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Rhode Island Re-Opens Comment Period for ICE Ban

By October 28, 2023General Posts

Rhode Island Re-Opens Comment Period for Internal Combustion Engine Ban

DON’T DELAY! Please contact the Department of Enivronmental Management of Air Resources immediately to voice your opposition:


Overview: The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Office of Air Resources announced the “Rhode Island’s Low-Emission and Zero-Emission Vehicle Programs” regulation. If enacted, the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars and trucks will be banned starting in 2035. Because of a technical issue, the comment period has been extended to October 30, 2023. If you previously submitted comments, we ask that you please do so again.

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One Comment

  • Herbert King says:

    Banning I.C. vehicles is really not the answer. I wonder how many people realize just how environmentally dirty current electric vehicles really are. They may appear to be clean but the damage done by mining for lithium and the process of making batteries does more damage to the environment than the use of I.C, vehicles. Until there is a true alternative to them I think legislating them out of existance is a foolish move and is only politically motivated and pushed by those that want to make a profit from mining of lithium and the manufacture of batteries, just as ethanol fuel was pushed by the farming states/communities and later found that it did not help the environment and only created more problems

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