Bump Your Power With Samson's Powerflow III

Samson Exhaust's Powerflow III for the 2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback is a two into one system that generates its power through a series of chambers, which Samson refers to as the "Power Chamber". They help condense and intensify exhaust flow, resulting in extremely high horsepower and torque. The results are incredible…Independent dyno testing has shown that by just changing out the stock pipes with this new Powerflow III two into one system, riders will experience up to a 20% increase in both horsepower as well as torque. With Samson’s new system, you can take a stock HD and turn it into a high performance bike by simply changing out the pipes.

Samson has over 745 different styles to choose from and they have all styles available for Harley’s new 2012 model lineup. And now there’s no more guessing what a particular style will sound like…listen to each of Samson’s exhausts right from their internet site.

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