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Artist David Uhl – “Population Two”

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Wanted to share the final image with you.  David has been working on it the past couple of days.  You’ll also see a video of the changes he made to the final image.
Now that it’s completed, we can begin production on the limited-edition canvas prints.
Details are below.
Photo shoot with Elizabeth
This new piece, titled “Population Two” stems from David’s burgeoning career as an illustrator/concept artist when he was 19.
“Many people don’t know that I got started in Sci Fi illustration/concept art back when I was 19.  I did some drawings for futuristic aliens and ships for Disney.  The genesis for this idea started after spending the last few years reading my friend Graham Hancock’s latest books. He has been working with a team of scientists that are certain we the earth experienced a major comet/meteor impact just 12,000 years ago. This piece illustrates what it might look like if one slammed into the Atlantic . So being at the Sturgis rally, I naturally based it in that area. So that being said: here is a window into a mad max futuristic world. An interesting place to visit, but probably not wanting to live there.”
There is a LOT going on in this piece, so we produced a short video with close ups of the cool components.
The canvas print edition will consist of two sizes and will not included a smaller version (too much going on with this one to do it justice in a smaller size).  This may be the start of a new, ongoing series as well.  
** Image size 32×24, $1,295 framed (deduct $200 for a gallery wrap).  Edition of 60 plus 10 Artist Proofs and 10 Hors d’ Commerce
** Image size 40×30, $1,895 framed (deduct $300 for a gallery wrap).  Edition of 30 plus 7 Artist Proofs and 7 Hors d’Commerce.
Each canvas print will come hand-signed by David and numbered, with Certificate of Authenticity.
If you’d like to get on the list to reserve one, simply respond to this email or call me at 303-913-4840.
Thanks for your time!
Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Avenue
Golden, CO 80401


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The Model J Harley-Davidson was originally produced for military service around 1915. After World War I Harley-Davidson converted their production to serve typical civilian customers. The Model J became Harley’s top of the line model. Originally produced in Olive Drab for the military, Harley-Davidson mechanically reworked the machine over the years and changed the paint color offering a shiny olive green color until 1932. Major changes for 1928 included a stronger fork and a front brake. ’28 also brought new optional colors including Coach Green, Azure Blue, Police Blue and Maroon at around $25, our featured machine being special ordered in Antique Cream and Maroon.
As big engineering steps were made, driven somewhat by war time technology advancements, battery ignition becoming the norm, electric lights standard along with a 3-speed transmission; the Model J came…

Congressional Democrats’ ‘Assault Weapons’ Show Trial Fails, But Offers Some Lessons

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Gun control advocates intended for Wednesday’s U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Protecting America from Assault Weapons” as a show trial exposing America’s favorite rifle and those own it. The effort failed like a wet firecracker.

The bitterly anti-gun committee chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York led the event intended to capture headlines nationwide. However, the Democrats’ latest chapter in the “impeachment” drama upstaged Nadler’s the made-for-media event. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore some important lessons from the Donkey Party’s farce.

In a nutshell, Nadler and his fellow gun-haters reiterated the same old tired talking points and sound bites from big gun control. And from the other side of the issue, patriots and liberty advocates dismantled the left’s talking points with vigorsome drama, and varying degrees of devastationn.

First off, we saw how Democrats would rather attack gun rights than the root causes of crime. In fact, we had seen this recently when Dems didn’t want to include gang members in their proposed red flag legislation, despite the fact that 80% of murders in America are committed by gang members.

At Wednesday’s hearing, for the handful who saw it, Dems probably succeeded in trying to make Republicans look uncaring and heartless though. Let’s face it: fear and emotion trump facts and logic for most low-information voters.

Nadler and friends never once discussed the proven benefits of firearm ownership for self-defense. Those benefits outnumber criminal misuse of guns by a massive factor.  But gun control has become the issue du jourfor radical Democrats, especially with Trump’s roaring economy and foreign policy successes.

When it comes to guns, Dems have avoided saying whether they support confiscation or wholesale bans of semi-auto rifles, but they didn’t even try to say they opposed such radical proposals during the hearing. In other words, yes, they would ban (and confiscate) your semi-auto rifles – indeed any rifle that accepts a detachable magazine. In fact, they would like to see all “high-velocity” rifles banned.

