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A Halloween Travel Adventure!

KOZ MRAZ PRESENTS A Halloween Travel Adventure! October 26th @ 4:00pm at the Mary Fisher Theater in Sedona These twisted tales on two wheels follow the Easy Rider movie route, and the “Midnight Rider”on his graveyard run. Travel to Utah on a hunt for the Skinwalker and El Chupacabra. Visit ghost sculptures in Nevada, then head to Death Valley and be awed by the story of the haunted Amargosa Opera House. Arrive in Joshua Tree with a surprise visit to the haunted room which Graham Parsons (The Byrds) died. End the journey with a visit to a mysterious UFO Energy Dome, the infamous Slab City, and the collapsing Salvation Mountain. https://sedonafilmfestival.com/event/motorcycle-mysteries-a-halloween-travel-adventure/ Motorcycle Mysteries Halloween Travel Adventure! Thursday October 26th 4:00 p.m. @ Mary Fisher Theater. Tickets $15.00. This Halloween Travel Adventure will be full of ‘chills and thrills’ with a FREE book for all attendees, giveaways from Bikernet, Fast Lane Motorcycle Speed Shop, and more. Plus, Sedona Eagle Rider Motorcycle Rentals is giving away a fun motorcycle sidecar adventure for two! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS Tell ’em Bikernet.com sent ya !

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100 WFC: Mountain by Koz Mraz

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC Mountain by Koz Mraz (illustration by Wayfarer) The mountain where we dance, endless pirouettes, left, right then left again. Freely falling into gravity’s demanding arms then with a twist of the throttle are thrust into the next delicious curve. She lifts the spirit as we ascend, transcend, riding high above the mundane until among the stars we fly. And the mountain is where we fight. Wrestling against hairpin turns, battling hard against opposing forces, often for our life. Because if the mountain wins…we die. Mountain is where we face our fears, test inner resolve or chase foolish whims and from atop, the breadth of life’s journey reveals. * * * * * * * * Yup, its a weekly contest open to all. Just sign up for the free weekly newsletter by clicking here. Then email us your 100 word limit fiction to wayfarer@bikernet.com WINNERS SO FAR: 1. for the month of May 2023: “Been There Done That” by Steven Sanner 2. for the month of June 2023: “A Hundred” by Chris Dutcher 3. for the month of July 2023: “First Time” by Rhys 4. for the month of August 2023: “Hilary” by Gearhead

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Thundertaker Episode 1: Voodoo Priestess

Midnight Rider on a Graveyard Run By Koz Mraz Editor’s Note: This is Chapter 11-Voodoo Priestess or the first chapter in the second series of MidNight Run. Location: The Hilton Hotel near CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Liz enters the hotel room enraged. “Zac, they’ve suspended my CSS status and put me on leave of absence!” Liz fumes to me. READ THIS ADVENTURE FICTION – CLICK HERE

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