Hump Day Action with Thumping Wisdom

We’re not messing around… By Bandit with Scott Adam’s quotes and Barry Green images Bandit’s Cantina has a section dedicated to the beautiful gals that make the ride on roads and in homes worthwhile. Check out this Article – handpicked images and select life experience wisdom for every person to ponder and wonder. Bandit’s Note: I read a book recently by Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert Cartoons called, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. It’s sorta the Story of his life, plus positive thinking suggestions, business rules and warnings, etc. I’ve read a ton of such books over the years, but reminders never hurt, so I gave it a shot. I’ve shared it with lots of younger guys and girls who are struggling. Toward the end I thought it might be a good notion to share the highlights, remind myself of them and put them down, so I could refer to them from time to time. So, here goes. CLICK HERE To Check out this wonderful Feature Article in the Cantina Subscribe to the Cantina for exclusive content by Clicking Here

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Cantina Episode 93: 1VEGAS

Bandit slipped into the luxurious Corsa tan leather seat, next to a beautiful Redhead dressed to kill and took a slug of Jack Daniels. Suddenly, his mind felt at ease and the long day took it’s toll. He sensed fatigued, yet her dazzling eyes energized him. She slipped her delicate alabaster hand over his thigh, and he came alive again. “I may be able to help with your predicament,” she almost whispered. “My name is Melody.” The aroma of her perfume swept over him like the scent of rose petals with a hint of opium. “But we need to move. Can someone pick up your bike. I can have you in the city in half the time.” And she revved the V-12-cylinder Ferrari engine. “Plus, a full tank of gas.” Click Here to Read this Adventure only in the Cantina. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today.

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Cantina Episode 91: Will Success Return to the Covid Cantina

It’s Touch and Go in the Badlands by K.Randall Ball Bandit roared down Spearfish Canyon and his mind settled with every curve and the rumble of his exhaust blasting off the sheer cliffs and Jack Pines. He came to a stretch where lush pines were knocked over like chess pawns on a polished mahogany game table. He slowed as he rounded a curve and gazed at large, almost 200-year-old Jack Pines knocked flat, like a tabletop toothpick container run over by a truck. It seemed unnatural and freaky as he twisted his throttle and continued to roar up the canyon toward Cheyenne Crossing and his Bandit’s Cantina food truck. It dawned on him that a recent monsoon like rain contained a tornado threat. Mother nature’s power touched down in the canyon and ripped through the trees like a drunk truck driver through fence posts. He reached back to check the strapped down cash box. It vibrated with the road’s surface but was still secure. Bandit looked ahead just as a squirrel darted into the lane. To Read the Cantina Adventures – Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today – Click Here.

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Houston Bike Night sans the Redhead

One Year Anniversary and on the Run Again! So, I made my first Bike Night in 15 years? Yeah, I’ve covered some events since then, but the bike nights went by wayside, when I moved back to Houston to work at the St James. Figured it was okay to trade motorcycles for scantly glad ladies! The evening festivities were to celebrate the one-year gathering of the HTX Dyna Crews Bike Night beginnings. It is sponsored in part by Liberty Station Bar on Washington Avenue & Mancuso North/American Speed. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS EVENT COVERAGE ON BIKERNET Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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HIGHWAYMEN – Adventure Biker Fiction Book

HIGHWAYMEN – Adventure Biker Fiction Book E-book FREE from 15-March to 19-March on Amazon Click: Paperback for $ 8 Link: The Highwayman’s life is such, too many people and too few relationships. These tales from distant roads describe with a pulp flavour the men on the run. They run from the law, from conformity, from daily grind, from love and from themselves. Indulge yourself in a fantastical world of adventure and possibility. The rider loves nothing but his iron horse, but he is lured into temptations on his journey; can he defeat the demons of his past chasing him. Crime is an inevitable truth of modern society. The urban cowboy rides over obstacles to justice, crushing the evil-doers while saving the damsel in distress. Mark Curer writes fascinating variables of Biker Fiction, shifting from loner to posse riders and from murder to romance. His style is unique, voice murky and words playful. His protagonists battle small goons to organised crime syndicates. The female characters are daring lady-luck and baring their heart. Change of times, change of roads, change of heart – you will go through all as you revel in the raw tales in this collection of short-stories.

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