Vance & Hines Expands New PCX Lineup

Vance & Hines Expands New PCX Lineup with Return of the Pro Pipe and Debut of Bagger Race Replica System Santa Fe Springs CA – Vance & Hines, which earlier this week announced its innovative new PCX (Power Chamber Exhaust) technology, is now adding two new 2-into-1 exhaust systems to their product line. The introduction includes the return of the ultra-popular Pro Pipe 2-into-1 exhaust system and a system inspired by the one used on the company’s King of the Baggers racers, a series that has inspired a new level of custom and performance in Harley-Davidson touring bikes. PCX technology ensures that these Vance & Hines systems meet all EPA emissions criteria. Pro Pipe is a classic design that has twenty years of evolution and improvement built into its return to market. It has all the ingredients for making power: stepped headers, an oversized collector and long megaphone muffler. The new generation Pro Pipe now features the innovative PCX™ technology, which integrates a chambered high-flow catalyst in the megaphone for a bigger boost in torque and a more robust rumble of a big V-Twin motor. The placement of the catalyst deeper into the muffler moves heat away from the rider and improves rider comfort. The Pro Pipe system fits Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Touring (2017-2022) and Softail (2018-2022) models, as well as late model Twin Cam Touring models (2010-2016). The Vance & Hines Hi-Output RR exhaust system comes directly out of the development work done for the riders in the King of the Baggers class of the MotoAmerica Road Racing Championships. Constructed of high grade, 304 stainless steel, the hand TIG welded headers of the Hi-Output RR step from 1.75″ to 1.875″ to 2.0″ and feed into the same oversized collector used on the race exhaust system. The collector is even rotated […]

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Vance & Hines Launches New VO2 Falcon 90-Degree Air Intake

Aggressive style, industry leading performance for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles NOTE: The new VO2 Falcon and recently announced FP4 are available to consumers at Vance & Hines’ two locations(Daytona Harley-Davidson and Daytona International Speedway) at Bike Week in Daytona Beach. Santa Fe Springs CA – March 4, 2022 – Vance & Hines today introduced the newest addition to its expanding lineup of air intake products with the announcement of the VO2 Falcon, a 90-degree, high performance intake system with fitments for most late-model Harley-Davidson models. With motorcycle customizing trends moving toward an intense, performance-focused look, the VO2 Falcon gives bike owners the aggressive style they seek and four different finishes to make it special. The VO2 Falcon is a cut above other 90-degree intakes with its attention to detail. From its slant-nosed oversized filter for higher volume air flow to its precision machined billet aluminum mounting and integrated breather assembly, it looks like it belongs on a rider’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The system comes in four finishes, show-quality chrome, ceramic matte black, and two eye-catching carbon fiber choices; high-gloss traditional weaved carbon and matte, forged carbon, a compound originally developed for use in high performance sports cars and is making its first appearance in the V-Twin world. The VO2 Falcon isn’t just for style. The shape of the unit extends the air intake track, allowing the VO2 Falcon to outperform the leading 90-degree units on the market for both horsepower and torque. “Air intake systems are our fastest growing product line,” said Vance & Hines President Kennedy. ” They offer customers a chance to personalize the look of their bike and are the start of creating that high performance motorcycle that we all love to ride. The VO2 Falcon makes a strong statement about what’s inside the heart of the bike and the

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Dynojet to Launch Its Power Vision Product for 2021 Harley-Davidson Touring & Softail Models

