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BIKERNET SEAT TECH: With El Waggs and Saddlemen, Part 1


Is that a tight fit or what.
Is that a tight fit or what.I’ve known Jim Waggaman of Air Stream Studios for maybe 30 years. He helped me with my ’92 Dyna custom with Mike Maldonado, and I rode it to Sturgis in ’94. Hell, I rode it 400 miles in the rain with Dr. Hamster to the Billet Bar in Phoenix, from Los Angeles, for a drink. By the time we arrived we needed two and a hot shower.Jim helped us with a last minute fairing in 2007 for the World’s Fastest Panhead, which set a record in Bonneville with a top speed of 162 mph. The fairing was built around an Arlen Ness custom fairing with a beanie helmet stuffed into the headlight hole for high tech aerodynamics.

When he sent me the initial shots of taping the seat and asked about a seat tech, I was all over it. Fiberglass and composite material pans are a pain in the ass to build, but nothing fits like a fiberglass seat pan. Nothing contours your bike as tight and right as a fiberglass handled properly. It basically uses you’re your bike pieces as the mold. In most cases you don’t need any fasteners to hold your seat in place. It’s fits like a glove. Let’s get started with Jim’s notes:

Initial taping is designed to create the ‘mold’ of the actual final shape and fit of the seat and create any barrier between the glass and the bike components.

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