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Ohio Pushes Back on California Plans

By January 5, 2024General Posts

Just before the end of 2023, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed H.B. 201 into law. The focus of the bill is to; “Prohibit a state agency, county, or township from restricting the sale or use of a motor vehicle based on the energy source used to power the motor vehicle; to prohibit a state agency from adopting the California emissions standards for motor vehicles.”

As you may remember, the Clean Air Act allows states to seek a waiver to enact emission standards outside of those set by the federal government. In 2022, California received a waiver allowing the state to establish guidelines requiring every new car and truck sold there to have zero emissions by 2035. This requirement has set off a debate in state capitals around the country. Some states seek to align with California, while others, like Ohio, are pushing back against California’s plans.

ABATE of Ohio received the support of other groups in support of the bill, including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Auto Dealers Association. Ed Schetter, Executive Director of ABATE of Ohio, testified in December, backing the bill. In his remarks, he said, “ABATE of Ohio is concerned with the push towards electric power and pressure to eliminate the internal combustion engine from the marketplace. This may leave many motorcyclists without options on how to power the motorcycles we ride. We also feel this may limit the availability of sales, parts, and service to the motorcyclists of Ohio. Many of these businesses are ones we’ve relied on for years.” After the hearing, lawmakers thanked ABATE of Ohio for their participation. Multiple legislators noted that ABATE of Ohio was the only “citizen-led” group involved in the hearing. Comments like that help reinforce the importance of engagement and participation by citizens in the legislative process.

Remember, the debate on this issue is happening nationally in Washington, D.C., in addition to state legislatures. In 2023 the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1435, a bill to revoke California’s waiver for setting these emission standards. It now awaits action in the Senate, where its companion version, S. 2090 Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act of 2023, has garnered 17 Senate cosponsors.

The MRF would like to congratulate ABATE of Ohio on their victory in defense of the internal combustion engine! Well done!

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  • Brian Sauer says:

    Thanks for posting this article Keith! I don’t reply to many articles anywhere, but it is great to see there are people in government who are thinking the same thing as the general public. while I do feel something needs to be done about emissions, the speed of which governments are trying to push his through is at an astronomical pace, without much thought to the effects on people’s lives and the economy. I’m from Canada, but our gov’t is pushing for the same thing and I think it is truly unobtainable, without nasty side effects, in such a short time! I even saw on the news last night that with our extreme cold front that has come through the last week or so, that MANY electric vehicle owners were having problems with their EV’s and required assistance from CAA and other auto associations. And that’s only one issue!

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