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VIP Tickets almost gone

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The Coral Head MusicFest in Pinellas Park, Fl this weekend is turning into the hottest ticket in the Tampa Bay area. There are very few VIP tickets remaining so if you are looking for these tickets you need to hurry!

VIP INCLUDES: Preferred parking, Free Food, Free Beer/Wine/Soda/Water, Front Area Preferred Seating, Meal Ticket for one of our festival vendors, VIP Area Access.



Brought to you by the American Legion and sponsored by The City of Pinellas Park, Fl


VIP $150

DEI 2020 Catalog – SEMA Booth #20013

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The 2019 SEMA Show is around the corner so be sure and put Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) on your list of booths to visit. While there, be sure and pick up their new 2020 Catalog. The 57 page, full color catalog offers the most comprehensive range of thermal and acoustic products for race, street, off-road, show, UTV/ATV and motorcycle.

To keep up with the latest of DEI’s show and new product news, stay tuned with these platforms.




World’s costliest parking space sold for almost $ 1mn

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At 134.5 square feet, the cost of the parking space breaks down to $7,209 ($56,505 HK) per square foot, which is three times the median price of a Hong Kong house.

HONG KONG: At the 73-story Hong Kong skyscraper “Center”, a pricey parking space reserved for executives and tenants was recently sold for an eye-popping $969,000 ($7.6 million in HK dollars), the media has reported.

Johnny Cheung Shun-yee, one of the 10 investors in the consortium that paid $5.15 billion last year for “The Center”, told that he had sold the last of his four car parks in the tower to someone who owns an office in the same building because “the buyer now needs a car park lot,” declining to identify the buyer, according to South China Morning Post.

At 134.5 square feet, the cost of the parking space breaks down to $7,209 ($56,505 HK) per square foot, which is three times the median price of a Hong Kong house.

The sale price, in a city where nearly one in five residents lived below the government-defined poverty line in 2017, underscores the wealth gap that has pushed Hong Kong into the worst political crisis in decades, the SCMP report added.

Riders visit House of Harley-Davidson, bring non-perishable food for Hunger Task Force

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GREENFIELD — The House of Harley-Davidson held a customer appreciation event on Saturday, Oct. 26 — and all for a great cause.

Riders of all ages were invited to the motorcycle dealership to listen to live music, carve up some pumpkins and enjoy some great food.

Those who visited were encouraged to help the House to “Stuff the Truck” — by bringing a non-perishable food item. If they did, they got free food from the Milwaukee H.O.G. Chapter. All donations were headed for the Hunger Task Force.

Mahindra buys 100 percent stake in Peugeot Motorcycles

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by Nabanita Singha Roy from

The brand will launch 7 products in the next two years.

Mahindra Two Wheelers acquired 51% equity stake in Peugeot Motorcycles in 2015 in a bid to establish its presence in the European scooter market. In addition to investing 13 million pounds (Rs 109 crores) in purchasing the shares owned by the French automaker Groupe PSA, the Indian conglomerate invested a further 15 million pounds to empower Peugeot’s product development.

Mahindra Two Wheelers Europe has announced that it will acquire complete ownership of PMTC for an undisclosed amount. Since the initial investment, Peugeot Motorcycles has been showing positive momentum.

The brand’s Kisbee 50 cc moped emerged as the best selling model in its segment in Europe while the flagship Metropolis three-wheeled scooter is enjoying increasing demand in both its home market and in China. The newly launched Peugeot Urban GT maxi-scooter is also doing well in its target markets.

By acquiring 100% stake in the French scooter brand, Mahindra is hoping to drive further growth in Europe and select Asian markets. The company has also announced that Peugeot will introduce seven new products by 2021.

As a part of license arrangement with PMTC’s erstwhile parent company, Mahindra will continue to use the Peugeot branding on scooters. The Peugeot design team will continue to be involved in designing of the two wheelers.

With European countries looking at ways to decongest the city centers, more and more urban commuters are expected to switch to two wheelers. Fresh investment in Peugeot Motorcycles at this point of time is expected to help the brand increase its market share in Europe and expand into new markets.

Having complete control on the operations would help Mahindra Two Wheelers take strategic decisions without any opposition. For example, the company could decide to manufacture select Peugeot branded scooters at its heavily under-utilized Pithampur plant in MP for select markets. This would also lower the cost of manufacturing.

As far as launch plans in India are concerned, MTWL has been evaluating Peugeot’s premium scooter lineup ever since the initial investment was made but no concrete plan has materialized so far. The success of Aprilia in the Indian premium scooter segment should encourage Mahindra to introduce Peugeot products. We will know in the coming months.