Why are gun control advocates such control freaks? (See the list of what they actually want to ban. It’s lengthy, to say the least.)

Further testimony by gun control advocates, accepted without criticism or rebuttal from Democrats on the committee, included Charlottesville, Virginia, police chief RaShall Brackney. She testified that “I believe that any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned.”

Translation: Ban all guns except for police.

What’s more, under questioning from Rep. Gregory Steube (R-Fla.), she reiterated her belief repeatedly. “Any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned.”

Again, just to be clear, the Democrat witness Chief RaShall Brackney wants to ban all guns.

Perhaps the most entertaining portion of the event, and the point where things went completely off the rails for Democrat demanding gun control, was when talk turned to “weapons of war.”

Over at the Federalist, Mark Overstreet covered that angle gloriously:

Like other Democrats at the hearing, Rep. David Cicilline (R-R.I.), sponsor of legislation to ban “assault weapons,” referred to the firearms as “weapons of war designed to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible.”

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) made the point that most firearms are “weapons of war.” He didn’t go into detail, but he could have mentioned the bolt-action rifles that were designed for military purposes and that are now owned by millions of Americans, such as the Mauser 1898, the Lee-Enfield, the Springfield M1903, and the Moisin-Nagant. He could have mentioned the made-for-the-military pistols, such as the M1911 .45 cal., the Browning High-Power, the Luger, the P38, the Beretta M9, the incredibly popular Glock, and SIG 320 pistols, also owned by millions of Americans.

It might have caused the Democrats’ brains to blow a fuse, but Collins could have also pointed out that in some instances, our armed forces have adopted firearms that were first in wide use by civilians—including the Winchester Model 70 and Remington Model 700 rifles, the Remington 870 and 11-87 and Mossberg 500 shotguns, and noted above, the Army’s new SIG 320 pistol, which it calls the M17. And to really blow the Democrats’ minds, Collins could have pointed out that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s legislation to ban “weapons of war” expressly exempts the M1 semi-automatic carbine and M1 semi-automatic rifle, which Gen. George S. Patton called “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”

Collins could have also made the point that according to the Supreme Court’s decision in U.S. v. Miller (1939), citing the Tennessee Supreme Court’s decision in Aymette v. State (1840), weapons of war, designed to kill evil-doers as quickly as possible, are precisely the type of arms the Second Amendment most protects the right to keep and bear. But that will probably have to wait until a hearing is held after Republicans take back the House.

Yes, we should pound the “weapons of war” canard into the ground every time the gun grabbers trot it out.

Democrats had touted the hearing for weeks, hoping to use it to hammer “assault weapons” in front of the public. Fortunately for gun owners, the Dems’ own Trump Derangement Syndrome headlines pushed Nadler’s dog and pony show far off the front pages. What a shame.

By John Boch

Truth about Guns

The making of Silvertide’s “Show And Tell”

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Photo by the legendary Max Crace

On this day 15 years ago (Sept 28th, 2004) Silvertide’s “Show and Tell” was released. It went on to sell close to 400,000 copies worldwide and spawned three Top 20 singles, one of which went Top 10. The album was comprised of songs I wrote with my high-school friends between the ages of 15-18.

I was 18 years old when we cut the record, and 20 when it came out. Brace yourself.. it cost one million dollars to make, and took 18 months. It was the tail end of an era of excess. Against all odds, 5 kids from northeast Philadelphia had broken into the music business in a big way. We rode the wave as long as we could, and we did a lifetime of partying in 6 short years.

We played well over a thousand shows, toured the world with all our heroes, performed in a major motion picture (by M Night Shyamalan), and became big in Japan. All the clichés! IT. WAS. AWESOME. But as the great poet Robert Frost wrote (and we paraphrased in our own song, and my personal favorite on the record) nothing gold can stay.

I will spare you the details but it ended almost as intensely and fast as it began. I was 22 and it was over. What’s really crazy is the whole experience happened prior to social media, so in some ways now it feels like it almost didn’t happen, but those who remember, remember. It was a hell of a ride. One day I’m going to write a book. Drums, bass, and guitars were cut analog to 2” tape, the rest to pro tools.

