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J.J. Solari

J.J. Solari Goes to Hollywood

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J.J. Solari Goes to Hollywood, I forgot, he lives there…
His acceptance speech for the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Burma Shave category

You know, when I started my writing career writing comedy porn stories for magazines like Nugget, Rascal, Topper and Vue and the street vending machine porn rags that were the craze in the late ‘70s, people said I would never make it as a writer because those magazines were filth. This is them talking. Not me.

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What we know for certain about COVID-19 so far

By General Posts

by J.J. Solari

1: The pandemic reached immediate-global-emergency-level one day after the impeachment effort was killed in the Senate. Suggesting Donald Trump’s Presidency is the actual cause of the virus. His orange skin dye may have been the incubating agent.

2: Covid-19 started in a bat and also in a clandestine biological warfare lab in China run by The Weekly World News and MI-6 and also in a “wet-market” which is journalese horror-vocabulary for butcher shop, and also in a Vietnamese dog-eating contest vomitorium and from a leaky freezer used by Dracula for unspecified purposes.

3: Covid-19 is so deadly that the only way to fight it successfully until the time comes that we can fight it more successfully is by lowering the body count of deceased victims, which now is everyone’s responsibility.

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