Harley-Davidson removes president of global brand development Neil Grimmer

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by Margaret Naczek from

Harley-Davidson Inc. confirmed Friday that Neil Grimmer, president of Harley’s global brand development, is no longer with the company.

“His departure comes after an internal inquiry along with a third-party investigation into concerns that his judgement and conduct as a senior leader did not align with our culture and the values we expect all our employees to demonstrate,” a Harley-Davidson spokesperson said via email.

A source familiar with the matter indicated that Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) received complaints about Grimmer which did not align with the company’s code of business conduct. The departure reflected multiple actions by Grimmer, not a single event, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Harley-Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatich told employees about Grimmer’s departure Friday morning in an internal memo acquired by the Milwaukee Business Journal. The memo indicated that Levatich would be assuming Grimmer’s responsibilities as president of global brand development in the interim.

Harley-Davidson announced the hiring of Grimmer into the newly created global brand development president position in April of this year. Grimmer had most recently worked as CEO of Habit, a personalized nutrition life science company he had founded. Grimmer was a direct report to Levatich, and his duties ranged from product planning, marketing and retail to communications.

“Based upon our internal inquiry along with the findings of this third-party investigation, we determined that Mr. Grimmer leaving Harley-Davidson was the appropriate course of action. Harley-Davidson takes all matters related to workplace conduct and our Valued Behaviors very seriously. All Harley-Davidson employees, regardless of level, are expected to follow our Code of Business Conduct and Valued Behaviors,” a Harley-Davidson spokesperson said via email.


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Buckle up and get comfortable. This will be a bit of a journey.

We recently became aware of a fascinating thread on the ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Member Forum titled, “A ‘War on Cars’? Let there be Peace!” Access to the Forum is restricted, but we were able to capture much of the debate and share it with you below.

The original post is from a die-hard Vision Zero proponent. Don’t let it deter you from reading on; it is the stage-setter for an interesting discussion that provides us with a glimpse at the thinking of true VZ believers as well as solid counterarguments by others from the same engineering community. Both viewpoints are valuable to us as we continue the fight against policies designed to restrict drivers and driving freedoms in favor of lesser — much lesser — used modes of transportation such as walking and bicycling.
Post #1
If you are involved in multi-modal transportation planning or transportation demand management programs, you may have been accused of waging a “war on cars.” The following column, posted on the Planetizen website, critically evaluates these claims.

There is no “war on cars.” Everybody, including motorists, benefit from a more diverse and efficient transportation system. Let there be peace!

Key Conclusions:

  • What critics call a war is simply more multi-modal planning that improves transport options and incentives for travelers to use the most efficient mode for each trip.
  • Current demographic and economic trends are increasing demand for non-auto travel. Multi-modal planning responds to these consumer demands and community needs.
  • In most communities, walking, bicycling, and public transit receive less than their fair share of road space and funding.
  • Motor vehicle user fees only finance about half of total roadway costs. Local roads and most parking facilities are financed through general taxes and subsidies that residents pay regardless of how they travel, so households that drive less than average tend to subsidize the automobile facility costs of their neighbors who drive more than average.
  • Credible research indicates that pedestrian and bicycle improvements increase use of these modes and reduce total traffic crashes, including risks to motorists.
  • Bicycle facility improvements allow but do not require people to bicycle. Motorists also benefit form multi-modal planning, which reduces their congestion delays, accident risks, and chauffeuring burdens.
  • Current policies result in huge parking subsidies, totaling thousands of dollars annually per motor vehicle. This is perverse: It forces many lower-income people to subsidize the parking costs of affluent motorists and encourages dangerous driving. Parking mandates are a fertility drug for cars.
  • Multi-modal planning tends to increase our freedom and opportunities overall.
  • Multi-modal planning creates healthier, happier, “free range” children, and reduces parents’ chauffeuring burdens.
  • Excessive parking requirements encourage drunk driving and discourage development of neighborhood restaurants, bars, and pubs.
  • No, traffic engineers are not conspiring to delay traffic.
  • Much criticism of multi-modal planning and complete streets is inaccurate, exaggerated or unfair. Abundant research indicates that they make communities overall safer, healthier, more affordable and inclusive, less polluting and more economically successful than automobile-dependent planning.
  • Bicyclists are not all irresponsible scofflaws. They tend to violate traffic laws at about the same rate as motorists.

I hope this information is useful to transportation professionals facing inaccurate, exaggerated or unfair criticism.

Post #2
Great column! I appreciate the directness [with which] you address each claim. I support your argument that automobile travel is subsidized by other modal travel because of its high costs, perverse incentives, outsized externalities, and insufficient use fees. I’ve already share the article with several people.

