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100 WFC: The Dealership

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100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC

The Dealership
by Bandit, inspired by Freddie Cuba
with illustration by Wayfarer

Not far from Hasting, Nebraska stood a crumbling brick Harley-Davidson dealership in a town of 18. The owner, a stub of a man, with a shiny bald head ran it without spare parts. Not a motorcyclist but a franchise collector, he scored a Saab dealership and a Fender guitar franchise. Happy to roll in the new models without spares, he made his living.

One day three riders approached, one with a broken clutch lever. “Sorry fellas, no spare parts.”

“How about the lever on that new ‘78 FL?” A tough demanded.

They surrounded him, but the .38 snub-nose behind his belt, in the small of his back made a lasting point. They headed back to the Highway…

* * *

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