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A big welcome to Doug & Michael! At Damon, we continue to expand and grow our team to deliver not just a ride, but an enhanced experience for the next-generation of motorcyclists. Thus, we are proud to welcome CMO & VP Brand Doug Penman and Head of Design Michael Uhlarik to Damon’s executive team. Doug Penman, CMO & VP, Brand – “I look forward to creating the most exhilarating, unexpected, and fierce mobility brand the motorcycle industry has ever seen.” Michael Uhlarik, Head of Design – “I’m excited to design the Damon motorcycles of the future… and to cement the company’s legacy as the leading innovator in two-wheel safety, technology, and performance.” An international award-winning motorcycle designer and product planner, Uhlarik created the market-leading Yamaha TZR-50 and the award-winning Yamaha MT-03. He has also contributed to designs for the R6, FJR1300, & M1 MotoGP bike, collaborated on motorcycles such as the Aprilia Dorsoduro, SportCity, & Atlantic, and authored the Derbi Rambla. Penman is an entrepreneur and creative with broad-ranging venture capital, marketing strategy, and brand expertise. He has launched and accelerated the momentum for Intel, Microsoft, Volvo, Toyota Scion, Peugeot, SanDisk, QuantumScape, Dell, Coca-Cola, UBTech, and Philips. As pioneers in their respective fields, Doug and Michael are tightly aligned on both purpose and creative vision to fuse the functions of product design and brand & marketing. Their work will ultimately give you a more charged, inspired, and personal riding experience. Celebrate with us. 2021 Green GOOD DESIGN Award We’re honoured to win an accolade from the oldest and most established awards program for the most innovative and visionary new product design worldwide. ⁠ 2021 Fast Company World Changing Idea Award We’ve been recognized with an “Honorable Mention” in the Transportation category for this prestigious award. 21 New Damon Family Members […]

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The Adventurer Bikernet Weekly News for March 11, 2021

As bikers we are adventurers. Hell, anytime you head out in Los Angeles on a motorcycle, it’s an adventure. The current adventure is moving to Deadwood, South Dakota and out of California. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hope that adage is accurate. I’m researching a new Harley-Davidson model the FXDR and the FXDRS. I’ve heard some stories and Donnie Smith built one. I was told they were built only in 2018 and 2019. Upon further investigation, they may have been built in 2019 and 2020. Let me know, if you know anything about them and or have any experience with them. Hang on! And ride free forever. –Bandit Click Here to Read the Weekly News on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today.

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Always the Best of Times When She’s Around

HAVE A LOOK AT THE GIRLS OF BIKERNET ONLY IN THE CANTINA. We are living in the best of times. I mean it. Just slip into a new car and gaze at the vast technology surrounding you. Peeps live longer than ever. Medicine is still learning, but it’s major steps ahead of just two decades ago. Look at new homes and new high-tech phones. Life is simply amazing, and if you’re a young man on a new highbar Softail cruising for love, look at the number of women you have to choose from. CLICK HERE TO READ THE PHOTO FEATURE IN THE CANTINA Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Memorial Day Bikernet Weekly News for May 21, 2020

Say a Prayer for the Brothers and Sisters who Fought for Freedom Hey, This is one of those strange holidays. It’s at a time of the year when the party lamps are lite. On the other hand, it’s a time of thought and prayer for those who died in battle. We have a tremendous amount to celebrate this weekend with the country reopening, more businesses reopening and the celebration of life. But take some time out this weekend, to ponder those who have died in any combat including our own motorcycle freedom fighters. And think about life and our good fortunes to be living in the best of times of life on earth. CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEWS ON BIKERNET QUICK – Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Opportunistic Bikernet Weekly News for April 9, 2020

Investment Strategies and News from Around the World Hey, Life is nuts and then you die. I find it crazy how some folks want to turn a recommendation into a law. They seem to want control. They want to find reasons for control, or maybe they want others to handle the issue for them. I wonder if a University ever took on the study of control? CLICK HERE TO READ THE WEEKLY NEWS ON BIKERNET Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Cantina Episode 87: The Chinese Laundry

Wim Whatever and the Pink Slips You’ve seen “General Hospital”, read “Penthouse Letters”, and listened to “Only The Shadow Knows”, now comes “Bandit’s Cantina” to the internet. Too terrible to mention in public, this prophetic drama takes you behind the scenes of a scurvy Mexican bar in the worst barrio in Los Angeles, San Pedro. A big Spanish building, it has never stayed in business for more that a couple of months, yet since it became a biker bar, money laundering, meth lab, it has been in business more than five years. The San Pedro District Attorney’s office has been on the alert for any signs of mischief in order to eliminate the structure and all its inhabitants from the planet. They would prefer to bulldoze the stucco dumpster into the oily harbor. From week to week we’ll do our damnest to bring you a couple of segments of Bandit’s Cantina from various members of the staff. Since menstrual cycles, whiskey binges, psycho women and bad drug may all influence various staff member at alternating times you may never know what twists and turns you may find in the cantina. So put on your flack vest and come on in. READ THE LATEST EPISODE ONLY IN THE CANTINA – JOIN TODAY Tell your friends to join the Cantina and keep this pack of grubby bikers alive! —Bandit

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