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Daily Postcard from Sturgis by Doc Robinson

By August 7, 2013General Posts

Rumour has it that here are some guys who wash their own bikes at Sturgis. Why would you? Are they crazy?

Busy, busy, busy describes this year at Sturgis. Vendors seem to be smiling, lines are long, traffic is crazy but the sun is shining and people are having the time of their lives. Began the day picking up a Victory and riding it out to the Broken Spoke campground for the Editor’s Choice Bike Show.

The show featured an eclectic selection of machines from various eras.

Long bikes . . .

. . . short bikes. . .

. . . and in between bikes.

Then it was off to the 1/8th mile Sturgis Dragway where various classes were being run.

Of special interest was the running of The Dubble Trubble, built in 1953 by legendary racer Bud Hare, a Triumph twin-engined motorcycle that dominated the drag strips during the 1950's, with a top speed of 142.38 mph.  The dual 40 cu. in. displacement engines were fed through a Harley-Davidson hand-shift gearbox with foot clutch. Only two gears are used– second and high. The current rider is 70 years young!

An IMBBA bike show was also being held at the drag strip and featured several nice rides.

As usual people have flooded into Sturgis from all over the planet. Below we have a pic of a Spanish contingent.

Stay tuned for an upcoming postcard from Sturgis.