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The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a mighty big and tough dinosaur; in fact the largest meat-eating animal that ever walked the Earth. Just an average Tyrannosaurus was about 39 feet (11.9m) long, up to 20 feet (6.1m) tall, and weighed around 7 US tons (6350kg).  There were bigger dinosaurs out there, but none tougher. And just as there are a few bigger trikes out there, among those built for street use there would be very few tougher than the one on these pages. READ FULL STORY

A Cool Light Grille From Headwinds

By General Posts

Headwinds' new 7” Black-Cut Mercury Grill replaces the stock beauty ring on all FLST headlights. It is black anodized with a polished shine-line on the vertical bars. The 2-3/4” long convex grill has considerable depth and blends with the headlight profile giving your bike a stunning look! Easy-to-install. Fully machined from billet aluminum. Made in the USA by Headwinds. 626-359-8044 or see