From Lawnmower to Rocket Engines, Here’s What Else Harley-Davidson Used to Make

by Daniel Patrascu from For decades, one of the heavyweights of the motorcycle industry has been Harley-Davidson. The behemoth established itself as one of the leaders in motorcycling manufacturing, and is now planning an expansion more ambitious than ever before. Over the years though, it tried its luck in other industries as well. Established in 1903, the company fought to make a name for itself including in areas like commercial transportation and military hardware. Most of these attempts are now long-dead, but this week Harley decided its time for a brief history lesson into five of the products few still know it used to make. In its second decade, from 1913 to 1915, Harley went for the commercial delivery sector with a vehicle called Forecar. Powered by a twin-cylinder chain drive motorcycle engine, the vehicle was a three-wheeler that featured a delivery box over two front wheels. It was capable of carrying a load weighing up to 600 pounds, mostly mail and groceries. From 1929, people began mowing their lawns with Worthington machines powered by Harley engines. This collaboration went bust too soon after the Great Depression. At the beginning of the 1960s, Harley bought Tomahawk Boats because it needed access to the company’s fiberglass manufacturing capability. For a short time, it also made boats, then decided to shut this side business down. In 1969, a three-wheeled vehicle named Utilicar was introduced to act as support for manufacturing processes in factories. It was made with two powertrains, one electric and one running on gasoline, that were to be used inside and outside factory buildings, respectively. By far the most exciting product made decades ago by Harley is a small rocket engine that was deployed by the U.S. Army on target drones. These drones were used to simulate incoming intercontinental […]

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Rebirth of a Shovelhead, Part III

Prepping for the Charlotte ER Show By Stealth with photos by the magnificent Vicki The magnificent Stealth wrote this one week before the wild Easyriders Bike Show in Charlotte, NC. This show was always one of the best in the Easyriders annual series of shows. It consistently brought out the best in customs from the Easter seaboard. Mike faced stiff competition and a dire deadline to finish this restoration on time. Hang on! Read the whole story in BIKERNET CANTINA – CLICK HERE

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GEX Motor Engines for Trikes

A Popular Volkswagen Engine has become the Heart of Trikes Everywhere. Join the rear of a Volkswagen with the front of a motorcycle, cover it with a sleek body the color of rancid plums or electric blue, chrome the motor, put wide tires on the rear and VOILA, you have a trike. Ready to roar, the trike is fast, lightweight and very fuel efficient. The trike motor can be designed to push 2 or 3 times the weight of the trike itself. It has been called the perfect medium between the car and the bike. There is nothing like riding in the wind on the winged wheels of a motorcycle or trike. At GEX, trike motor sales have become a fast growing segment of the business. The most popular trike motor that we sell is the 1776. It is the perfect combination of performance and reliability. Coming in at about 95 hp with dual carbs, it is the ideal trike motor. For those looking for serious performance, then consider the 2110 cc trike motor. This is a stroked motor with the same diameter piston and cylinder as the 1776 and is about 120 hp. Either of these motors chromed out, with dual carbs and exhaust can be a beautiful addition to the rear of your trike. Let us help you design the motor of your choice to ride into the wind…… READ OUR GEX ENGINE FEATURE HERE…

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