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100 WFC: A Last Milestone by Steven Sanner

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100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC

A Last Milestone
by Steven Sanner
with illustration by Wayfarer

The wind whipped across my face like a thousand cats shredding flesh. I thought of warmer conditions, but the falling 40-degree temps and fading light would not relent. I’m glad I invested in the horsehide coat; I wished for chaps to match.

Then, a warm feeling kindled deep within me, remembering the gratitude expressed by the family of the fallen soldier for having been a riding escort to the gravesite…enough to get me back home. I will be riding again—rain, shine, snow, or freezing temps—to make it to the next patriot Guard mission. It’s the least I could do to give thanks.

(publication dated 19-December-2023)

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Wreaths Across America

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A Chance To Remember, Honor and Teach

As of today, there are only 3,598 sponsored wreaths, with 30,402 graves that will not receive a wreath.

For me and a few friends/veterans, it’s become an annual tradition…and is involving more and more people every year.

The communities all come together – Veterans, Bikers, Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scouts, Young, Old, Widows/widowers, children, grandchildren and even some canines – to participate and honor.


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