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BIKERNET FEATURE: The Merc Motorcycle

Do you know brothers who bought rigid frames and engines ten years ago and they still collect dust in the back of garages? Hopefully this story will make a bunch of guys feel better, and empower them to get off the dime and peel down the road with a completed scooter.

The man behind this project entered the motorcycle industry in 1977. While going to school, Tom became a member and ultimately president of the oldest motorcycle club in the world and rode all over the East Coast and New England.

He worked for corporate America, Black and Decker, with an engineering degree, making strong coin and relaxed at night. He worked his way into management and marketing, expanding his business acumen. Then the Two-Wheeled Entrepreneurial Wizard touched his shoulder with a sparkling emerald gleam in his eyes and chrome twisted spokes in his hair and said, “Son, a man is only happy when he fulfills his motorcycle dreams and does what he loves,” and then he winked.

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