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It has a Harley Davidson V-Rod power plant, three wheels and can ride in the HOV lane without a passenger…Motorcycle.   It has a steering wheel, seatbelts and you don’t need to wear a helmet…Automobile.he V13 R Roadster Trike is Campagna Corporations second foray to its very unique product line.  The V13R Roadster Trike powered by a Harley-Davidson/Porsche V-Rod 1250cc engine. The Revolution family V-Twin produces 125 hp and 84 lb-ft of torque, and it’s connected to a 5-speed sequential gearbox. Its power-to-weight ratio of 9.47 lb/hp is close to that of a Porsche Boxster S. READ FULL STORY


By General Posts


I’ve seen the term “suicide shifter” used in describing a plain old ordinary tank shift. Simple ignorance allowed that term. There is no such thing as a “suicide shifter.” There is however such a thing as a “Suicide Clutch.” I’ll tell ya why. Click on the picture below and read the rest of this story on Bikernet Baggers.