100 WFC: Cop Out

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC Cop Out by Wayfarer with illustration by Wayfarer Man without a plan, rabblerouser without a pause, I set out to ride one last time before winter sets in. Clear skies lighted up, straight, almost empty highway. Next beer at State line I thought. A siren blasted behind me as my Fatboy touched 120 mph. “Papers,” officer says. As he searched me for drugs, I noticed his car had bad blinkers. I stared at them and he caught my line of sight. He grunted as if to dare me to mention it. “Will that be all officer?” I asked. He retorted, “Limit yourself. Doesn’t have to be Vegas or bust!” and closed his book. I got the drift and got away. * * * WINNER for the month of November 2023: TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON Know past winners and read all entries ever published by visiting: All you gotta do is subscribe to Bikernet’s free weekly newsletter and send in your entry to

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Winter Riding Destinations from Cycle Trader

For many of us around the country, the colder months have hit… and they’ve hit hard. Looking for a warm-weather escape so you take that bike out of storage? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite warm-weather rides perfect for cruising this time of year. You can send us a postcard to thank us later. You can send any season riding story to Bikernet. Pack your bags and beat the winter blues by checking out one or more of these winter riding destinations. Click Here to Read this Guide on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today.

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Should Motorcycles Be Illegal On The Road In Winter?

by Sabrina Giacomini from Why do countries have laws about this anyway? Did you know that there are places in the world with laws that keep motorcycles off the roads in the winter? One we’ve covered in the past (and that you’ve likely heard of) is the Canadian province of Quebec. The law isn’t specific to motorcycles but states that all road vehicles must be fitted with proper, homologated, winter-rated tires between December 1 and March 15. This isn’t exactly forbidding motorcyclists from taking their bikes out, of course. The most devoted riders out there who don’t mind pocketing the additional expense are allowed to ride in the winter months should their bike wear proper rubbers. That could be about to change, however, as the province has apparently been considering making the use of a motorcycle altogether illegal during winter. Similarly, in Italy, the law states that vehicles must have proper winter tires or carry snow chains between November 15 and April 15, according to Motociclismo. The good news is that there is such a thing as snow chains for motorcycles, you just have to be ready to carry the extra weight. Where things get a little icy, however, is when the roads are covered with snow and/or ice, in which case motorcycles and scooters are forbidden to circulate. Of course, these decisions are made locally in the name of safety and there’s nothing wrong with making sure people have the right tools to face the winter season but why do car rules apply to motorcycles? I can’t help and wonder: should we be riding in the winter (where allowed) at all. Before anyone gets offended and takes out their freedom flag, the simple answer to that question in my opinion is yes. If only because most of us

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10 Steps to Winterize Your Motorcycle

Protect Your Precious Ride When You Can’t Ride from Twisted Road I learned what needed to be done, and I’ve perfected this art of moto-hibernation annually over the past five years. So, I now bring you the 10 steps to winterize a motorcycle. Click Here to read this detailed Winter Guide on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today.

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Prepping Your Bike for Riding Season

Check out these useful tips and tricks. If you live in a warmer climate all year round, consider us jealous. Spring is right around the corner for the rest of us and you know what that means – riding season is officially upon us. We are PUMPED to brush the dust off of our bikes and say goodbye to winter. READ the Garage Prep and Tech Article by Clicking here. Join the Cantina for as little as $24 yearly or $39 for two years. Also receive a special package containing an assortment of Bikernet goodies and bling.

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Winter Storage Tips for TRIKES

Winter Storage Tips for your Third Partner Man, Woman and Wheel. A Threesome Report on Winter Romances. Ujjwal Dey It is Christmas and hope all of you are charged up for adventures and fun in the New Year. Snow fall has started at many areas and people are getting ready for Winter even though Game Of Thrones fanatics will tell you Winter is Coming with new episodes only in 2019. Winter is here and some of us still ride while others prefer to saddle up on the couch with loved ones in tow. However, if you are spending your family time in these festivities, don’t ignore your Third Partner, the third entity in your loving relationship with your old lady, the one you take on the road – your Trike, Sidecar Motorcycle or Autocycle. Winter is tough time for motorcyclists as we are exposed to harsh elements. On the plus side, a Three-Wheeler has better footing on snowy landscapes and slush filled roads. Those on the East Coast know winter is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you lock away your Prize for three months or more. Either move (preferably on your Three-Wheeler) or deal with it by our wonderful Storage Tips. READ OUR DETAILED ARTICLE HERE

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