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Midnight Rider: The Plot Thickens EPISODE 13

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The Midnight Rider keeps getting deeper in to trouble with his sexy sidekick Lisette.

The white 18 wheeler with confederate flags is parked in the front row.  For a split second I contemplate staking it out from the restaurant, but I’m just too tired.  I approach, step up, grab the handle, open the passenger door and pull myself inside.  This cockpit looks more like a motor home than a big rig. Inside are tables and couch with a massive flat screen TV, fridge and microwave. There are more switches and video displays in here than a freakin 747.  No sooner than I sink into the plush passenger seat, there’s a sharp prick to my neck and then blackness. Down I fall, into a long dark corridor.  READ FULL STORY

In case you missed an episode here is a link to ALL EPISODES

Roadsmith Declares Victory with New Trike Design!

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Roadsmith Trikes introduced their newest trike design, the Victory VTR, at this year's Americade Rally in Lake George, NY.
Given the success that Roadsmith has enjoyed using the large touring bike platform as the basis for their trike kits, it was a natural evolution to add the popular Victory touring bikes to its stable of trike kit conversions.
Once Roadsmith made the commitment to begin building kits for these bikes, they started to dig into how the bikes were made and determine how their new kit could best complement this extraordinary piece of machinery. While the styling is still somewhat unique, there is no denying that these new luxury steeds are designed and built with the best technology and engineering available.
The sheer genius of the design is even more apparent when you start to strip away some of the fancy plastic and get down to what really makes these motorcycles ride and handle so beautifully. A prime example of this design genius is the lack of a single weld on the frame or swingarm, each being cast from aluminum to offer superior strength and rigidity while saving considerable weight. This is just one of many design and manufacturing breakthroughs that enabled this platform to mate exceptionally well with the highly-engineered Roadsmith chassis and create, yet another, outstanding example of their proven motorcycle trike conversions.
Roadsmith is proud to offer its new Victory VTR Trike Kit which will work with any of the "Cross" products from Victory, including the Cross Road, the Cross Country and the Cross Country Tour. While pricing is still being determined, kits will be available for shipment starting sometime in June.
In business for 40 years, Roadsmith Trikes is based in White Bear Lake, MN where it manufactures and distributes a wide variety of trike conversion kits for Honda, Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory motorcycles. They are also represented by well over a hundred dealers in the U.S., Canada and key locations throughout the world.


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BOOK REVIEW: The Truth About Motorcycling Alaska

This book is by no means a travelogue.  You can get your pithy pictorials and glossy coffee table books elsewhere. It’s 224 pages of undiluted, 100-octane information regarding everything a rider really needs to know about motorcycling Alaska. The Adventurous Motorcyclist’s Guide to Alaska puts 20 years of road knowledge together in a well organized, information-rich travel guide designed for adventure motorcyclists and sure to please anyone who appreciates visiting the authentic portions of Alaska.READ FULL STORY