RFR’s message on 2023 to 2024

So I have night lights in the garage as the front half shop lights are on a plug at the bench, it’s not actually this bright, as this is a 3 second phone image. It’s handy when I forget stuff and have to go back downstairs, it’s not really site worthy, I just liked the shot! Not sure how long there will be 3, as I struggle to keep 2 on the road. Unfortunately the work truck Dyna, is sickly, however of the 3 if one must leave. FYI there is an FXRP fairing with turn signals and mount in California if you want to get me a late Christmas/early birthday gift?

The other image I posted on Instagram said “Closing out 2023, lm not just pretty, I’m beautiful too”. It got a few AI generated fake girl account likes, so it must be true! We’ll see how I hold up in 2024.

I just saw the FXR post, already over 900 likes & only 2 negative comments and they got railed, everyone said they ought to make tee shirts! I’m waiting for the midnight fireworks to calm some, get some sleep, for my early morning New Years Day ride, I’m not sure how many years I’ve done it, 20-25? I like to start the year off right!

Happy New Year!


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