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Fossil Fuel Bikernet Weekly News for October 14th, 2021

By General Posts

It’s All Good and Packed with Info

We are living in the absolute best of times. Let’s ride free forever.

Never a dull moment, but it’s all a positive adventure. Even fixing stupid shit, is a positive endeavor and keeping me from thinking about building another motorcycle.

There’s always something going on in Deadwood. If it has to do with whiskey, I’m in.

Let’s hit it.


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J J Solari on CEO of Harley-Davidson

By General Posts

A fictional account of leadership and vision by the one and only J J Solari.

Oh yes, we were talking about me and my vision for Harley-Davidson and whatever it is they do. While I am depicted here with my two-wheeled cycle of manly mayhem, you will notice I am not actually riding it. And the animals and the birds have come to me to ask ‘Good sir, canst thou not defile our sacred home with thine fumes?’ And to this I say ‘consider it done!

I shall merely pose with this monster of manliness: I shall not actually start it up! The forest shall be safe!’ And speaking of not starting things up, this accoutrement to my portrait does not actually have an engine. It is a prototype of what I hope will become the future of Harley- Davidson: engine-free coasting cycles. Noise, smoke, gasoline, decimated rubber forests, asphalt, bugs in the face……these nightmares, under my leadership and guidance, shall be eliminated, to be replaced by happy animals safely crossing non existing roads, bluebirds chirping happily on the ends of our outstretched index fingers, green grass and pine trees reclaiming once again their rightful ownership of the planet.

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J J Solari Steps into the Climate Ring

By General Posts

The guy in the unintentional Monty Python imitation video is Alok Sharma – the chairman of something or other called the UN COP23.

He is not actually giving you any actual information. He is just making assertions. He might as well be saying “Inanimate Lives Matter.” I will demonstrate.

– J J Solari

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Meet the New H-D CEO with J J Solari

By General Posts

Jochen Zeitz, the newest CEO of Harley-Davidson
profiled by J.J. Solari

When I read the Wikipedia entry on Jochen Zeitz, the new CEO of Harley-Davidson, up until then only Jesus of Nazareth held in my mind the Golden Humanity Award and the “Awesome-And-Yet-One-Of-Us” trophy for Entity Excellence.

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J.J. Solari Goes to Hollywood

By General Posts

J.J. Solari Goes to Hollywood, I forgot, he lives there…
His acceptance speech for the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Burma Shave category

You know, when I started my writing career writing comedy porn stories for magazines like Nugget, Rascal, Topper and Vue and the street vending machine porn rags that were the craze in the late ‘70s, people said I would never make it as a writer because those magazines were filth. This is them talking. Not me.

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Sam’s Pick of the Week for 12-Apr-2021

By General Posts

New Report by JJ Solari

Editors Note by Keith Ball: I can’t explain it. Generally, we publish Sam’s Picks of the Week with a report about my evil past, or with notions of biker romance and the metalflake experience. But J.J.’s recent findings far outweigh the last time I met a redhead in a bar. However, as you go through your day hanging with brothers, buying motorcycle parts or riding in the wind, you will notice that all seems sorta normal. That’s because you are a biker and completely immune. Riding free works!

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Bikernet Book of the Week Club Review

By General Posts

Review of Hunter Biden’s autobiography “Beautiful Things”
By J.J. Solari

Editor’s Note: All information in this article has come from trusted sources who wish to remain anonymous who have spoken to people who have read reports regarding speculations deemed to be actual and factual speculations regarding reported likelihoods that are considered well within the parameters of probability as determined by science with a plus or minus accuracy that is deemed acceptable over and above the charts and models traditionally used in the determination of determinants under conditions of anonymity.

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