A world leader in developing and manufacturing performance enhancement products for vehicles is slated to unveil a new product. NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — Representatives with Dynojet Research, Inc. announced today that it will soon launch its Power Vision product for the 2021 Harley-Davidson. Dan Hourigan, Vice President of Product Management for Dynojet Research, Inc., explained that the Power Vision for 2021 Harley-Davidson Touring and Softails models (part number PV-3B) is slated to launch around Oct. 1. Dynojet Research, Inc. is the world leader in the manufacturing and development of performance enhancement products and tools. The company’s EFI tuning devices, diagnostic products and personalized services empower customers with the necessary resources to maximize performance and efficiency. As it relates to its soon-to-launch Power Vision product, Hourigan pointed out that some 2021 Harleys use a new ECU that required ground-up development efforts, while other models are already supported. The models using the new ECU include Touring, Softail, Pan-America, and Sportster S. The Power Vision PV-3B will support Touring and Softail to begin with, and then additional support will follow. The current Power Vision PV-2B already supports the remaining 2021 Harleys like the Sportster and Street 500/750. “No matter your brand of motorcycle or style of riding, our EFI tuning devices can help optimize power, torque, improved rideability, overall speed and fuel-efficiency,” Hourigan stressed before adding, “With our extensive library of dyno-tested tunes and the ability to flash your ECU at your convenience, you’ll have a tune for any combination of parts on your next adventure. Our Power Vision easily connects to your motorcycle through the OEM diagnostic connector, so installation is a snap. You can then flash your bike and unplug the device, or you can use it as an instrument panel for more information

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Custom Harley-Davidson a Mesh of Parts with Old School Look

by Daniel Patrascu from Fancy a modern Harley-Davidson with old-school looks? Look no further than this customized two-wheeler, coming to our screens all the way from Japan. What you’re looking at was initially a 2017 Softail. It somehow got into the hands and workshop of Japanese custom specialist Bad Land, and got turned into this amazing, old school look and feel motorcycle, christened by its maker Shishigaya Style No. 1. 2017 TwinCam Softail Slim BL Shishigaya Style Custom Specs Front & Rear Wheel : OEM 74″ Old Springer Fork STD. Length : W&W Cycles 74″ Old Springer Fork : Rocker arm / Modify by BAD LAND Front Fender : W&W Cycles / Modify by BAD LAND Headlight : OEM Headlight Grill : Rough Crafts Handlebar : W&W Cycles / Modify by BAD LAND Gasolie Tank : OEM / Modify by BAD LAND Front Fender : W&W Cycles / Modify by BAD LAND Rocker Cover : Ken’s Factory Cam Cover : Ken’s Factory T/M Side Cover : Ken’s Factory Exhaust : PAUGHCO / BAD LAND in One-Off Air Cleaner Cover : OEM / Modify by BAD LAND Paint : Naturally Paint And More… Like with pretty much all other builds signed by Bad Land, this one too is a remarkable collection of custom parts coming from a variety of shops, and made to fit together in an amazing and elegant way. Sitting inside the frame to power the beast is a Screamin’ Eagle 110 monster of an engine that breaths through a Paughco exhaust system. The engine spins OEM front and rear wheels, and gets its fuel from an equally OEM tank, massaged into a different form by Bad Land. Also original equipments are the headlight and air cleaner (it too modified), but that’s about it, the rest is aftermarket.

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Softail Gone Tough

by Daniel Patrascu from Generally described as a type of motorcycle boasting the rear suspension concealed under the frame, the term Softail is literally tied to Harley-Davidson. The American bike maker even has some rights for the name, ever since the FXST hit the market in 1984. The moniker is deceiving, at least on a superficial level, as there are no soft traits in these bikes. The family, which presently includes the Softail, Fat Boy, and Low Rider, among others, are known to be able to take a beating in stock form, but also survive hard customization work performed in shops around the world. What you’re looking at now was once a member of the Softail family, and for all intents and purposes it still is. Only it has been modified by a German shop called No Limit Custom to such a degree that it now looks like a hard, cold piece of threatening metal on two custom wheels. Called Limited in the shop’s books, the motorcycle was gifted with a sharp-looking fuel tank. What you’re looking at is not a custom piece, but something NLC calls a shell, which is glued on top of the original piece of hardware to give it whatever new shape the owner desires. The two-wheeler also received a new short rear fender, a so-called engine spoiler meant to make the entire build more aggressive, custom CNC-milled hand levers, and various covers. The most expensive hardware that went into this build is the swingarm kit, worth around $4,400 according to NLC. The changes made to the two-wheeler are successful enough to convey a message of toughness, but only for those who can afford it. Combined, the parts used on this build are worth around 6,000 euros, which is roughly $7,000 at today’s exchange rates.

