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The Tork T6X first production Electric Motorcycle in India

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Inspired by Silicon Valley Start-up culture an Indian Electronic Motorcycle is attempting to do what top Motorcycle Companies did not do. The Tork T6X is the first production electric motorcycle to be launched in the Indian market. Featuring several first in class features, the T6X is pegged as an eco-friendly alternative to petrol-powered commuter motorcycles. Read more.

Competition Build – FXR Division

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Justin and Christopher from FXR Division transformed a 2018 Fat Bob into this torqued up, 70’s GP-inspired Freedom Machine. We wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to take it completely apart and put it back together again, finishing up still in time for the #HD115 Anniversary in Milwaukee.


The Resurrection of the 1966 Red Dragon

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While the mythical dragon may have been rooted in early discoveries of fossil dinosaur bones, today the image of the dragon is a popular subject in many cultures where it appears in many forms and colors, but symbolically sharing common attributes. In the pantheon of animal imagery originating in the East, the dragon is seen as the master of all primal elements, capable of breathing both fire and ice as well as foreseeing future events and often symbolic of powerful rulers. All the above could also be ascribed to a particular motorcycle, the Honda “Red Dragon” itself rare as dragon teeth. Myth or reality?
The story of the “Red Dragon” begins sometime back in the early 1960s when Honda’s star was rising not only over Japan but casting its corporate light world-wide, its milestone motorcycles setting new standards for quality and dependability as well as marketing savvy. Read more.

Cantina Episode number 80: Old Outlaw

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He rode an old Panhead classic with an extended glide, a peanut tank and a King and Queen seat. The tall sissybar held all the rider’s belongings. As he pulled up and stopped, Marko watched every move. The Cantina bustled on Friday. Cinco de Mayo would rock Saturday and parties rolled all over the city and especially in the Hispanic neighborhoods. Los Angeles grew to almost 50 percent Hispanic, and Wilmington, just south of San Pedro grew to 90 percent Latino. It would glisten on Saturday night for the party. Read more in the Bikernet Cantina.


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It’s a good one, this week under the stars and blistering heat. There’s progress on lots of fronts. I’m making headway on my metal art donation for the Flying Piston Breakfast Charity effort. You’ll see it next week.

We are making a move on our Salt Torpedo Bonneville Effort with JIMS and Paughco.

Sturgis Plans are finally coming together. My efforts for the community and the Port of Los Angeles are soon to be wrapped up.

The Panhead repairs are taking a twist. I’m going to succumb and take my Linkert to Larry Settle for another look. I’ll ride this puppy yet.

I’m finishing another Cantina Episode and may post it tomorrow. Regarding the California Air Resources Board and the future of custom motorcycles, I’ve attacked and they no longer speak to me. I told them they should honor freedom and go plant trees to be productive. I don’t think they get it…

I’m waiting for a report back from Tony Sanfelipo on our next call to action report. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime shit is happening everywhere. It’s hot and heavy and folks don’t want negative waves disturbing their Wa.

Wa is a Chinese word for your comfort zone. It’s that area in your shop where you don’t allow anyone to say, “No,” or “I can’t.”

The next word I learned in a book from the ‘70s called “Zen and Martial Arts,” was Ri. Ri means you looked past an obstacle to see your positive conclusion. The obstacle in your face is no longer there and your positive conclusion has unfolded.

Read more.

Legend Suspensions Offers Demo Rides In Sturgis

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Legend Suspensions would like to invite everyone to the 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Legend Suspensions will be offering free demo rides of their suspensions at their manufacturing facility, located at 3461 Whitewood Service Road, Sturgis, SD 57785. Legend Performance Tour partners, Bassani Xhaust and Feuling Parts, will be on location as well, and have their products available to test ride on the demo bikes.

Legend Suspensions will be open to the public for product sales, service, and installations. Legend takes appointments via phone or email and walk-ins when availability allows. Legend Suspensions will be open for Sturgis Rally from July 30th through August 10th.
For more information, to schedule an appointment, or for further details contact Legend Suspensions:

Legend Suspensions is highly committed to manufacturing only the highest quality, best performing suspensions available on the market. Legend Suspensions have a LIFETIME warranty and are proudly made here in Sturgis, SD USA.

Bagger Feature — A Quick One For The Road

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I have known Robert Chester for a long time, and during that time he has always owned a fast motorcycle.

When he told me he had bought a 2007 Street Glide in November of 2006 the first thing I asked him was he going to be satisfied with a 96-inch bagger, after his previous bike that had 133 HP at the rear wheel. Read more.