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5-Ball VL,XA,FL Knucklehead build, Part 3

By General Posts

by Bandit with photos by Weed

I’m facing a number of challenges. I’ve also faced some pressure lately and I don’t like to associate pressure or stress with building motorcycles. Hell, I moved to motorcycle Nirvana in the Black Hills to duck the bullshit California riders face daily.

I thought I could just tinker in the shop in Sturgis for hours unencumbered, without anxiety or worry, especially in the winter. I don’t have a deadline for this bike, what gives? Hell, I don’t know. I started to lean on myself to get shit done, so that’s why I’m writing about it, so I face the music and stop. Okay, did it work?

Goddammit, this puppy is going to be cool or I’ll die trying, right. Hang on for the next episode.

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Five Successes and One Major Failure

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5-Ball VL, XA, FL 2022-2023 BUILD, Part 2

Okay, the South Dakota winter set in, my shop was complete and the Holidays were looking good in the Black Hills. I’ve got a batch of stuff to touch on. The other evening, I stumbled into the shop and started to dig for inspiration. I had five successes and one major failure. Let’s get started.

My first challenge was wheels and brakes. The second stumbling block was driveline alignment, rear wheel alignment, fender and seat. And finally, I tackled my notion for the handlebars.

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Finding the Good Life in Tennessee

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by Bill May

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I love your new shop. Wish I was there to help you with all those projects but I seem to have stumbled into a good life here in Tennessee. I’ll sure try to make Sturgis next year if my health holds out. So far so good. I am doing stuff people half my age can’t do. You are too. We are amazing lol.

Here is what I have so far on the Backyard bike build.

My young friend Marshall crashed his Shovelhead in a Tennessee ditch. He bounced off a tree and nearly died. He got a helicopter ride out of it. He was damaged worse than the bike.

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