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25 holiday Power Facts about energy and climate

If this year’s holiday discussions veer toward energy and climate issues, I’ve got you covered. Here are 25 facts that will make any honest person think twice about today’s anti-fossil-fuel narrative. As you sit down at the dinner table this holiday season, I expect many of you will find yourselves in conversations about energy and climate with friends and family who may have come to inaccurate conclusions, in part because they are missing a lot of the relevant facts. So, I’ve compiled 25 true, succinct, powerful facts about energy and and climate. Each “Power Fact” has significant implications and should make any honest person think twice about the anti-fossil-fuel narrative. Together these facts show that the world needs more, not less, fossil fuels for as many people as possible to be productive, prosperous, and safe from climate—a job that cannot be done by unreliable solar and wind. The 25 Power Facts are organized into 4 categories: · Fossil fuels make us far safer from climate. (4 facts) · Global fossil fuel use is increasing, and the energy-poor world needs even more to power life-saving machines. (5 facts) · The “green” movement catastrophizes the future climate side-effects of fossil fuels, which are completely masterable. (8 facts) · Unreliable solar and wind are not anywhere near able to replace fossil fuels. (8 facts) Fossil fuels make us far safer from climate. 1. Annual deaths from climate-related causes (extreme temperature, drought, flood, storms, wildfires) have declined 98% over the last 100 years, even as CO2 levels have risen.¹ 2. Even though Earth has gotten 1°C warmer in the last century, deaths from cold outnumber deaths from heat by 5-15x. Cold is more dangerous than heat on every continent. Even in especially hot countries such as India, cold-related deaths significantly exceed heat-related deaths.² 3. […]

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Fossil Fueled: The Concert

Fossil Fueled: The Concert—a landmark event The first public, corporate-sponsored event I know of that is proudly, unapologetically, pro-fossil-fuel takes place in Midland, TX on April 18th Fossil Fueled: The Concert—the first public, corporate-sponsored event I know of that is proudly, unapologetically, pro-fossil-fuel—will take place in Midland, TX on April 18th. There will be a panel of energy executives entitled “Head Held High” at 4:30, followed by a conversation between me and Innovex CEO Adam Anderson at 5:30. Both events are free to attend. (You need tickets to attend the concert portion starting at 6:00.) Learn more CLICK HERE. Ever since I realized over 15 years ago that fossil fuel use has enormous, widely-ignored benefits to human flourishing (including making us safer than ever from climate danger) I have been trying to get the fossil fuel industry to stand up for itself proudly. READ MORE AT ALEX EPSTEIN Substack. * * * * All the Motorcycling News you need to use to stay on Two-Wheels – get updated with free Bikernet Blog Weekly Newsletter. Click & Start !!!

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Debate: 20 myths about fossil fuels, refuted

In Fossil Future I refute literally hundreds of myths about fossil fuels. Here are 20 myths that 11,000,000 people heard on Joe Rogan’s podcast this year from Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist/activist who misrepresented himself as an energy expert. Tonight Andrew Dessler will be debating physicist Steve Koonin, author of Unsettled, whom Dessler unconscionably smeared on Joe Rogan as akin to a tobacco lobbyist. The debate will be live in NYC and streamed. Order your tickets: Click Here Myth 1: We can rapidly reduce fossil fuels at very low cost. Truth: Fossil fuels are a uniquely cost-effective form of energy, which is why they are 80% of global energy and still growing. Rapidly reducing fossil fuels, in a world that needs far more energy, is catastrophic.¹ Myth 2: Solar and wind are cheap. Truth: Solar and wind are unreliable, parasitical sources of energy that add costs to the grid. Claims of “cheapness” are based on ignoring the full costs of solar + wind—above all the cost of a reliable grid that gives them 24/7 life support.² Myth 3: Solar/wind is cheaper than fossil fuels because Lazard’s “Levelized Cost of Electricity” (LCOE) is lower for solar/wind. Truth: LCOE, by Lazard’s own admission, doesn’t include many costs of solar/wind—above all the cost of a reliable grid needed for 24/7 life support.³ Myth 4: Solar and wind are “winning in the marketplace,” outcompeting fossil fuels and nuclear with superior economics. Truth: Unreliable, parasitical solar and wind are only “winning” when given massive preferences—mandates, subsidies, and no penalty for unreliability.⁴ Myth 5: Renewable energy is projected to exceed fossil fuel energy by 2026. Truth: This projection is of electricity (20% of energy) not all energy—and just refers to when sunlight and wind are at their peak, not most of the time. And it depends

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