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Baggers and Broads Sunday Post for Sunday, November 24, 2013

By November 24, 2013General Posts




Special Hot, Brazen, Blazing and Fiery News and Girls Galore.

Hey, I’m drinking too much coffee. This week was a strange one.

Sometimes the stars are out of align and everything seems to go to shit. Even the otherwise friendly dog next door bites you. If you can recognize this aura and step back, the stars will align once more and your girlfriend will call again. I swear.

We have a new team stepping up to add new life to the Cantina and to Bikernet Baggers. Buck Lovell will stay with us as the Senior Editor and is currently covering a High School Bagger build at the Buffalo Chip.

Jack McIntyre and Joe Distesfano are going to take over editing on Bikernet Baggers. Chris and Richard Kranzler will help them post articles and manage content. “The potential of Bikernet Baggers is enormous,” Buck said.

You’re going to love this news, then I’ll show you a teaser about Gard’s Arch Motorcycle Project.


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