Std Introduces New Inner Primary

Rumors have been floating around that STD Development (division of Spyke, Inc.), was working on a new inner primary case and here it is.

The hi-tech primary was developed to be a direct bolt-on to 1965-1969 Big Twin engines that are equipped with generator and electric starter. The new STD primary case is made from a premium quality 355 aircraft aluminum casting and then precision machined to guaranty a perfect fit. STD’s inner primary case is available in a natural aluminum cast finish and replaces P/N60617-65A. All STD products are made in the USA. Suggested retail on the new primary, P/N 19040001 is $479.95. For complete details contact Spyke at 562-803-1700, e-mail to or catch STD online at WWW.STDDEVELOPMENT.COM

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