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Formula 1 World Champion Gets A Rad Custom Harley From Markus Walz

By November 24, 2013General Posts


Since we already know who the 2013 F1 world champion is, we thought it was a good occasion ot show you the lucky motorcycle Sebastian Vettel got from Marcus Walz’ amazing Hardcore Cycles.

Sebastian Vettel is the new World Formula 1 champion, for the 4th time in a row, and is also the third driver to accomplish such a performance, alongside Michel Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio, with 5 and 4 wins in a row, respectively.

However we bet that few of you know that he’s also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Even though he loves classic motorcycles, he couldn’t say no to a Dragstyle machine from Germany’s top-notch builder Marcus Walz.

It looks like the bike was a lucky “charm” as the 2010 champion kept on winning. In case he matches Schumacher’s record next year we might expect an even more spectacular bike from Walz.

Source: Autoevolution