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MRF Call to Action – We Need a Vote on the RPM Act

By September 13, 2017General Posts

MRF Friends and Supporters-

Today I sat in a congressional hearing that considered the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (or ‘RPM’ Act).

As you all know, the RPM Act is critical legislation that became necessary after the EPA attempted to sneak in language that would make it illegal for you to make modifications to your motorcycle even if it is for the purposes of racing. Though the Agency withdrew the language, even today they still maintain they have the authority to enforce this.

We MUST get this legislation passed which would ensure our right to modify our motorcycles as we see fit and ensure the EPA can’t fine us for doing what WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE.

This legislation is broadly supported by both Republicans AND Democrats. The only thing it needs now is a chance at a vote.

PLEASE CLICK/SHARE/SEND/POST the following link that will take you to a pre-drafted letter to your elected officials asking them to consider the RPM Act for a vote.

Let’s not just be SAY-ERS, let’s be DO-ERS!


Megan J. Ekstrom

Vice-President, Government Affairs & Public Relations

Motorcycle Riders Foundation

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