Ural Factory Reopening

Our Team at Redmond HQ and our partners around the world have been super busy, remain healthy and continue to take the necessary precautions to operate safely. We hope you and your close ones are weathering these times as well as possible and finding those silver linings along the way. ūüôā

Here’s the latest news:

The factory in Irbit is reopening this month and will resume production with initial shipments to Europe and Japan.
Ramping up will take time and  the first shipments heading to US will be arriving sometime mid to late July. US and Canadian dealers currently have good inventory levels but by mid June we expect some pre-order situations. The sooner you let your dealer know what you are looking for, the more precise we can plan production and get your bike delivered quickly. Please plan ahead. Dealers have never been set up better for remote orders and safe deliveries!

May retail registrations in the¬†US have been very¬†strong, almost the¬†same level¬†as last year. This is¬†great news!¬†It’s great¬†that folks are feeling optimistic and plan on riding.¬†As¬†a result¬†our New Jersey¬†warehouse bike inventory is quickly thinning.¬† We have¬† approximately 15-20 day supply to support back-to-normal¬†sales levels should the upward ¬†trend continue.¬†Our focus now is to¬†figure out how to replenish inventory as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for further updates!

Our Parts Department has been super busy and working fast to make sure we keep you on the road and/or occupied in your garage. The new Parts Drop Shipments service  and waived drop shipping fees have been extremely popular.

And, last but not the least….¬†90 Days Warranty Extension*¬†

All Ural motorcycles currently under warranty will automatically have three months (90 days) factory warranty extension. All new motorcycle sales registered during the period between March 25 and June 30, 2020 will also have automatic 90-day warranty extension on top of standard 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Stay Healthy and Safe!

The Team at Ural

* For US, Canada and Australia markets.

Current Offers at https://www.imz-ural.com/offers

May Specials:
$500 Off On 2019 Models
$500 Trade In Rebate

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