BDL High Preformance Diaphram Diaphragm Clutch Spring and bearing kits

High Horsepower Diaphragm Spring and Bearing kits Increasing power and torque is horsepower with is common place, but that extra hp and torque can throw your clutch into a tailspin. In response to a growing demand to control the added ponies Belt drives Ltd. has packaged their Heavy-Duty diaphragm spring with the companies tried and proven carbide ball bearings. Simply put this high horsepower kit will transfer more force to your BDL Performance clutch pack. The stiffer spring and harder and heavier ball bearings produce more pressure “force” onto your clutch plate sets at a quicker more consistent rate which is a must for built engines. More torque and power equals more pressure that is needed to the clutch pack to prevent slippage, overheating and associated damage. There are 4 new kits to choose from as well as (2) different sizes of bearings and (2) different quantities to select from. If your current ball bearing pressure plate has 32 ball bearing pockets it takes the 3/8” diameter bearings, If the pressure plate has 42 pockets it will use the 5/16” diameter bearings. Retail price is $135.00 for the (7) or (8) bearing kits and $246.50. for the (14) or (16) bearing kits. HHP-1   HIGH HORSE POWER KIT, 6 BOLT DES HD, DIAPHRAGM SPRING W/ 16, 3/8″ BEARINGS HHP-2    HIGH HORSE POWER KIT, 6 BOLT DES HD, DIAPHRAGM SPRING W/ 14, 5/16″ BEARINGS HHP-3    HIGH HORSE POWER KIT, 6 BOLT DES HD, DIAPHRAGM SPRING W/ 8, 3/8″ BEARINGS HHP-4    HIGH HORSE POWER KIT, 6 BOLT DES-HD, DIAPHRAGM SPRING W/ 7, 5/16″ BEARINGS For complete details visit the online store at www.beltdrives.com ww or call direct to 714-693-1313

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See What’s Going On At JIMS!

Here at JIMS, we’ve always got new parts and tools in the works. We are always doing our best to provide you with the highest quality and newest products! Live Fast Rally 2! Make sure you ride down to The Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez, CA this Sunday on September 1st and check out the 2nd Annual Live Fast Rally! We’ll be there showing off our new stuff and having a good time! Don’t miss it! Introducing The New JIMS® “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor for Milwaukee-Eight® At JIMS®, we are consistently working on something new, and today we are excited to show you our brand new “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor for Milwaukee-Eight® models. With the help of compressed air and a 10mm cylinder leak down tool, you can easily remove and install the valve springs without removing the heads. Whether you’re changing out the springs with stiffer ones for a performance cam, or changing valve seals, this tool is a “must have” for any Harley technician. The 2019 North American Drag NVP Was a Success! JIMS flew out to Madison Wisconsin this past weekend to attend the 2019 Drag Specialties NVP Product Expo. This show was a blast and it was huge! This was the first North American NVP with Parts Canada and their dealers in attendance. We represented our product line and were happy to introduce some of our brand new tools such as the “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor shown above. We had the honor to shake hands and have great conversations with many dealers from all over the U.S. and Canada.

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New Cutting Edge Helmets With Unique Harley-Davidson Style

The Spring riding season is a good time to take a look at riding gear to see if upgrades are needed and helmets are the best place to start. This Spring, Harley-Davidson has partnered with industry-leading helmet manufacturers to create a lineup of new cutting-edge helmets that utilize the latest in technology and look as good as they function. Staying connected while on the road just got easier thanks to the new Boom!™ Audio N02 Full-Face Helmet (P/N 98365-19VX, $550.00*).  This advanced matte black helmet allows for innovative communication and sound experience with zero setup required. The built-in Sena 20S Bluetooth® communication system links up to eight riders on the intercom and has integrated speakers and a microphone to pair Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices for navigation, favorite play lists and hands-free calls. Providing side coverage that will protect the head and face without compromising airflow or field view, the new Maywood Interchangeable Sun Shield H27 3/4 Helmet (P/N 98361-19VX, $160.00*) offers a versatile 3-in-1 design to give riders options. Riders can choose from three different looks thanks to the removable peak visor, side plates and face shield that allow for an adjustable experience. This versatile helmet features a retractable sun shield that deploys quickly and easily along with a face shield that offers 95% UV protection and anti-scratch coating. The new Capstone Sun Shield H24 Modular Helmet (P/N 98357-19VX, $250.00*) gives riders full-face coverage but with the added benefit of a flip-up chin bar for easier communication. With an easily deployable retractable sun shield, this helmet features an advanced ventilation system for full front-to-back airflow to help flush out heat and humidity. The face shield offers 95% UV protection, an anti-scratch coating and uses the QuickSlide™ shield replacement system for quick, secure, tool-free removal and installation. This helmet is also compatible

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Prepping Your Bike for Riding Season

Check out these useful tips and tricks. If you live in a warmer climate all year round, consider us jealous. Spring is right around the corner for the rest of us and you know what that means – riding season is officially upon us. We are PUMPED to brush the dust off of our bikes and say goodbye to winter. READ the Garage Prep and Tech Article by Clicking here. Join the Bikernet.com Cantina for as little as $24 yearly or $39 for two years. Also receive a special package containing an assortment of Bikernet goodies and bling.

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Winter Storage Tips for TRIKES

Winter Storage Tips for your Third Partner Man, Woman and Wheel. A Threesome Report on Winter Romances. Ujjwal Dey It is Christmas and hope all of you are charged up for adventures and fun in the New Year. Snow fall has started at many areas and people are getting ready for Winter even though Game Of Thrones fanatics will tell you Winter is Coming with new episodes only in 2019. Winter is here and some of us still ride while others prefer to saddle up on the couch with loved ones in tow. However, if you are spending your family time in these festivities, don’t ignore your Third Partner, the third entity in your loving relationship with your old lady, the one you take on the road – your Trike, Sidecar Motorcycle or Autocycle. Winter is tough time for motorcyclists as we are exposed to harsh elements. On the plus side, a Three-Wheeler has better footing on snowy landscapes and slush filled roads. Those on the East Coast know winter is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you lock away your Prize for three months or more. Either move (preferably on your Three-Wheeler) or deal with it by our wonderful Storage Tips. READ OUR DETAILED ARTICLE HERE

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