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Harley-Davidson Mallet and Iron Is a Miner’s Tribute Ride

by Daniel Patrascu from The thing with motorcycles customized at the request of the customers is that they are truly unique. Unlike bikes made for show, they also have something more appealing to them, warmer, something closer to our hearts. Just a quick look at this former Harley-Davidson Softail, and you instantly feel that. The conversion of the Softail into a bike that is now called Mallet and Iron was performed by German custom shop Thunderbike at the request of one of its customers from the country’s Ruhr area. That’s one of the nation’s most important industrial zones, and a place where, among other things, a lot of mining is done. We mentioned all that because the Mallet and Iron is supposed to be a tribute to Ruhr hard-working people, especially miners. That is visible on the graphics the bike displays, with engravings meant to remind onlookers of that: ”hammer and iron as symbols for the miners’ work, St. Barbara as her patron saint and “Glück Auf!” as a miner’s greeting,” the shop says. But there’s more than that to the olive green, gloss-black-instead-of-chrome two-wheeler. As usual, Thunderbike modified the thing extensively by removing stock parts and putting in its own custom touches – the list of hardware additions made is over 20 items long, and includes everything from the turn signals to a Stage 2 lowering kit that brings the whole thing closer to the ground by 30 mm (1.1-inches). We are not being told how much the customer was asked to pay for the conversion of his bike, but we did the math on the parts Thunderbike said it used and we came up with around 3,000 euros, or $3,600. That is far less than some of the more recent builds handled by the Germans, but proof

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Harley-Davidson El Divino

by Daniel Patrascu from “Lots of metal, lots of color, lots of everything!” These are the words used by German custom motorcycle shop Thunderbike to describe El Divino, a Softail Heritage 114-based project looking more like a bike worth admiring than riding. True to the Chicano style of motorcycle building (the likes of which we’ve seen before from Thunderbike, like say with the El Dorado), El Divino came into the world sporting the exaggerated front and rear fenders of the style, an extremely long exhaust system, and a paint scheme that either makes your eyes hurt, or shed tears in delight. The bike sports modifications all over. First, there’s a swingarm conversion especially designed by the shop for the Chicano style. Called Toxic, it was developed with the goal of being a fit for both the 18-inch wheel and another in-house-made piece of hardware, the pulley brake kit. Then come the modified triple trees for increased steering angle, allowing for the fitting of a massive 23-inch wheel. An air ride suspension is also on deck to make the motorcycle get low for artistic value whenever the need arises. From the minor parts like the license plate frame to more important ones such as the brake discs, almost everything has been tampered with in one way or another. In all, over 35 new pieces of hardware made their way onto the build, but none seem to be as in-your-face as the paint job. The golden-wooden appearance is the work of one of Thunderbike’s partners, Chiko’s Pinstriping. Chicano bikes have a lot of metal skin on them compared with other styles out there, and Chiko took full advantage of this to create a scheme you’ll either love or hate: much like with all Chicano bikes, there’s no middle ground here. As

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Suicide Machine Harley-Davidson Softail

by Daniel Patrascu from Suicide Machine Harley-Davidson Softail Is All About Bare Bones, Light Riding Weight saving. This was pretty much the idea behind the latest project coming from Suicide Machine Company (SMCO) and destined for the now canceled Born Free Motorcycle Show. SMCO is a shop we’ve featured before. Led by two brothers, Shaun and Aaron Guardado, the garage was part of the bike maker’s The No Show online motorcycle event, held a few months back in support of all the builders that because of the health crisis were left without a venue to show their creations. Back then, they presented a 2019 Road Glide Special modified to get a more aggressive riding position, one better suited for trips down highways. And now we’re getting a bike the shop describes as a “performance-driven and race-inspired” product. What you’re looking at is a seriously lightened and undressed Harley-Davidson Softail Standard. It is the result of two months of work that saw a lot of the motorcycle’s hardware either being removed completely or replaced, all with the goal of making it lighter. First, a lot of the original bodywork is gone. The fenders have been taken out, a new and full carbon fiber bodywork was placed on top of the frame. Not even the tank remains, having been replaced with a fuel cell hidden inside the new body. Carbon fiber has been used extensively on this build, down to the tubes and the wheels that now weigh just a quarter of what the original ones weighed. Also, lighting and wiring have been kept to a minimum, and a titanium exhaust was added. The bike continues to be powered by the stock 107 Milwaukee Eight engine, only it is no longer fuel-injected, but uses a 45mm Mikuni carburetor. SMCO says the

