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Performance Machine

Doc Robinson's Postcard From Sturgis

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It seems the AMD bike show is not being missed here in Sturgis at the Rally, with more bike shows being held than you can poke the proverbial stick at. Today’s efforts included the Road Iron/Eddie Trotta/Dirty Bird Concerts Bagger Show.Yep, baggers, baggers, baggers – where once the rally teemed with choppers, now it is Bagger City. The venerable Rat’s Hole show was held, the Hamsters Custom Bike Show Mayor’s choice Award, the Cycle Source Night time Chopper Show – the list goes on.

The big news, however, are the awesome new Indians which are generating huge interest. 

All the signs are that the attendance this year is way up with many vendors reporting excellent sales. Bert Baker was smiling broadly, but then he almost always is, the boys at Performance Machine were putting in long hours fitting their superb wheel, the Kuryakyn display looked like an ant farm with customers jammed shoulder to shoulder shopping for all sorts of goodies and Mike Corbin was sitting back and purring like a Cheshire cat.

Thursday wrapped up for many rally patrons with a performance by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Lighting the Way with PM Vision Headlights

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Some parts beg to be seen. Some help you see. In some cases, such as the new Performance Machine Vision Headlights, you have a marriage of the two; as beautiful artisan crafting meets essential function.

The results are a lamp so eye-catching, you might find yourself imitating a deer in the headlights. These headlights employ a diamond reflector lens over the latest in halogen to ensure your future shines bright, and are available in five styles and three finishes.

The styles that are bursting onto the headlight scene are the Crossbar, Merc, Grill, Apex and Clean, each one offering statement-making style with classic Performance Machine engineering.

These luxe lamps are available in chrome, Contrast Cut and Black Ops finishes, and retail for $449.95. For further illumination, contact a Performance Machine Sales Representative at (800) 479-4037 or visit us at


Bikernet Product Spotlight: Performance Machine Mirrors

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The Vision Series Mirrors — PM Vision Series Mirrors are designed to provide ample visibility side to side and behind where our own peripheral vision calls it quits. The Vision Series line offers an eyeful with five unique mirror heads and smart ambidextrous stems to suit your taste and riding style. Fully adjustable and vibration tested so you never lose sight. The Arrow, Arrow XL, Oval, Round, and Blade mirrors will mount to PM Hand Controls as well as stock and most aftermarket controls. Mirrors are sold separately and are available in chrome and Contrast Cut finishes.


Torque — PM Torque Mirrors feature a completely unique mirror head with a matching machined aluminum stem. Bolts to all PM Hand Controls, as well as stock and many other aftermarket controls. Left and right mirrors are sold separately.


FL — Performance Machine FL Mirrors are designed for optimal view while still flowing perfectly with the lines of the fairing. Includes a complete mounting system.


Performance Machine's Gold Standard: 2012 Road Glide

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Hey, check out what's been happening over at Performance Machine!

Let’s get one thing straight: there is nothing inherently wrong with boring. Seeing as boring is often synonymous with effective, we’ll admit that boring can get the job done just fine, but life is just too dang short to settle for the blah and uninspiring. By now you should know that we don’t do boring here at Performance Machine, we prefer to push the boundaries, explore new concepts and customize with an end result that is as entrancing as it is effective. Consider if you will, this 2012 Harley Davidson FLTRX:


This is a perfectly acceptable bike. This is a bike that will get you where you need to be with relative ease and in comfort. There is nothing wrong with this bike, just like there is nothing wrong with getting plain vanilla every time you go out for ice cream, aside from the fact that it is yawn-inducing. We think bikes should illicit double takes, stares, envy and admiration, which is why we took this Road Glide and turned it into this:


With our Contrast Cut Icon wheels featured prominently against a beautiful gold paint job by Matt Polosku of Color Zone Designs, this is a bike worth taking another look at. All parts and part numbers can be found here, and ordered through a Performance Machine sales representative, easily reached at (800) 479-4037.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the everyday and dream up something extraordinary.