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Sayonara Speed Tribes Movie Available Now

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Since the late 1970s, Bosozoku biker gangs have cruised Japan's streets and battled rival gangs on thunderous, customized bikes. Infamous for their kamikaze-style flight suits, their use of nationalist imagery and their customized motorcycles, these young bikers form a distinctive sub-culture in one of the most conformist societies in the world, earning them a place as public enemy number one. 

"Sayonara Speed Tribes" is the story of Hazuki, the legendary leader of the infamous Specter gang that ruled much of Tokyo in the 1990s. Now retired, with few options outside the criminal underworld, he clings to the Bosozoku tradition and mentors a fresh crop of less-than-enthusiastic gangsters. Hazuki's journey, set against the backdrop of the Bosozoku's final days, offers viewers a unique insight into a colorful but little-known and fading sub-culture of Japan. The documentary explores Bosozoku tradition and history by combing striking footage of bike runs with interviews of police, academics and the Bosozoku themselves. 

Hazuki's story is a haunting reminder that, for some us, the best days are quite possibly in the past. 

Hit the poster below to order your copy today.

Laconia Motorcycle Week is 90 Years Strong

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America's Original Riding Rally takes place June 8th – 16th, 2013

Progressive's Laconia Motorcycle Week ®, "America's Original Riding Rally," celebrates 90 years of unmatched riding and a classic rally experience. Expect this year to be the biggest party yet, filled with good grub, great gear, and fun rides. Be sure to plan your schedule to take in all of New Hampshire's famous hospitality!

Rally Headquarters has a new location this year and can be found on the boardwalk of Lakeside Avenue, right next to the pier. Ride by and pick up information on New Hampshire's scenic destinations, guided tours, and pick up your copy of the Laconia Rally News.

Kick-Off your Laconia Motorcycle Week ® experience on Saturday with the 7th Annual Naswa's Peter Makris Memorial Run. When you return you'll be ready to head over to Weirs Beach to find hundreds of vendors, top-notch entertainment, build-offs, bike shows and biker contests.

Thrill-seekers can enjoy all of the speed and action of motorcycle racing at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway with the USCRA Vintage Races during the first weekend of the rally and then closing out the week with the 90th Loudon Classic Superbike Races.  The AMA Pro Hill Climb promises steep and speedy racing is back in Canaan, NH for 2013's rally.

In Laconia…We Ride!   So be sure to, sign up for one of the many scheduled tours such as: the daily Gypsy Tours, riding in the Rally in the Valley tours, the POW-MIA Freedom Ride, or the famous Mt. Washington Ride to the Sky! When you're done racing and riding, you'll have plenty of entertainment to keep you busy.

To wrap up your rally experience, be sure to keep an eye out for more information on a record-breaking parade to be held during the final rally weekend. After you purchase your Official souvenirs from Rally Headquarters or at any Hot Leathers tent location, stop by the Wrap & Roll party at Laconia Harley-Davidson and end your trip in style. "We are proud to celebrate 90 Years Strong during this year's rally and what better way to do so than with all of our motorcycle friends from across the country and beyond!" said Rally Director, Jennifer Anderson.  Get your tickets now for Monday June 10th and join Charlie and Jenn from the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association on the M/S Mount Washington Official Motorcycle Week cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee and help them celebrate this milestone!

Laconia Motorcycle Week® Details

Rally begins on Saturday June 8th and ends Sunday June 16th.  Laconia Motorcycle Week® is open to all riders and enthusiasts and there is no registration or fee is required.  Specific events and show fees may vary.

New and returning riders can find a schedule of events, lodging information and anything they ever needed to know about Laconia ® Motorcycle Week by visiting or calling 603-366-2000.

Kate Moss Models Matchless Motorcycles' Debut Clothing Line

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BRITAIN's oldest motorcycle brand, Matchless, will launch its debut clothing collection this year, and has enlisted Kate Moss to star in its first fashion advertising campaign. The British brand will unveil outerwear ranges for both men and women in June, under the helm of former Belstaff owners – brothers Michele and Manuele Malenotti.

Moss was photographed by Terry Richardson for the imagery, which sees her draped across Marlon Brando's motorbike from The Wild One, in a series of leather pieces alongside male model Andre Van Noord. The campaign was shot at MC Motors in Hackney.