One comment, and maybe you were strategically treading lightly in light of recent Vision Zero discussion, I would expand the traffic violence aspect of automobile dependency. According to the World Health Organization, road traffic deaths and injuries are the 8th leading cause of death for people of all ages, and the leading cause of death for children and young adults 5-29 years of age. Traffic violence, like pollution and sprawl, is a characteristic of automobile use that proponents of automobiles would rather ignore. Multi-modal transportation is integral to giving people safety and the freedom of choice in their mobility in order to participate in society.

Post #3
I’m not sure we want to put wind behind the sails of this traffic violence spin. It is spin and it is intended to provoke a response, so my response is that using the term violence is loaded and in some way assumes intent. War, crime, etc., are examples. Violence: “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” Any legal expert will tell you that intent is one of the hardest things to prove so do we really want to go throwing around the term “traffic violence?” I hope you and others will give it further consideration and/or help me understand how you think using such spin will be helpful to transportation betterment.

Post #4
Violence is a noun that absolutely implies intent…and if you choose to modify the noun violence with traffic as the adjective, you and others are absolutely choosing to use these words to elicit a desired response.

Some note that, “The truth is that even though traffic violence is usually unintentional, it is preventable.” This is a patently false statement. How would you prevent a drunk driver from barreling through a red light or driving off the road and hurting himself or others, or how would you prevent someone from having a catastrophic stroke while driving and wiping out a poor pedestrian on a wheelchair on a sidewalk? How would you prevent drunk or inattentive pedestrians from running into the street or otherwise crossing where they aren’t expected, such as between parked cars, and being struck?

These are only a handful of the accidents I have reviewed in an effort to evaluate what I can do as a professional in the transportation field to improve safety for citizens. Are these “traffic violence” incidents preventable…perhaps arguably so…but not by anything you or I can design or influence, short of removing the car, motorcycle/vehicle from the equation. Hence the perception of the “war on cars.”

I do not wish to steer this discussion away from the topic, but those who think they can legislate, mandate, or design away all the inherent danger from any activity we do on a day-to-day basis, let alone activities that mix pedestrians, bicyclists or any other infrastructure/roadway users with moving vehicles are fooling themselves, and worse misleading the public. There is no room for that in our industry, and I, for one, don’t want to live in the kind of sterile world that would be required to achieve what you espouse.


There are too many valuable perspectives in the ITE Member Forum thread to fit into one newsletter, so if you got a bit riled after these first few posts, be sure to look for Transportation Engineers Debate Vision Zero, Part 2 next week to further bolster your faith in the traffic engineering community.

Join the NMA: National Motorists Association

Vision Zero means Zero Freedoms

Beyond the above, these vision Zero statements miss the point entirely. The real need is infrastructure for a growing population. This includes not just fixing roads and bridges, but building additional roads, two-tiered roads, additional lanes for more cars and a growing population. We should take a pro-active stance for making the population more comfortable while driving, having more fun and more able to travel. The other side seems anxious to attack, ban and regulate everything. They are missing the point.


Only 2 Weeks Till Raffle Day

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November 9th is only two weeks away, and we’re gearing up for one of the best days of the year. One lucky winner will be taking home this beautiful 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, not to mention a second prize winner taking home $10,000 and a third prize winner $5,000. Now is the time to get your last minute tickets for the 2019 Raffle Bike.

Now until raffle day, we’re giving away 2 separate prizes to two separate winners for everyone who enters the annual raffle at the “Better Deal” Package or higher. We’re offering a chance to win a 3-day 2-night stay at Elk Ridge Cabin and a chance to win our Vintage Racing Jersey! That means you have 2 chances to win one of these prizes from this special!

The 2019 Raffle Bike

The 2019 Wheels Through Time Raffle Bike is a stunning 1936 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber, painstakingly rebuilt in the WTT Restoration shop by museum founder and curator Dale Walksler and his team. The bike features a first year 61 c.i. OHV engine based around a genuine pair of new old stock replacement knucklehead engine cases mated to a 4-speed transmission in Harley-Davidson’s classic black and vermilion red with gold striping. This marks the second year in a row that Wheels Through Time will be raffling off the Holy-Grail of all American motorcycles. Many of the motorcycle industry’s top vendors collaborated with their parts, service, and expertise.
The raffle takes place in front of a live audience on Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019 at the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC. Second prize is $10k, and 3rd prize is $5k — you do not have to be present to win.

We wish you the greatest luck in the Wheels Through Time Annual Motorcycle Raffle!