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As some of you know, I once lived a normal life of the consistent toil and work needed to maintain many possessions. In time I established a way of life, on the road, almost completely devoid of these pressures. I believe that, aside from the elimination of ANY unnecessary possessions, this ideal is achieved by keeping things extremely simple. For the very definition of the word simple is EASIER, while the definition of complicated is undeniably HARDER.

So, did I want an easy life or a hard one? The choice became simple, and this ideal is probably what has kept me so loyal to Harley’s Evo engine for so long. For not only does the Evo offer the durability and longevity, it is also (aside for some of the very early stuff) the simplest design Harley ever built. Less moving parts and far easier to rebuild than a Knuckle or Panhead, and even easier is some ways to work on that a Shovelhead—which is what it was based on.

But lets move on to what I really want to say here…

I’m gonna get into the cam design for the Evo as well as the Twin Cam and show, in simple layman’s terms, what the actual benefits of the new design was. As you will see, although there are changes to the Twin Cam making it a far better performer, the Twin Cam design itself is not one of them. So why then did they build it? Well, I’m gonna show you…

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