It was recorded at a variety of LA studios including Ocean in Burbank, Sunset Sound, Grandmaster, and “Ollywood”. It was produced by Oliver Leiber, mixed by Kevin “Caveman” Shirley, recorded by Bradley Cook, and additional engineering by Marc DeSisto and Bryan Golder. A&R was James Diener and label president was Clive Davis. Album photos were taken by Ross Halfin and artwork was done by the band’s own Mark Melchiorre Jr. Our booking agent was the great Jonny Podell.

A very special thanks to Brad A Rubens and David Ivory, without whom, none of this would have ever gotten off the ground. I’m very proud of the songs, the sounds, and the authenticity in which it was presented. Very few people gave a fuck about blues-based rock n roll at the time. And we got it on mainstream radio, which still makes me smile. I’d like to thank all who were a part of making this record a reality, including our families who had the difficult job of letting their kids go into the wild at such a young age.

Most of all I’d like to thank the fans who supported the band, bought the album, the merch, the concert tickets, and who still – unbelievably – share the record and keep it selling to this day. I’m so grateful!! To commemorate this 15 year anniversary I’ve decided to post 125 photos of the making of the record which took place between 2002 and 2003, most of which have never been seen before. The nice ones were taken by Mark Melchiorre on his DSLR, and the crappy ones by me, on an early digital camera. The photos share a glimpse of the joy and chaos, and absolute insanity of a bunch of kids with no parental guidance or limitations shooting for the moon. There are photos of my guitar rig, pedals, amp, and microphones used to record the album.

To my knowledge they have never been seen before, including an early 70’s 200 WATT Marshall Major (in orange!) I used for the lion’s share of the record. I rented it from Dave Friedman. If anyone reading this has never heard it, give it a spin today. It’s on Spotify. Happy Birthday “Show and Tell”!!

A little over one month left till raffle day

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Raffle Day is almost here.

With a little over one month to go, now is the time to get in our annual raffle. This month we have a special offering of $1,000 to one lucky winner that enters in at the “Better Deal” package or higher. All orders of the “Great Deal” package will receive the exclusive 1936 knucklehead print. Hit the button below to get tickets, Nov 9th is coming soon!


The 2019 Raffle Bike

This 1936 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber is dressed in Harley-Davidson’s classic black and vermilion red with gold striping and features a first-year 61 c.i. OHV engine based around a genuine pair of new old stock replacement knucklehead engine cases.

Riding Free from DC: Your Weekly Biker Bulletin from Inside the Beltway

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Meeting of the Minds

Last week the 35th Annual Meeting of the Minds was held in Bloomington, Minnesota. The gathering of so many dedicated and selfless motorcycle advocates in one place was powerful. We in D.C. are continually talking with lawmakers about our membership and the riding community but being in the same room with the people we represent further fueled our passion for advocating on your behalf.

Two full days of meetings and panels covered a wide range of issues including collaboration between SMRO’s and clubs, lobbying tips and tricks, our health, being a better brother and sister, the MRF PAC and the establishment of the 2020 MRF legislative priorities.

On Saturday night, we heard from two guest speakers. First Rep. Peter Stauber from the 8th Congressional district of Minnesota spent 20 minutes discussing many of the issues we face at the federal level in D.C. Congressman Stauber is a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and pledged to work with the MRF to fight for our priorities in the upcoming transportation bill. Additionally, as a former law enforcement officer, he understood our concerns regarding motorcyclist profiling and was proud to be a cosponsor of H.Res. 255 since June. He offered to meet with the D.C. team in the coming weeks to follow up on our priorities.

Second, State Senator John Hoffman from the Minnesota State Senate addressed the group. He spoke about working with local motorcycle rights groups and the battles and victories that have been fought at the State Capitol in St. Paul.  

Having both a federal and a state elected officials speak to us demonstrates that motorcycle rights are a battle fought on different fronts.  State legislators and federal lawmakers each play a different but useful role in the fight for motorcycle rights. We want to thank ABATE of Minnesota for arranging the guest speakers.

We want to recognize representatives from the American Motorcyclist Association and Harley Davidson for making the trip from D.C. to be a part of Meeting of the Minds. Collaboration between our organizations has been improving for the last few years, and we appreciate their willingness to visit with our members and continue working together on areas of common interest. 

