Cycle Pedic Seats Are Much More Than Cushions

Cycle Pedic is an ergonomic motorcycle seat for all motorcycle riders, designed to relieve pressure from your prostate and tailbone.

Rush Racing carries an impressive product line that visibly goes beyond just motorcycle exhaust. Check out Cycle Pedic, a line of seats that feature a waterproof vinyl liner, waterproof seams, molded injected polyurethane foam, engineered gel polymer, and a new ergonomic stainless steel base. The seat base is designed utilizing deep-draw technology to provide you with a 304 stainless steel seat pan that is rust and corrosion resistant. All Cycle Pedic seats are designed with the latest technology in hardware and software to ensure that you get only the most technologically advanced comfortable seat.

All Cycle Pedic seats come sealed from the inside out so that no moisture can soak into the seams. Standard seats come with a dense memory foam. Cycle Pedic seats have 3 different layers of different density memory foam, and at the bottom of the seat is our “Impact Gel” along with a channel that makes for a very comfortable ride. The ST0120 comes with everything for the rider, the ST0130 comes with everything for the rider and passenger.

ST0110 / Cruiser – No Channel / MSRP – $399.95

ST0120 / Cycle Pedic – W/Channel / MSRP – $499.95

ST0130 / Cycle Pedic 2 – W/Dual Channel / MSRP – $599.95

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