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Industry Pulse: Samson Exhaust Welcomes New Plant Manager

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Longtime Bikernet sponsor Samson Exhaust has recently hired Brian White as it's new plant manager for the company's Manufacturing Plant in Brea California.  

Brian will oversee the day to day operations and work closely with the staff to improve and create more efficient lines of production. Samson Exhaust is excited to welcome Brian White to its organization.

"I am very happy to welcome Brian to our team. Brian brings a lot of skill and diverse experience which will help enhance both our product line and operations." Says Kenny Price, Founder and CEO of Samson Exhaust.

Brian White explains: "I am excited about this challenge and working in a new environment.  I have already experienced a very high level of sophistication and expertise at Samson Exhaust in my short tenure here.  I am looking forward to being a positive role model to the team here at Samson Exhaust and plan to bring in plenty of improvements to our productivity within the motorcycle industry as a whole."

Make sure to check out Samson's very comprehensive line of exhaust components for Harleys and custom but clicking on the banner below. 


New Arai Helmet With New Elongated Shell And Interior Shape Designed To “Cure The Common Hot Spot Pain”

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Arai’s Signet-Q model is called “The American Helmet” because it was specifically designed for American heads and the American market. It’s the result of the latest rider research done by Arai in measuring hundreds of American heads. The research showed that a plurality of us have longer, narrower head shapes.

Are you a Signet head? One way to tell is if you get those sometimes painful red forehead marks—or “hot spots”—from helmets with rounder interior shapes. The Signet-Q’s interior fit, by contrast, is more elongated front to back, giving more room in the forehead area; the fit is also more narrow side to side.

Visually, the Arai Signet-Q is almost identical to its stable mate, the RX-Q, except for their interior shapes, the RX-Q having a somewhat rounder Intermediate Oval shape. Creating a model whose major feature is its interior shape comes from Arai’s long-held credo that head shape is as important as head size in getting the “perfect” fit. Arai says this is why it’s the only helmet company that “goes to the added effort and expense of creating models with different interior shapes.” 

However, Arai advises that, regardless of what head shape you “think” you have, they encourage everyone to take the opportunity to test fit both the RX-Q and Signet-Q models side-by-side to make sure you get the best fit possible – because only you can decide which fits you best.

The Signet-Q’s other features are highlighted by Arai’s patent-pending FCS® (Facial Contour Support) cheekpad design that Arai says delivers “an unbelievable level of support and comfort.” The design utilizes an innovative and exclusive spring support in the cheekpads that not only creates a soft, easy pressure around the ears to enhance noise reduction and to support and cradle the head from below, but easily gets out the way when taking the helmet off. FCS® cheek pads have Arai’s exclusive 5mm peel-away custom fit layer to micro-tune the fit, as well as Arai’s now-copied Emergency Cheekpad Release System. The Signet-Q’s crown area also sports 5mm Peel-Away Temple/Side Pads to provide the same micro-tune benefit as the cheek pads. The liner and neck roll are fully removable and washable. On the exterior, the upper and side exhaust vent cowlings are more aerodynamic, sculpted to enhance stability while increasing exhaust efficiency, the side vent cowls tailored to the needs, and the speeds, of the street. A clear Pinlock® Max-Vision® anti-fog face shield is also included. (Both FCS® and the Pinlock® shield can be retrofit on the RX-Q model.)

The Arai Signet-Q is available in sizes XS to XXL, with 24 different colors and graphics to choose from. MSRP ranges from $619.95 to $759.95.

For more information and details, visit your authorized Arai retailer or log onto, where you’ll also find a complete dealer list. 

How Would You Like To Retire At 90 From Fixing Motorcycles?

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A day is fast approaching that a Suncoast man has been avoiding for a long time. At the end of this month, 90-year-old motorcycle technician Kenny Clark will retire.

Most people retire at 65. For Kenny Clark, that was 25 years ago. And he has been working at one job all these years. When he started at Hap's Cycle Sales, Harry Truman was president, and gas cost 17 cents a gallon.

For 64 years, Clark has roared into Hap's Cycle Sales every day to work on motorcycles. "I still like what I'm doing, I enjoy working here with all the guys here….they’re great people to work with."

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