As always, the MRF board came to Minnesota a day early for a board meeting and overall review of the MRF as an organization. It goes without saying that these board members sacrifice their time, energy and money to sustain the MRF and the continued the fight for motorcyclist rights. Thank you to all the board members for their selfless efforts.  A special thanks to Fred Harrell, Director of Conferences & Events, for his work organizing the 35th Meeting of the Minds. 

Finally, none of this would have been possible without ABATE of Minnesota.  Our friends in Minnesota spent countless hours of their own time volunteering to ensure this edition of Meeting of the Minds went off without a hitch. We are grateful for their efforts and for setting a high standard for the 36th edition of Meeting of the Minds in Indiana in 2020.  Be sure to mark your calendars to join us next year on September 24-27th.

Do Your Homework:

As an advocate for motorcyclist rights, every member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation should know one simple number, the number of motorcycles registered in your state. Whether you are meeting with a lawmaker, legislative staff or just having a dialogue with a non-rider, the ability to drop that number into a conversation is a powerful tool.

Being able to quantify how many riders are in a given state demonstrates that motorcyclists are not some minor part of the transportation world but rather a substantial part of the fabric that makes up our state and local communities.

Some states provide even more in-depth statistics including total driver licenses with motorcycle endorsements and motorcycle registrations by county. We encourage you to do your homework and gather as much data as possible. You never know when having motorcycle statistics at your fingertips will come in handy!

Do you know how many motorcyclists are registered in your state? If not, click here to see the most recent statistics from the Federal Highway Administration 2016 report.

Standing Update:

We are currently at 91 cosponsors from 36 states and one territory for H. Res 255, the motorcycle profiling resolution. An additional 6 new cosponsors since our last update. The map below shows which states have at least one lawmaker signed on as a cosponsor.  Is your state not filled in yet?  Check with the D.C.  team about how we can work together to secure cosponsors from your state.

As we continue to move the needle here on Capitol Hill,  we ask that you stand by for any future Calls to Action to help ensure that we can secure the passage of this resolution.

5-Ball Leathers’ Jak Shirt

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James “The Tileman” wearing our Jak shirt vest.

5 Ball Leather (8 Pocket). Features snap front closure with extended shirt-style tail that provides length in the trunk and delivers a slender look. All around one of the best fits.

The JAK Shirt Sleeveless Club is made from strong milled Buffalo leather, a top-grain quality leather (the most common type used in high-end leather products). It’s constructed at 0.9mm, a middle weight leather.



  • (2) chest pockets
  • (2) waist pockets
  • (1) Sunglasses pocket


  • (2) carry pockets with quick snaps
  • (1) Media Pocket
  • 100% cotton black/white plaid lining

The Sleeveless JAK Shirt is ideal warm weather riding gear. It features a middle weight leather and utilizes industrial-strength snaps for closure. It’s long like a shirt and provides a slimming effect.

Sleeveless JAK Shirt Sizing
Our JAK Shirt sizing runs true to sizing except for the sleeveless JAK Shirt. It runs approximately 1/2 size large do to the removal of the sleeves. The Sleeveless JAK Shirt is the Leatherman Multi-Tool of Mens Motorcycle Leather Shirt.

The JAK Shirt line is delivered with innovative features like a sunglasses pocket as well as conceal and carry pockets. The JAK Shirt line includes:

  • Full sleeve
  • Sleeveless
  • 5/8 sleeve

All three JAK Shirts come with 5 outside pockets and two internal conceal pockets.

Standout features of the killer Jack Shirt line are double-needle seam construction (secure construction), leather neck trim (nothing flapping in the wind) and two inner conceal-carry pockets for those “safety first” moments.

Interior features include:

  • 2 Gun pockets with quick snap
  • 100% cotton black/white plaid lining
  • 1 Media Pocket

Exterior features include:

  • 2 chest Pockets (snap closure)
  • 2 waist pockets
  • 1 sunglasses pocket

Snaps – allow for easy and quick access to pockets with and without gloves.

Ride with confidence – Ever put your phone in your jacket pocket only to have it fall out when you sit down? We have. That’s why our JAK Shirt waist pockets are 11 inches long. Both waist outside pockets accommodates your keys, phone, garage door opener, beverage or anything else you need to secure.

