Scrambled Bikernet Weekly News for September 17, 2020

We’re Headed in Lots of Directions


It’s a quirky day. I’ve got deals and wheels stuff happening all around me. A brother’s house burnt down in the northern California fires. Another brother, Bill Dodge, is in the hospital fighting motorcycle injuries (you’ll see the report in the news).

I’m scrambling to save and make more money in trying times and I would like to head back to Deadwood. On the active front, I have most of the pieces to finish the fender mounts on the Salt Torpedo. I started to write the 90th Episode of the Cantina Series and sorta like it. I’m playing with the Covid, homelessness and much of the bullshit society is struggling with right now.

Sam Burns sent me more encouraging photos of bikes and girls. Maybe it’s a hint to write more about the story line of my life. I’m still struggling with it. And I’m about to start another chapter of the third Chance Hogan books. Plus, Gary Mraz stopped by and stayed for a week. He is writing a series of books about the Midnight Rider or the Midnight Writer or Zac or Zachary, he can’t decide.

So, what does all of this tell you? I told Bob Bitchin that he’s about to start a new adventure after his beautiful Berry Creek mansion burnt down. I like to think motorcycles and freedom are at the heart of everything I do. And finally, there are so many wonderful things in life to do. Just smile and go after them. But do it with grace and style, compassion and benevolence. Let’s hit the news.


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