Veterans In Texas and Florida Need Your Help

By September 13, 2017General Posts

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is unlike any I’ve seen before. Flooding… stranded families… lost homes…

And among the affected are our nation’s heroes — men and women who fought for our country that is now in a state of emergency.

Veterans in Texas — and now Florida — desperately need your help. Our disaster relief fund is now depleted, and we need to be able to continue to help in Texas, help victims of Hurricane Irma, and be prepared for any other natural disasters that may occur this year. Please send an urgently needed donation today.

As the storm waters subside, more of the devastation is being revealed. But thanks to supporters like you, we’re there to help. And today your generosity will have 2X the impact, thanks to a generous donor who will match all donations up to $300,000.

Our disaster response team is working across Texas to locate and offer support to veterans and their families. We are handing out relief supply kits complete with blankets and other basic necessities that are normally easily accessible. Additionally, we’re providing financial assistance so veterans and their families can obtain food, warm clothes and shelter to get through this extremely difficult time.

These disaster-stricken veterans are counting on DAV to help. And your gift of $35 to the Disaster Relief Fund will be worth $70 thanks to a generous friend, Living Beach (a company in Myrtle Beach, SC), if you give right now.

When tragedies like this strike, veterans in need turn to DAV because they know that’s just who we are and what we do. Keith, I know your heart goes out to everyone affected by these storms. Today, I’m hoping patriots like you will give a gift from the heart so we can offer even more support to those heroes affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Please do consider a match-eligible, tax-deductible gift right now. These families desperately need it…


J Marc Burgess

J. Marc Burgess
DAV National Adjutant/CEO