Ride Wright Custom Laced Wheels

  Ride Wright offers simple, solid American-made custom spoke or wire motorcycle wheels and billet mag wheels.    Ride Wright Wheels is proud to announce the new arrival of the 21"/18"/16" spoke wheels with standard 40/60/80 cross laced with our new aluminum soft lip rim. Rims are available in chrome, engraved and/or colored to your choice.  With Ride Wright, there is Life after 40…    Truly the most superior spoke wheel. Aggressively invested and tested: The Fat 50 Wheel with MHE’s and Soft Lip Rims design has undergone extreme testing that has proven the product to exceed the highest standards of durability and performance in Japan, Germany and it’s home…the USA.  The Fat Fifty Spoke Wheels are available in 16×3.5, 18×3.5, 18×5.5, 21×3.5, 23×3.75, 23×5.5 and 26×3.75. Check them out here. 

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