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Charity Events Across the Country

‘TIS THE SEASON TO GIVE BACK WITH THE LAW TIGERS CHARITY EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY Arizona Trolls Teddy Bear Run Apache Junction, AZ 12/2/23 California – North MMA Toy Drive Sacramento, CA 12/3/23 California – North Oakland H-D Toy Run Oakland, CA 12/9/23 Florida Abate Gulf Coast Toy Run Pensacola, FL 12/3/23 Montana 39th Annual Road Dogs Toy Run Billings, MT 12/3/23 New Mexico Duke City Coat Drive Albuquerque, NM 12/16/23 Oklahoma Tulsa ABATE Toy Parade Tulsa, OK 12/10/23 FIND A FULL LIST OF EVENTS BY FOLLOWING YOUR LOCAL LAW TIGERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA

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Motorcycle Buying 101: The Basics

Are you looking to buy your first motorcycle? by Law Tigers at Congratulations — you’re about to begin one of the most enjoyable, rewarding hobbies. However, the bike you purchase plays a significant role in your experience as a motorcyclist. As a result, you’ll want to perform adequate research to determine the best bike for your needs. Read ahead to learn our motorcycle buying tips and the basics you should understand before purchasing your first bike. Consider Styles of Motorcycles Before you can determine which bike to buy, you’ll need to choose a style of bike. Motorcycles come in the following styles: Standard: Offers a comfortable ride, neutral ergonomics, a shorter seat, and room for variations Cruiser: Includes a lower seat and comfortable riding experience for cruising around town Touring: Offers amenities for cross-country tips, including significant storage, easy ergonomics, and sizable fairings Sport bike: Optimizes speed and agility with a high seat and lightweight build Sport touring: Blends the characteristics of a sport and touring bike Dual sport: Includes a versatile build suitable for most terrains You can always perform more research about each of these bike types to learn their specific builds and features. However, we recommend first considering how you plan to use your bike. Will you primarily take short rides around town, or are you planning cross-country road trips on your motorcycle? Once you narrow down the best type of motorcycle for your needs, you can begin searching for a bike within that style. Understand Engine Sizes Motorcycles also come with various engine sizes, so you’ll want to consider the appropriate size for your riding habits. Typically, smaller engines are more cost-effective, as their bikes come with cheaper price tags, and they are more affordable to insure. However, small-engine bikes have less power and drive

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Upcoming Motorcycle Events in 2021

from We’ve created a database of motorcycle rallies, group rides, multi-day biker events, and more for you to choose from. These are for riders of all experience, though we encourage you to read up and choose events that are suitable for you and whoever you’re traveling with. Most of all, we hope you find an awesome adventure (or 5) to go on! CLICK HERE TO SEE NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE EVENTS AND THE EVENTS NEAR YOU. Register for Free Rider Benefit Card, Immediately includes: $10,000 Hit-and-Run Reward $10,000 Bike Theft Reward Free Legal Advice for all Motorcycle Matters Free Motorcycle Repair or Replacement Assistance Free Document Holder Toll-Free 24-Hour Accident Hotline to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by simply calling 1-800-LAW TIGERS (529-8443). Have a look at

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What to Do in the Event of Motorcycle Injury and Accident

from Motorcycle riders love the speed, excitement, and endorphins of riding- it’s why we get on the bike in the first place. However, most riders realize we aren’t immune to some risk every time we go on an adventure- or a quick trip to the store, for that matter. One of the dreaded scenarios is the possibility of getting into a motorcycle accident, but we have to acknowledge that possibility and plan for how to deal with it in advance. We’re going to go over some motorcycle injury and accident statistics, what to do should you or a loved one find yourself in an accident, and how to treat the physical, emotional, and legal follow-up. Injury Concerns and Prevention While collisions and other road incidences can cause financial damage, the true concern is protecting you, your passengers, and any other people involved. As a rider, you should always follow ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time). This means you should be wearing a full face helmet, proper riding gloves, a protective vest, riding pants, and motorcycle boots. Do not substitute non-riding specific versions of these, as they are not made to stand up to road rash and other trauma stress. While this may seem like an excessive amount of caution (trust us, we understand the notion of the wind whipping in your face on the open road), proper protection can reduce risk of injury or fatality by 37 percent and 68 percent, respectively. When the most prevalent injuries in major motorcycle crashes include nerve damage, spinal cord injury, foot injuries, broken bones, and head trauma, this level of increased protection is well worth paying attention to. If you or another person involved in an accident are in need of medical attention, do not waste time calling the paramedics and

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Last Chance to Enter in the Sturgis giveaway worth $120,000

Prizes worth $120,000 up for grabs. Last Chance to Enter! The Stylin’ In Sturgis Contest Giveaway ends on July 15th. 3 CHANCES TO WIN – $120,000 WORTH OF PRIZES UP FOR GRABS. This is your last chance to win! Prizes include a BRAND NEW PAUL YAFFE CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE, gear from the hottest vendors at the rally, and trips to the 81st Annual Sturgis Rally! Submit your Entry Before it’s Too Late! Click Here to Enter for Free! Grand Prize PAUL YAFFE CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE – WORTH $85,000 Customized by the legendary Paul Yaffe With Exclusive Products from Hofmann Designs and Trask Performance Custom Paint Job by Rolling Art Custom Paint Full ODC suspension system A trip to the 2021 Sturgis rally to show it off! Travel Credit Campsite at Glencoe Camp Resort Second Prize A TRUE STYLIN’ IN STURGIS TRIP – WORTH $25,000 Travel Credit Campsite at Glencoe Camp Resort Magnum Research Desert Eagle Rockford Fosgate Full Bagger Sound System Embellished Print & Meet and Greet with Scott Jacobs Nightrider Jewelry Shopping Spree Pen and Ink Art Piece & Meet and Greet with Alexa Jacobs Hot Leathers Gift Card Third Prize BRING THE RALLY TO YOU – WORTH $10,000 Magnum Research 1911 (Old Glory) Rockford Fosgate Full Bagger Sound System Phat Scooter Phatty Electric Scooter

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