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Harley-Davidson’s Most Powerful Crate Engine Now Available for Softails

by Daniel Patrascu from Back in early 2020, Harley-Davidson announced the introduction of the Screamin’ Eagle 131, a V-Twin described as “the biggest, most powerful street-compliant engine Harley-Davidson has ever created.” At a time of its introduction, the engine was advertised as being made specifically for Touring bikes manufactured starting with 2017. Now the Milwaukee bike maker announced the powerplant should work just as good and is available on select Softail models. More specifically, the bolt-in 131 is the perfect replacement for the Milwaukee-Eight engine fitted from the factory on 2018-later model Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycles. “Our adrenaline-seeking riders asked for thrilling power and torque with reliability,” said in a statement Harley-Davidson Product Manager James Crean. “The Screamin’ Eagle 131 Crate Engine delivers exactly that. Developed by the Screamin’ Eagle performance team and factory-assembled at Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations to ensure the highest quality standards, this high-performance engine is genuine Harley-Davidson.” When the engine was introduced, Harley advertised an output of 121 hp and 131 ft-lb of torque at the rear wheel when paired with Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon mufflers, but in the Softail configuration we’re told the powerplant would churn out 124 hp and 135 ft-lb of torque, also when combined with Street Cannon mufflers. The numbers were achieved by matching the 4.5-inch stroke of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with new 4.31-inch bore cylinders and fitting high-lift camshaft, high-performance cam bearing, high-compression forged pistons, a 64mm throttle body and intake manifold, and high-flow fuel injectors. Harley offers the engine through authorized dealers and comes in two finish treatments, Black and Chrome or Black and Gloss Black. Making sure everyone know what V-Twin your bike is packing is 131 Stage IV badging on the cylinder heads and timer cover. Harley sells the crate engine from $6,195 for the oil cooled variant

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Harley-Davidson GP-Style Is the Radical Way to Make a Breakout

by Daniel Patrascu from “Probably the most radical Softail who saw the light of day” – this is how the Germans from Thunderbike describe one of their builds from two years ago. And just by looking at the two-wheeler, you can tell they’re not far from it. Thunderbike has been in the business of customizing Harleys for more than two decades now. The shop seems to be determined to break some record or something, as they now have in their portfolio several hundred bikes customized in one way or another. For its work, Thunderbike uses both stock Harleys, which it modifies, or custom frames built in-house, which they generally gift with Harley hardware. The one in the gallery above is called GP-Style, and it is somehow related to the Grand Prix we talked about earlier this week – that bike, in turn, is an evolution of another build by Thunderbike, the Outerlimit. The GP-Style was completed back in 2018, and believed it or not, it used to be a stock Harley-Davidson Breakout from that year. According to the shop, “except for the last screw, the Breakout was disassembled; frames and attachments scanned and were taken as a base for our new parts.” And that shows, as this is nothing like what the American bike maker lets loose in Milwaukee. The motorcycle comes with more custom parts that we can count. The wheels – both sized 21-inches – are from the Digger series and come with many spokes – that allowed for the installation of a “huge” perimeter brake from Brembo. The engine is a Milwaukee Eight 114 from the Breakout series, sitting inside a custom frame drawing its fuel from a Thunderbike tank. The entire frame, so different from what Softails are over at Harley, rides on an air

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