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Tickets on Sale for GEICO Sand Sports Super Show

Tickets on Sale for GEICO Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa COSTA MESA, Calif. (March 17, 2022) —Tickets are now on sale for the GEICO Sand Sports Super Show at the OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa, CA, Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18. Save money and time by purchasing tickets in advance online at When purchased online in advance, single-day adult tickets are $16 (ages 13+) and single-day children tickets are $6 (ages 6-12). An adult weekend pass is $33 and a child weekend pass is $10. Children ages 5-and-under are free. These prices are valid through September 15. Online prices will increase on September 16. At the gate and online (Sept. 16-18), single-day adult tickets are $20 (ages 13+) and single-day children tickets are $7 (ages 6-12). An adult weekend pass is $37 and a child weekend pass is $12. The GEICO Sand Sports Super Show brings together hundreds of exhibitors for the biggest and most exciting dune and sand sports Expo in the world. Attendees can get up close to the latest UTVs/ATVs, Side x Sides, Sand Rails and shop top brands for accessories apparel. The GEICO Sand Sports Super Show offers something for everyone who enjoys the sand sports lifestyle. During the show, manufacturers will launch new products and show off their innovations to the passionate and engaged crowd of enthusiast attendees. For more information on the GEICO Sand Sports Super Show and to purchase tickets online, visit

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Concept Motorcycle for the Moon: global debut at ADV Overland exhibition

by Otilia Drăgan from This Spectacular Moon Concept Motorcycle Opens the Door to a New Space Experience Since the “billionaire space race” has been accelerating, you might have imagined cosmonauts doing a lot of things, but we bet you didn’t picture them riding motorcycles on the moon. Yet, that’s what’s coming, because somebody just built an actual moon motorcycle, one of the most insane concept two-wheelers you’ll ever come across. Last year, a Russian designer imagined what a “NASA motorcycle” would look like. Just one year later, that concept turned into reality and is about to make its world debut in California. The folks who made this happen are a small team from a German company called Hookie, which specializes in custom moto design and parts. Inspired by Andrew Fabishevskiy’s fantasy motorcycle, they were determined to bring it to life. This is how Tardigrade, presented as the world’s first moon concept motorcycle, was born. You might wonder why it got the name of an apparently primitive creature, but these nearly-microscopic beings are incredibly resilient and able to adapt to any kind of environment, including outer space. Despite its otherworldly look, the Tardigrade motorcycle was also meant to be resilient and completely functional, “as close as possible to an original concept of a NASA moon rover.” This futuristic-looking electric motorcycle blends a lightweight frame with single-sided swing arms, balloon tires, and drive-by-wire steering. With a length of 8.5 feet (2.6 meters), and almost 3-foot (0.9 meters) tall, Tardigrade has a battery range of up to 68 miles (110 km). Its maximum speed of 9 mph (15 kph) is comparable to that of the Moon Buggy. Plus, it’s designed to also carry equipment. Incorporating 3D-printed parts, in house-developed wheels, plus a Cake drivetrain and sustainable lubricants from Puraglobe, this one-of-a-kind concept

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Yamaha Delivers Essential Support to American Public Lands for Outdoor Recreation

from Outdoor Access Initiative Contributes Over $350,000 to Land Conservancy in 2020 Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, today announces the completion of the 2020 Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative (OAI) grant cycle with funding decisions for the fourth quarter. In total, Yamaha granted more than $350,000 in 2020 while supplying essential support to public lands providing vital access to outdoor recreation across the country. The Yamaha OAI program continues to lead the powersports industry in providing direct monetary support to grassroots efforts helping to protect, expand, and improve entry to public spaces off-road for motorized recreation. “The pressure on public lands during the pandemic has been enormous due to people finding solace outdoors. Their adventures gave off-road enthusiasts a much-needed breather from the stress we’ve all experienced over the past year,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports marketing manager. “Public land belongs to everyone and we all have a responsibility to take care of it. Yamaha is proud to continue supporting our riders’ favorite outdoor activities, including OHV riding, hunting, camping and fishing, through the Outdoor Access Initiative.” The fourth quarter 2020 Yamaha OAI grants totaling more than $90,000 were awarded to the following organizations: Blue Ribbon Coalition – Pocatello, ID East Branch Sno-Rovers & ATV Club – Medway, Maine Idaho Single Track Alliance – Idaho Falls, ID Reno Area Dirtriders – Reno, NV Swampsiders Snowmobile Club – Bigfork, MN “The need for funding and leadership for public lands increased exponentially in 2020 with more people engaging in outdoor recreation at the same time resources were being restricted. It was a relief to know we could reach out to Yamaha to help,” said Ben Burr from the Blue Ribbon Coalition, which received $11,740 to develop a trail guide for Utah’s San Rafael Desert area to help visitors explore safely and responsibly. “The