Leather is a durable and flexible material. It provides safety on and off the bike. When not used, the 5-Ball Buffalo-constructed Jak Shirt 5/8 Sleeve can be rolled up and stored and then redeployed when needed.

Our sleeveless mens motorcycle leather shirt – JAK Shirt – comes with a bonus hidden media pocket and the back inside of the JAK Shirt. Room for a magazine, file folder or documents.

Keith “Bandit” Ball, President, and Bob Kay, Designer, developed a line of Genuine Riding Apparel™ for cruiser, chopper and bobber riders. The 5-Ball Sleeveless JAK Shirts, jackets and vests are the Leatherman Multi-Tool of Mens Motorcycle Leather Shirts and vests and are known for their innovation, functionality and quality craftsmanship.


Vegas BikeFest is Next Week!

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We are one week away from the 19th Annual Vegas BikeFest! Are you Ready? We are ready for you! We have a full lineup planned and you don’t want to miss a thing! This is your once a year chance to party with all your riding buddies together in Vegas!

October 3-6, 2019

Check out the full schedule – Click here!

Prices Increase 10/3!

Party Pass – $45 goes up to $59

Ultimate Pass – $69 goes up to $89

VIP Pass – a limited number still available before 10/3 for $149!

To register for your pass, CLICK HERE.

Here are a few last minute reminders:

  • Registration: Rally Central – New Location for 2019!
  • Rally Central: Downtown Las Vegas Events Center – 3rd & Carson
  • Rally Opens: 11AM daily Thursday-Sunday
  • Where to park? Click here!
  • Need to Rent A Bike? Click here!
  • Events/Activities
  • 4 Bike Shows
  • ALL NEW – Hooligan Dirt Dash – Flat Track Racing at Core Arena/Plaza Hotel
  • Headline Entertainment – Thursday through Saturday
  • ALL NEW – Kickstand Cantina with Artistry in Iron Invited Builder Bike Display
  • $5,000 in Shopping Spree Giveaways*
  • Bikini and Miss Vegas BikeFest Contests
  • Custom Harley-Davidson Giveaway*
  • Lady Luck Fun Run**
  • Saturday Poker Run**
  • FREE Drinks Nightly*
  • Food trucks!

Registration Parking located in free bike parking area on 3rd St.

Media Hyped Climate Paper Withdrawn By the Journal Nature: Study claiming humans caused rapid warming in the oceans has been withdrawn after ‘major errors found’

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Retraction exposes lack of statistical expertise in climate science

A major scientific paper, which claimed to have found rapid warming in the oceans as a result of manmade global warming, has been withdrawn  after an amateur climate scientist found major errors in its statistical methodology.

The paper, from a team led by Laure Resplandy of Princeton University, had received widespread uncritical publicity in the mainstream media when it was published because of its apparently alarming implications for the planet. However, within days of its publication in October 2018, independent scientist Nic Lewis found several serious flaws.

Yesterday, after nearly a year’s delay, the paper was officially withdrawn.

Nic Lewis said

This is just the latest example of climate scientists letting themselves down by using incorrect statistics. The climate field needs to get professional statisticians involved up front if it is going to avoid this kind of embarrassment in future”.

Dr Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Forum, said

Climatology is littered with examples of bad statistics, going back to the infamous Hockey Stick graph and beyond. Peer review is failing and it is falling to amateurs to find the errors. Scientists in the field should be embarrassed”.

Honda to showcase Super Cub-based CT125 at Tokyo Motor Show

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The concept motorcycle is based on the Super Cub series, which has been very popular among customers all around the world, informs the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

Honda will display the Super Cub-based CT125 at the Tokyo Motor Show, informs the company in a release.

The concept motorcycle is based on the Super Cub series, which has been very popular among customers all around the world, informs the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

Apart from that, there will be a business-use electric scooter Benly e, an electric three-wheeler scooter Gyro e on display as well. Also, the CRF1100L Africa Twin Dual Clutch Transmission, CRF1100L AfricaTwin Adventure Sports ES Dual Clutch Transmission ADV150 too will be showcased at the event.

Among the cars, the company will showcase the all-new Accord, the new Fit that is known as Jazz in India along with the Honda e electric vehicle as well. Honda is expected to showcase some exciting technologies related to future mobility solutions.