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Midnight Rider: 18 Wheels of Stealthy Steel EPISODE 14

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"We have to see, but be unseen, speak, but not be heard.  I can’t talk to the police, the FBI or CIA; I can’t even go to the NSA about what we’ve just told the world.  And why isn’t the news about Dick Cheney and human organ trafficking all over every TV and radio station?  Several corporations collectively control all U.S. media and absolutely dominate news and entertainment in the United States.  The corporate relationships between private industry and the industrial military complex are incestuous. Almost everything you disseminated is being discredited, diluted or destroyed as we speak.  We knew this would happen, but had no clue to what extent.  We also watched everything go down with the Marines in Palm Springs via government satellites. The Gold Lance attack in Oregon?  That, we didn’t see coming.  We know where Gold Lance is headquartered and know what their intentions are. But right now, we don’t know what to do about it.  Our only defense at this moment is that Gold Lance doesn’t know where we are.  Otherwise, we would be immediately terminated.” READ FULL STORY


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The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a mighty big and tough dinosaur; in fact the largest meat-eating animal that ever walked the Earth. Just an average Tyrannosaurus was about 39 feet (11.9m) long, up to 20 feet (6.1m) tall, and weighed around 7 US tons (6350kg).  There were bigger dinosaurs out there, but none tougher. And just as there are a few bigger trikes out there, among those built for street use there would be very few tougher than the one on these pages. READ FULL STORY

A Cool Light Grille From Headwinds

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Headwinds' new 7” Black-Cut Mercury Grill replaces the stock beauty ring on all FLST headlights. It is black anodized with a polished shine-line on the vertical bars. The 2-3/4” long convex grill has considerable depth and blends with the headlight profile giving your bike a stunning look! Easy-to-install. Fully machined from billet aluminum. Made in the USA by Headwinds. 626-359-8044 or see