Sons of Anarchy

The Mayans To Ride Again On Screen?

According to a number of reports, the fictional Mayans Motorcycle Club may soon be riding again, with Sons Of Anarchy creator and show runner, Kurt Sutter at the helm (or at behind the handlebars). Just a recap, the Mayans was the rival of California Motorcycle club in the heroin distribution business. The Mayans was led by Marcus Alvarez, played by Emilio Rivera. No further details have been released at this time.

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World Class Youth Foundation Fundraiser “Strictly Business” Jiu Jitsu Tournament

JITZ IN THE CAGE” will take place Saturday, Nov. 10th, 11:00 a.m. event time.  14726 Goldenwest St., Westminster, CA  92683 Rusty Coones, owner of Illusion Cycles and Fox Television’s new “Sons of Anarchy” MC cast member, “Quinn” brings to you the first annual fundraising event to support the inner city kids of Westminster, CA.  Come see the live 20 pre-matched jiu jitsu bouts to raise money for the World Class Youth Foundation. Illusion Cycles event has partnered with World Class Youth Foundation Hall of Fame Fight Specialist Juanito to see his visionary plan to build a 30,000 sq. ft. facility which includes 13 programs.  The facility will be open both day and night hours.  This fundraiser will help launch this unbelievable project. World Class Youth Foundation Mission To enhance the lives of young people through sports and activities, which are rooted in fun, educational, and ethical principles.Through our programming we hope to give our children the   discipline, knowledge, and opportunities to be successful in their adult lives.  The goal is to create a positive environment that fosters improved self-confidence and self-esteem through experiences in sports activities.

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