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XDA Serves up another Spicy Season-Opener

Nearly 700 XDA motorcycle drag racers on Maryland International Raceway quarter-mile by XDA Media Staff This past weekend nearly 700 XDA motorcycle drag racers ran down the Maryland International Raceway quarter-mile for the 28th annual Platinum General Services Spring Nationals. With a beautiful weather forecast and racers eager to resume racing after two years of pandemic hurtles, the pits were jam-packed with racers ready to start the 2022 racing season. Friday saw record turnouts with nearly 300 racers entered in test and tune. And with the rush to get the season started, the track was hit with multiple oil downs as racers continued to push performance limits. However, the MIR crew prevailed and kept the show moving along as racers put on a crowd-pleasing show. Get the Full Report & Event Photos on Bikernet.com – CLICK HERE About XDA Racing The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) is an east coast motorcycle drag racing series with 700+ motorcycle racers competing at each event. Visit www.xdaracing.com for more information. Get all the inside news, reports, updates on motorcycles – Join the Cantina – click to sign-up

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Is This 750 HP Suzuki the World’s Fastest Street Bike Down the Quarter-Mile?

by Dragos Chitulescu from https://www.autoevolution.com Doing quarter-mile runs on the dragstrip might not sound as scary at first; that’s if you’re used to normal road-going vehicles, either on two, four, or multiple wheels. But what happens when said vehicle manages to complete the quarter-mile (402 meters) in less than 7 seconds? And what if instead of a cosy and stable four-wheeler you only get two wheels? If you’ve ever watched any videos of really fast cars going down the quarter-mile, you might have noticed that sometimes it’s difficult to keep them going straight, and crashes can often occur at very high speeds. Now take away two of the wheels, and you get increased levels of insanity. Chris Moore is one of those daring men who just wanted to push things as far as possible by building an absolutely mental motorcycle. He had one goal in mind: to be the fastest at the drag strip. Usually drag purposed motorcycles tend to wheelie excessively, which means the whole thing can go haywire very quickly. This also leads to a slower run, as both wheels are not making contact with the ground. To avoid these wheelies, pro drag racers usually install a bar behind the motorcycle, which is aptly called a wheelie bar. But Chris decided to do away with one, and basically run a custom-built motorcycle that can still be called a street bike at the end of the day. With 750 horsepower on tap, which is more than you get with a Ferrari 488 Pista for example, this motorcycle has just set a new record, running the quarter-mile in just 6.3 seconds, with a top speed of 233.64 mph (376 kph). I guess slapping a massive turbo on an already fast Suzuki GSX-R1000 really does help! Looking over the performance specs

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Harley-Davidson Roar Packs Screamin’ Eagle Stage 3 Kit, Is a Quarter Mile Devil

by Daniel Patrascu from https://www.autoevolution.com During our Harley-Davidson month event back in April, we talked at length about this year’s Harley King of Kings competition, and over the course of a couple of weeks we got to see 15 incredible builds from across the world. But the bike maker’s customizing competition has been around for a while now, and stunning creations have been made in the previous years as well. The motorcycle in the gallery above is one of the older bikes entered in the Battle of the Kings in 2019 – that’s how the competition was called last year. It is the work of German garage Thunderbike, it is based on the FXDR 114, and is supposed to be “a deep and evil dragster conversion.” The official name of the bike is Roar, probably because that’s the sound it should be making thanks to the fitting of a Stage 3 tuning kit that increased the Screamin’ Eagle engine’s displacement to 117ci, but also added around 40 percent more power over the stock output. Because bikes taking part in this type of Harley build-off competitions need to be styled in a unique manner as well, Thunderbike did that by adding hardware from their rather large inventory. In all, 21 custom Thunderbike parts were fitted on the two-wheeler, accompanied by 9 custom Harley parts that are not usually deployed from the factory on the FXDR. To make a more fierce dragster out of the build, Thunderbike also lowered the height of the chassis by 50 mm and added a 260 mm rear tire to better make the connection to the road. As for the paint job, that is the work of Thunderbike’s usual partner in this field, Ingo Kruse, and is a mix of black, orange and white that makes the

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