Save a Live Course: essential life-saving training

Learn How it’s Done to Save Lives, including Yours… by Rogue BIKER LIVES MATTER held their first Accident Scene Management Course: The Bystander Assistant Program, “A Crash Course For The Motorcyclist,” at the American Legion Post 81 in Melbourne, Florida. If you are interested in having one in your area, contact and leave your contact information and a message. CLICK Here to read about how you too can Save Accident Victims at the scene of accident itself. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Get all the motorcycling news and updates – click to subscribe to Bikernet Blog Weekly Newsletter — it’s Free And Free of Spam and Advertisements !!!

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SciFi Satire: Gavin Newsom and the Doomed Planet

News Media Love for ‘the man’ Gavin Newsom A political satire for ‘our times’ Are you tired of repeated news while walking left or right of the sidewalk ? Well, here is a dust of humor for your worn shoes and mind: a political satire on celebrated, ‘always-in-the-news’ man of today. A Hero in our Adventure expanding your ‘mind’s space’ Click Here to Read the latest from J. J. Solari

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5-Ball Racing Gear Leathers Season Discount

Need Help: Call 310 830-0630 or drop a line to HOLIDAY SPECIALS! Most Prices Reduced! Featured here – Women’s Racy Leather Hoodie Jacket This is an amazing collaboration with Deb and Bartels’ H-D. It’s a tailored strong leather jacket made with soft hide and a black sweatshirt hoodie that zips to the liner or to itself. Or you can take the hoodie out. The Racy Jacket has multiple pockets including two easy-to-reach gun pockets, perfect for cameras or cell phones. They even come with detachable gun Velcro holsters. They also come with the 5-Ball exclusive media pocket in the back where you can stash your favorite magazine. If you need help with sizing or have any questions drop a line to CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE 5-Ball Racing SHOP

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Motorized Drift Trike : Let’s build one Editor discovers joys of tomfoolery and nurtures his inner child Drift trikes aren’t new. They were known as Big Wheels or Green Machines in the 1970s. These featured mechanical tricks you might recognize on modern drift cars like “stick shift” brake handles and absurd steering angles. Fuzzy wristbands, Keds, and sliding sideways on a Big Wheel made for serious street cred in 1976. Big Wheels and modern drift trikes have many decades to evolve and in between, Harbor Freight began selling the Predator 212cc 7hp engine for about $100. When technologies converge, the cosmos endures a cultural melting pot of dreams, functions and thrills resulting in a triumph of the TinkerHead. Get ready for a $500 motorized drift trike you can build in the garage. Your own personal hotrod ready to rumble. READ THE TECH FEATURE HERE

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