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SBS launch new full-range all terrain PSI brake pad for UTV, SSV and product compatible ATVs

New full-range upgrade PSI brake pad range for UTV & SSV SBS FRICTION is as one of the largest manufacturers of brake pads, pleased to announce the launch of the full-range all terrain PSI upgrade compound for UTV and SSVs. The new purpose designed brake pad range called PSI – EVO Sinter, is made of a new state-of-the-art conductive sintered performance compound, specially developed for the all-around (wet/dry) and all-terrain (leisure/race) riding experience. The PSI – EVO Sinter range gives riders a strong initial bite to enable instant brake feeling, easy modulation and a powerful, consistent and reliable performance, even under extreme conditions throughout the brake pad lifetime. The new PSI brake pads also include NUCAP NRS technology on the back plate securing a mechanical indestructible bonding. “With the PSI – EVO Sinter compound, we want to give UTV and SSV riders the ultimate upgrade compound for both casual all-terrain use and race use. With the PSI, we have upgraded the compound performance level, so that riders are enabled a far better continuous brake feel when riding in rough terrain in both wet and dry weather conditions. With the innovative and unique enforcement of the NUCAP Retention System (NRS), we furthermore extend the bonding of the compound across the temperature span of the brake pad. Considering the tough conditions brake pads are exposed to during UTV and SSV riding, we’re taking brake performance and safety to the next level”, explains CSO at SBS, Christel Munk Pedersen. The PSI – EVO Sinter compound has been tested with Baja 1000 UTV race champion Marc Burnett but is equally applicable for off-road utility and hobby use. Following preliminary introduction in 2020 of a few applications, SBS is now introducing full-range availability by the end of Q1 2021. The new PSI – EVO Sinter

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Volcon Presents Grunt, the All-Terrain Electric Motorcycle

by Elena Gorgan from All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But who said you can’t have a vehicle that does both, and it’s electric, to boot? Volcon is a startup from Texas, U.S., that plans to take the industry of offroad powersports vehicles by storm with a string of offers that will deliver versatility, functionality and the fun factor, while also being mindful of the environment. The first in that string of offers is an all-terrain motorcycle called the Grunt. Volcon is run by Andrew Leisner, former senior VP and managing director of the Bonnier Motorcycle Group and Motorcycle Industry Council board member, and he tells Ride Apart the idea for the company came from Tesla. Who said electrification should only apply to passenger vehicles? Thanks to companies like Tesla, the electrification of the powersports industry is no longer a question of if, but when, and Volcon is positioning itself to play a substantial role in this rapidly changing environment,” Leisner explains. “Having grown up riding with my father and continuing that tradition on motorcycles and UTVs with my daughters, I am excited to help lead the evolution of the powersports industry with electric vehicles that enhance the outdoor experience while reducing our environmental footprint for future generations,” Leisner adds. The Grunt is the first Volcon vehicle that will come to market, in the spring of 2021. Sure, the name is a bit silly, especially if you consider it’s attached to a vehicle that’s all-electric and, as such, nearly silent. But the idea behind Grunt is to offer an all-terrain motorcycle that works just as well for offroading for fun, as it does for other leisure activities and actual farm work. Powered by a mid-drive electric motor that delivers up to 50 hp and 75

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Ural Motorcycles: A Lifestyle Called “Adventure”

Second Part of Our Feature Story on Ural Sidecar Motorcycle Lifestyle. by Ujjwal Dey The much awaited Second Part to our Feature Cover of URAL phenomenon and a unique sidecar culture that has developed into a lifestyle for the adventurous, the eternal tourist, the wanderer and the urban gentleman. What do you think of when you hear the word “motorcycle.” It’s a simple word association game. What is the word or image or anything that comes to your mind immediately when you hear the word “motorcycle?” Try this word association with the term “Ural Motorcycles.” What did you instantly think of? Ancient antique carriage motorcycle? Or urban hipster going to office? Or a world explorer, ready with minimum of belongings, living on the road everyday? CLICK HERE TO READ THIS URAL FEATURE ARTICLE only on Drop us a line and get your Trike or Sidecar Custom FEATURED on so email us photos and road stories at or today!!!

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Ural Phenomenon : the Incredible Sidecar Sub-culture Among Motorcyclists

Soviet Russian espionage during World War II, Nazi motorcycles, hacking, ancient resource rich Ural mountains, a defunct brewery factory, privatization – what have these things got in common? A legendary sidecar wielding motorcycle is what they all mixed together to create in the heat of world economy. CLICK TO READ NOW !!! A legacy of WWII is now an ambassador of goodwill and friendship across the world. We present two-part Feature Article on Ural sidecar motorcycles.

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