, fender and seat. And finally, I tackled my notion for the handlebars. Click Here to read this Tech only on * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Follow all the news and updates by simply subscribing to our free weekly newsletter. Click to know more.

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Garage Door Opener

by Rogue I have gotten use to having a garage door opener on my motorcycle. As I prepare to install one on my new 2022 Harley Ultra Limited, I wanted to let you know that some of the procedures are different depending on the model motorcycle. It is very important that you follow the instruction that come with the opener and also check if any other parts are necessary. Having a Harley Davidson Service Manual for your specific motorcycle is highly recommended. Click Here to Read this Tech and Tip only on * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Visit the Free Tech Section only on click here  

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New Comp Master Clutch’s for M8 Models

American Prime Manufacturing is excited to announce.. Two new Comp Master™ Clutch’s for 2017- Present Milwaukee 8 Models Even with a pandemic, labor shortages, material shortages, SUPPLY CHAIN WOES….We did it anyhow!!! Introducing the NEW Comp Master™ M8 models… 1056-0030 Comp Master™ Severe Duty Clutch Fits L2017-2021 M8 Models with OE Hydraulically actuated clutch. Bolt-in Just remove the stock OE clutch Built to hold large amounts of torque & HP Made in America Available Soon!! 1056-0032 Comp Master™ Severe Duty Clutch Fits L2021-Present M8 Models with Cable actuated clutch. Bolt-in Just remove the stock OE clutch Built to hold large amounts of torque & HP Made in America Available Soon! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Stay updated on latest Motorcycle news, events, products, tech, tips, reviews, deals, fun & more. Click Here to view Membership options for Bandit’s Cantina

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