Harley vs. Indian Special Petersen Museum Exhibit

As you can imagine the Bikernet Headquarters receives press from all over the world. When I recently received notice of the new Petersen Museum, Harley vs. Indian exhibit, I immediately reached out to my resident antique motorcycle guru, Don Whalen, a master curator. “Are you involved?” I questioned.

“Haven’t heard about it,” Don responded and I knew a link was broken somewhere. When it comes to antique motorcycles and exhibits, Don generally doesn’t get left out. A couple of days passed and I received a special notice from Judy Whitson of the TrailBlazers group of historic racers and vintage race motorcycle enthusiasts. This special Harley vs. Indian exhibited needs more bikes. I didn’t mess around. Don made a run to the Richard Bunch collection in San Jose and delivered four pure historic, top of the line examples for this exhibit.

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