Trick LED Signals From Perewitz

Perewitz has just released a slick sequential directional flasher package for baggers and other machines fit with a fairing.

The Sequential Lighting Kit consists of 3 individual LED lights that are quick and easy DIY project. All you have to do is identify the location and proper spacing for each light. Drill a 3/16” hole for each and silicone them in place from the back side.

There are 3 LED lights wired together as one unit with one lead and a sequential module built in. To simplify installation on all models, Perewitz recommends using their optional Badland’s flasher unit. 

Perewitz Sequential Lights are available in red or amber and are sold in pairs, one set for each side, for $280.00. For complete details call direct to 508-697-3595. Before you pick up the phone catch the install on face book or at http://youtube/NUVsNMVPYCI

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